B-School Bulletin: Uber’s London Woes, & More

To Get The Most From Data Analytics, Reward Intellectual Curiosity Across Your Company

News from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management 

“Data scientist has been named the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century.’ It has also been deemed the ‘best job of the year’ — for two years running. But enthusiasm doesn’t translate easily into impact for your organization.

“’There’s an enormous amount of effort and investment and focus on data analytics right now,’ says Tom O’Toole, a senior fellow and clinical professor of marketing at the Kellogg School, who was formerly CMO at United Airlines and CMO and CIO at Hyatt Hotels Corporation. ‘But the reality is that companies are still having difficulty figuring out how, in practice, to connect analytics to business outcomes.’

“One fundamental problem is that companies typically approach the rollout of analytics as a technical challenge: hire data scientists, adopt the right software, then reap business gains. But achieving real business value from analytics, says O’Toole, requires deeper enterprise change.”

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We Asked EMBA Students: What’s In Your Bag?

News from Yale SOM

“EMBA students are a busy bunch. Combining work commitments, family, and social obligations with a rigorous academic program is a challenge. How do they manage it all?

“Some clues can be found in what they choose to pack for class weekends in New Haven. We asked a few current students to show us what’s in their luggage every other weekend; their responses gave us insight into how EMBAs prioritize their responsibilities to strike the careful balance that’s critical to their success.

“Here are some examples.”

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Study: Learning Something New Could Help Reduce Stress

News from University of Michigan Ross School of Business 

“Work stress can lead to a whole host of problems for employees and organizations. While our own intuition and some studies suggest the value of relaxation techniques such as meditation or exercise, there’s another alternative that could work even better.

“Michigan Ross Professor David Mayer found that doing more on-the-job learning led to less counterproductive behavior in reaction to stress than relaxation.

“’When jobs are consistently stressful, managers may feel that they are rather constrained in trying to reduce transgressions in the workplace,’ says Mayer, Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow and associate professor of management and organizations.”

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Going For The (Black And) Gold: The Student-Athletes Of Vanderbilt Business

News from Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Business

“Balancing school and college athletics is no mean feat, but every year, multiple Commodores take it to the next level and enroll in Owen. The student-athletes at Owen are building foundations for the next step in their careers, whether it’s turning pro in business or sports.

“We talked with six current and former student-athletes to get their stories.”

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