Wharton Dislodges Harvard To Top 2017 P&Q MBA Ranking

The Definitive List Of The Top 100 U.S. MBA Programs of 2017 — 51 to 75



School Name2016 RankIndexUS






The Economist
#51Illinois-Urbana-Champaign4139.040 (39)NR (44)45 (34)43 (43)NR (NR)
#52Florida (Hough)4638.240 (37)NR (50)46 (NR)NR (NR)16 (27)
#53University of Miami6637.257 (68)62 (NR)58 (57)NR (NR)47 (49)
#54Babson College (Olin)5836.669 (60)57 (NR)62 (60)47 (42)NR (NR)
#55William & Mary (Mason)5635.257 (71)58 (53)42 (51)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#56Tennessee-Knoxville (Haslam)7935.054 (63)54 (NR)57 (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#57Buffalo (SUNY)5933.073 (81)42 (45)46 (47)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#58Arizona (Eller)5732.449 (60)64 (59)69 (67)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#59Northeastern (D’Amore-McKim)5431.354 (57)66 (56)61 (64)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#60Alabama (Manderson)6031.154 (53)43 (49)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#61UC-Davis5230.342 (45)63 (61)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (44)
#62Fordham (Gabelli)8328.973 (83)70 (NR)60 (59)NR (NR)51 (NR)
#63Connecticut-Storrs6328.465 (63)59 (NR)66 (70)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#64Pepperdine (Graziadio)7225.765 (83)65 (63)75 (84)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#65Case Western (Weatherhead)7124.977 (71)53 (NR)72 (74)NR (NR)NR (51)
#66Texas Christian (Neeley)6423.071 (63)NR (NR)55 (56)NR (NR)46 (46)
#67Missouri (Trulaske)5522.669 (59)56 (51)NR (79)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#68Utah (Eccles)8122.357 (79)NR (NR)56 (66)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#69NC State (Jenkins)6120.257 (52)NR (NR)70 (69)NR (NR)NR (50)
#70South Carolina (Moore)7620.171 (71)NR (62)NR (NR)38 (NR)NR (NR)
#71Tulane (Freeman)6219.973 (68)61 (57)NR (73)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#72George Washington4919.2NR (51)NR (45)59 (NR)46 (38)56 (47)
#73Colorado (Leeds)6919.079 (77)69 (62)80 (81)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#74Baylor (Hankamer)6817.865 (57)NR (NR)67 (60)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#75Baruch (Zicklin)7815.557 (85)NR (55)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#75Massachusetts-Amherst (Isenberg)9015.557 (75)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)

Note: * Ranks for both The Financial Times and The Economist surveys are U.S. only, not the overall global ranks

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