The 2017 Best International Business Schools

Western University’s Ivey School of Business

The Definitive List Of The Top International MBA Programs of 2017 — 26 to 50

School Name2016 RankIndexFinancial
The EconomistBusiness
#26Western (Ivey)2152.044 (47)19 (22)11 (10)NR (NR)
#27Queen’s University2551.449 (49)40 (33)16 (18)NR (NR)
#28Ipade2644.546 (42)NR (NR)NR (NR)9 (8)
#29York (Schulich)2743.3NR (NR)24 (20)NR8 (9)
#30Nanyang Business School3141.312 (16)30 (26)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#31Macquarie3340.126 (30)15 (15)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#32HEC Montreal3039.6NR (NR)NR (NR)31 (31)17 (11)
#33St. Gallen2237.832 (33)NR (39)17 (16)NR (NR)
#34EDHEC3637.137 (44)13 (8)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#35Toronto (Rotman)3536.533 (32)22 (NR)NR (23)NR (NR)
#36Durham Business School3735.838 (38)18 (25)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#37Strathclyde Business School3833.840 (35)25 (30)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#38University of Edinburgh4332.442 (53)29 (28)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#39Grenoble de Management Ecole4431.743 (50)31 (34)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#40Birmingham4531.147 (48)28 (40)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#41University College Dublin (Smurfit)4130.636 (41)47 (37)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#42Copenhagen Business School4827.2NR (NR)37 (45)30 (27)NR (NR)
#43Indian School of Business4926.314 (15)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#44Indian Institute of Mgt.-Ahmedabad3426.015 (11)NR (42)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#45SP Jain4625.7NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)16 (10)
#46Shanghai Jiao Tong5024.819 (22)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#47Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong4724.520 (13)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#48Indian Institute of Mgt.-Bangalore5422.427 (34)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#49Sungkyunkwan5621.530 (39)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#50Australian Graduate School of Management2421.231 (37)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (11)

Source: Poets&Quants composite ranking
Notes: NR is not ranked; Ranks shown for The Financial Times and The Economist are for non-U.S. schools

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  • MBACanada

    Rotman is not the best in Canada…

  • Stef Smith

    One would assume Rotterdam School of Management was in…..Rotterdam and not Amsterdam.

  • Ram, Thanks for catching those errors. Edinburgh actually ranks 38th. What occurred here is that the two rankings received by Edinburgh were not combined as they should have been but instead were separated. I apologize for the mistake. It’s all fixed now.

  • Rotman would naturally rank higher if it participated in all of the four rankings but this year the school lacks a ranking from both Bloomberg Businessweek and Forbes. So that impacts the school’s overall rating in a composite ranking.

  • TechProductGuy

    Why is Rotman ranked so low? Best in Canada should presumably rank higher given current political climate, no?

  • Pepe

    Warwick is not very diverse and WBS is a GMAT addict despite holistic talk. The class is dominated by Indian IT and Chinese students. WBS does aggressive marketing in Asia and is financial aid conservative.

  • Ram Lakshman

    Hi John & team,

    Couple of comments-
    1) University of Edinburgh appears twice at #53 and #62
    2) HKUST was #11 last year and not #20 as mentioned

  • Micmic

    Good showing for Warwick on this ranking. The school reputation is getting better as well.