B-School Bulletin: Why Marketing Analytics Hasn’t Lived Up To Its Promise

MBA candidates settle into their seats prior to the start of the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management Recognition Ceremony, May 26 in Newman Arena. Lindsay France photo

MBA Grads Urged To Harness Power To Do Good

“Amanda Archila, MBA ’18, was making a difference as Washington, D.C.-based national account manager for Divine Chocolate, a fair-trade, farmer-owned company headquartered in Ghana and London.

“But in order to make a bigger difference, to secure real power for the purpose of the greater good, Archila knew she needed to take another step.

“Her story of sacrifice and perseverance is undoubtedly similar to the scores of others who were honored May 26 at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management Recognition Ceremony, held in Newman Arena.”

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Natsume Ono photo

New Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens Across From Ross School

News from University of Michigan Ross School of Business

“Amid a new Michigan licensing act and an updated Ann Arbor ordinance, a new marijuana dispensary has opened near the University of Michigan’s campus. Green Planet dispenses medical marijuana to registered patients and is located at 700 Tappan Ave., across from the Ross School of Business and the Law Quadrangle.

“Green Planet is one of many new dispensaries opening in the Ann Arbor area after the legal changes put into effect earlier this year.

“According to its website, the dispensary is part of a non-profit group aiming to assist medical marijuana patients and share information about marijuana’s medical benefits.”

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Why Firms Should Conduct Randomized Controlled Trials

News from INSEAD

“Making mistakes and learning from them is par for the course for companies. But years of bad decisions could lead to the downfall of conglomerates.

“In the case of General Electric, a major engine of America’s economy for more than a century, the firm shook investor confidence when it announced last year that it would have to slash its stock dividend in half – only the second time it had to cut its dividend since the Great Depression.

“By the end of last year, General Electric shed more than $100 billion in market value since November 2016, undone by a long history of overpriced acquisitions, opaque accounting and its overly complex business model.”

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Building Your Own Network When You’re Part Of A Family Business

News from HBS

“Ashley Fina’s grandfather was a natural networker. As the founder of his own New York retail store, Michael C. Fina relied on his network to build his company into a beloved Manhattan institution, which counted Frank Sinatra among its customers. But when Ashley first entered the family business, she realized that while her grandfather had a robust network, his sons, including Ashley’s father, who eventually took over the business, did not.

“’They were so focused on maintaining and building what their father and mother had built, they didn’t turn their attention to building their own network. It was really my father’s biggest regret,’ Ashley recalls now. Her grandparents’ vast array of friends and advisors — and reliable customers — didn’t simply pass from one generation to the next.”

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Juan Carlos Vargas, the managing principal at GeoAdaptive LLC speaks at the tourism roundtable, as Vincent Molés, from the Harvard Extension School, front, Kathleen Ahamed-Broadhurst, research manager from for the Cornell Sustainable Tourism Entrepreneurship; and Jacqueline Kariithi, a postdoctoral research fellow from Princeton listen. Dave Burbank photo

Executives Explore Sustainable Tourism At Pillsbury Forum

“More than two dozen senior-level business executives and educators from around the world discussed emerging directions in sustainable tourism at a roundtable hosted by Cornell’s Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship and the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise on May 3 at Statler Hall.

“The roundtable sought to develop new ways to evaluate, manage and maintain destination assets around the world. Neil Tarallo, the director of the Pillsbury Institute, welcomed the participants, while co-organizers Jeanne Varney ’85 and Mark Milstein, clinical professor of management, and the director for the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, gave opening remarks.”

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