Handicapping Your MBA Odds: Overcome A Classic MBA Interview Mistake

How A Big Four Consultant Gets Into A Big Three Business School From A Non-Feeder Undergraduate School

His numbers are superb: A 3.95 undergraduate grade point average and a solid 730 GMAT score that puts him into the 96th percentile of test takers from all over the world. With a year of work experience under his belt as a consultant at Deloitte, he is aiming for an MBA degree from Harvard, Stanford or Wharton.

The catch? He graduated from a superb university, Notre Dame, which is not traditionally a feeder school to that trio of MBA programs. What will it take for him to place the odds in his favor for an admit?

In this Friday’s With Sandy episode, HBSGuru Sandy Kreisberg provides his tell-it-like-it-is perspective.


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How A Big Consultant Gets Into One Of The Big Three Schools From A Non-Feeder Undergraduate School

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