Expert Advice On The MIT Sloan MBA Cover Letter Essay

The MIT Sloan application has only one required essay, and the word limit is just 300 words. Simple, right? Maybe. With only a 300 word cover letter and a 60 second video statement to tell your story, MIT Sloan’s application is one of the most challenging out there. Here’s our advice on how to write a strong cover letter for your MIT Sloan MBA application.

What’s your headline? Whatever core themes you have decided to emphasize in your application, be sure that they are well represented here. Just like if you were composing a cover letter to a prospective employer, you want to play to your strengths. If you feel that something doesn’t shine through as much as you’d like in your résumé, this is a good place to connect the dots. You only have 300 words, so you need to pick carefully.

Be efficient. What are those two or three pieces of information that you want the admissions committee to take away from this? Feel free to use bullet points, stick to the facts, and avoid the “extraneous” language.  Creative or flowery language can all be saved for the optional essay, should you choose to answer that. But this is an elevator pitch on you, so be efficient on making your points.

You have options. It’s not necessary that your cover letter speak only to your professional accomplishments. If your work experience represents the best side of who you are as a candidate, then it’s fine to focus your efforts there. But it’s also completely acceptable to write a cover letter that primarily speaks to how you intend to participate and get involved during your time at Sloan. Are there student organizations you’re excited to join? Is there an event you’d like to take part in, or help organize? Be specific, be concise, and be sure to support your answer with concrete examples of how your time at Sloan will prepare you for your post-MBA goals.

Greater focus makes it more memorable. Regardless of the chosen theme of your cover letter, this is your opportunity to give the admissions committee a nicely packaged summary of who you are, highlighting the two or three pieces of information you’d most like them to remember from your application. So, find your theme, identify the key headlines about you within that theme, and then tie it all together in a clear, to-the-point cover letter.

Hopefully this helps you get started. For more on MIT and its application essays, check out our free Essential Guide to Top Business Schools.

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