The Best Internships For 2019



Along with prestige, Vault also measures student internships for quality. Here, the same 13,000 survey respondents evaluated their own internships in five quadrants: quality of life, career development, compensation and benefits, employment prospects, and diversity. Overall, 120 organizations were rated using the same 1-10 scale as the prestige ranking.

This year, the Infosys Limited Instep Internship was rated as the top program according to the interns themselves. According to a statement released by Vault, the InStep program earned its highest marks for access to leadership, diversity, and meaningful work.

“You get to meet a group of very diverse, smart, intellectually curious people,” writes one Infosys intern. “The internship truly gave us a global perspective, and the internship program has seminar sessions called ‘Meet the Leader’ where executives like the CEO, COO, CFO, and founders of Infosys came to speak to us about their experiences. These senior executives were also very accessible by email if we needed anything.”

“Diversity is huge,” adds another intern from Infosys. “Interns come from all different nationalities and backgrounds. And interns have lots of autonomy—they have the freedom to decide how to structure their work.”


Following Infosys is Kleiner Perkins, a design and engineering firm based in Menlo Park, California on the city’s famed Sand Hill Road. The rest of the top five is dominated by accounting firms: South Carolina’s Elliott Davis, California’s Frank, Rimmerman & Company, and New Jersey’s Wilkin & Guttenplan. Coming in sixth is Evercore, which ranked as the banking internship and the best internship for employment prospects.

Several familiar names also dot Vault’s “50 Best Internships.” Bain & Company, for one, ranked 39th, finishing 4th overall for career prospects. AT&T and William Blair finished 25th and 29th respectively – with Accenture, PwC, and KPMG also making the list. That said, the ranking is hobbled by the companies that declined to participate in the survey. These names include the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft Amazon, McKinsey, the Boston Consulting Group, Procter & Game, and Coca-Cola. As a result, the ranking of many firms on the list are likely artificially inflated. Still, size and prestige don’t necessarily equate to excellence in internships. Goldman Sachs, for example, received a cumulative score of 8.567, 8th-best among investment banks and .41 of a point lower than General Dynamics at 50th. 3M, another household name, also failed to crack the top 50 with an 8.742 average score.

Along with rating their internships and prospective employers, the Vault survey respondents also shared some insights on the process of landing an internship. Notably, nearly 60% of the sample found their internship through campus campus, with 11.4% coming from referrals and 10.6% from company websites. In choosing internship, pay was the primary factor in decision-making, followed by location, career advancement, and the odds of a full-time offer. Those odds weren’t particularly promising, with just 50% of internships producing a full-time job offer.

Here are the top firms rank in Vault’s internship ranking in various career and industry sectors.

Best Internship for Quality of Life: Nickelodeon Animation Studio Nickternship Program

Best Internship for Employment Prospects: Evercore Advisory Summer Analyst and Summer Associate Program 

Best Internship for Compensation & Benefits: Elliott Davis ENVISION Summer Internship Experience 

Best Internship for Diversity: iHMLA Internship Program

Best Internship for Career Development: College Works Painting Internship 

Best Accounting Internship: Elliott Davis ENVISION Summer Internship Experience

Best Consulting Internship: Infosys Limited InStep

Best Energy Internship: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Internship Program

Best Financial Services Internship: Kleiner Perkins (KP) Fellows Program

Best Healthcare Internship: Abbott Laboratories Internship Program

Best Investment Banking Internship: Evercore Advisory Summer Analyst and Summer Associate Program

Best Media & Telecommunications Internship: Nickelodeon Animation Studio Nickternship Program

Best Retail & Consumer Products Internship: RAI Internship Program

Best Tech & Engineering Internship: Abbott Laboratories Internship Program

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