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Tips for the HEC Paris Application

HEC Paris is one of the top b-schools in Europe.

In fact, it’s one of the top European b-schools that produces future Fortune 500 CEOs, following closely behind Stanford’s GSB.

But what exactly does it take to get into HEC Paris? Fortuna Admissions recently offered three tips for applicants on how to stand out in their applications to HEC Paris.


It’s important to understand how HEC Paris stands out from the rest of b-schools if you want to make a strong case for admission.

Part of what makes HEC Paris unique, according to Fortuna, is how the program is set up.

“Compared to many of its European counterparts, HEC is unique because the MBA program runs alongside a significant cohort of college-aged students pursuing a Masters in Management at the Grande Ecole,” according to Fortuna. “Attracting top speakers and recruiters to campus, HEC’s Grande Ecole is one of the top-rated programs on the continent with many of regarded professors teaching in the MBA program as well.”

Fortuna says applicants should try and link their passions and goals to specific individuals or organizations that highlight HEC’s influence.

“One tactic that might be prudent is to note several HEC alumni who have made an impact in leadership positions at companies that resonate with you,” according to Fortuna. “Connect with local alumni in your geography to gain their additional perspectives on the program. Discussing how you understood the benefits of an HEC MBA directly from past students provides insights and an advantage when articulating the program specifics of that most excite you.”


Experts at Fortuna also stress the importance of aligning your application to HEC’s values.

“Do you plan on launching your own entrepreneurial venture down the line? Do you aspire to changing the ways we source energy? Do you have a desire to leverage technology to better a seemingly insurmountable challenge?” according to Fortuna. “All of these are great narratives around your potential to make an impact, and they become even more compelling to HEC’s admissions committee when you relate them to the specifics of the school and the life-long value of the program will help you achieve those goals.”


HEC has an image of an international MBA program and it seeks applicants who can present a strategic, global vision of their future.

“If you have spent time living or working beyond outside your home country, consider how these cross-cultural experiences have impacted you professionally and personally,” according to Fortuna. “If your international exposure lies more around interacting with global clients, work teams, vendors or service, have some salient examples of how you collaborated successfully with individuals across different cultures, backgrounds and languages. Articulating how you adapted your working style and perspectives to achieve mutual success can serve as a powerful component of your application.”

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