An MBA Curriculum For Wine Lovers

An MBA Curriculum For Wine Lovers

Business school and wine don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but that may change at HEC Paris.

This June, HEC Paris will be adding a new two-week program to its Summer School curriculum: the HEC Paris Wine Business Program.

It’s a program dedicated to the wine industry and students of the program will be able to study wine as a global product in regard to both agriculture and culture. Throughout the two-week program, students will explore the evolution of the wine world. In particular, they will examine the role of corporations and small independent family estates while analyzing the logic of terroir and branding.

“Participants will have the opportunity to grasp the key success factors of value creation within the wine business, in France and all around the world.” Aurélie Labruyère, Academic Director of the Wine Business Program, says in a press release.


The intensive two-week program will combine both conceptual frameworks and practical applications.

Additionally, the course will involve a final proposal and pitches to an expert panel of judges.

“We have been eager to add this new offer to our successful Summer School portfolio,” Elyse Michaels-Berger, Summer School Director, says. “Many students and young professionals seek the expertise and leadership of HEC Paris in this domain. Whether or not one chooses to pursue a career in wine, the cultural knowledge and business acumen in the industry that HEC Paris offers in the wine field is vastly appreciated by students.”

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