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London Business School

How To Get Into LBS

London Business School is one of the most prestigious b-schools in the world.

But what exactly does it take to get in?

Emma Bond of Fortuna Admissions recently offered a few pieces of advice on how applicants can get into LBS.


Every b-school wants to see some sort of explanation of why your passionate about their school.

Bond says for LBS, it’s important to do your research and familiarize yourself with the school and its culture.

“If it’s feasible, try to visit LBS prior to submitting your application. The admissions team offers a variety of options for prospective applicants like monthly information sessions, weekly ‘drop-in’ sessions, and opportunities to take part in a class,” Bond writes.

School visits, Bond says, can help you articulate why you’re a good fit for LBS.

“All of these events provide informative interactions with current students and staff, helping you ascertain your fit for the school,” Bond writes. “If it isn’t practical for you to visit campus, look into the many information sessions LBS hosts around the world annually or log in to one of their frequent webinars.”


While LBS is well-known for finance, Bond says applicants should look beyond and explore other fields that the b-school has to offer.

“LBS has a solid pipeline from top consulting firms like BCG and McKinsey and technology juggernauts like Google and Amazon now regularly employ a large cohort of graduates,” Bond writes. “Don’t be afraid to realistically explore and be open to different career paths, connecting the applicable skills from your previous experiences and connecting to your longer-term goals.”


It’s important to note that LBS is truly an international b-school. While based in the UK, only 10% of its MBA class is British.

“…at LBS, global is more than just an adjective – it’s a mindset that is deeply woven through the fabric of the entire institution. The school is constantly reinventing the curriculum to best reflect this focus and showcases applied aspects,” Bond writes.

Bond recommends that applicants tie in a global mindset to their application whenever possible.

“The admissions readers will be scrutinizing your application to see exactly what global elements you’ll bring to the incoming class,” she writes.

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