Kellogg | Mr. Latino Tier 2 Consultant
GMAT 690, GPA 3.7
NYU Stern | Mr. Low WE
GMAT 730, GPA 3.43
Columbia | Ms. Asian LGBT
GMAT 700, GPA 3.85
Duke Fuqua | Mr. Finance Life Sciences
GMAT 700, GPA 3.73
Stanford GSB | Ms. Vietnamese Fintech Girl
GMAT 650, GPA 3.84
Tepper | Mr. Early Career
GMAT 700, GPA 3.74
Yale | Mr. Small Towner
GMAT Not yet taken - testing @ 700, GPA 3.7
Stanford GSB | Ms. Young Multi-Startup Girl
GMAT 650, GPA 3.6
Harvard | Mr. Future Hedge Fund Manager
GMAT 520, GPA 2.75
Stanford GSB | Mr. Young Investor
GMAT 740, GPA 3.4
Stanford GSB | Ms. Consultant To Social Entrepreneur
GRE 329, GPA 3.16
Wharton | Mr. PE To Startup
GMAT 760, GPA 3.75
Cornell Johnson | Mr. Banking To Consulting
GMAT 700, GPA 3.3
MIT Sloan | Mr. Trader Turned Tech
GMAT 760, GPA 3.76
Ross | Mr. DS
GMAT 760, GPA 4
Berkeley Haas | Mr. Hanging By A Thread
GMAT 710, GPA 3.8
Harvard | Mr. FAANG PM
GMAT 740, GPA 2.6
Kenan-Flagler | Mr. Part-Time Prospect
GMAT 640 (estimate), GPA 3.7
Foster School of Business | Mr. Mediocre Scores Great WE
GRE 309, GPA 2.7
MIT Sloan | Ms. International Technologist
GMAT 740, GPA 3.5
MIT Sloan | Mr. Canadian Banker
GMAT 720, GPA 3.7
Harvard | Mr. IVY MBB Dreamer
GMAT Will be around 760 or +, GPA 4
Georgetown McDonough | Mr. CPG Loyalty Builder
GMAT 710, GPA 3.4
Cornell Johnson | Mr. Government Engineer
GRE 312, GPA 3.74
Wharton | Mr. Aussie Mining Strategist
GMAT 780, GPA 3.7
IU Kelley | Ms. Data Scientist
GMAT 710 - will retake, GPA 3.6
Tepper | Mr. Midwest or Bust
GMAT 740, GPA 3.2

New Fantasy MBA Ranking Game: Rules, Prizes, & Bragging Rights

Introducing P&Q’s Fantasy MBA Ranking Game

It’s no secret that most MBA applicants are obsessed with rankings. They want to know who’s up and who’s down, who has momentum and who is sliding into relative obscurity. The results of each new ranking, whether from U.S. News & World Report or the Financial Times, are eagerly awaited by candidates, students, alumni and business school administrators.

So why not make a game of it? Poets&Quants is today (March 12) introducing our newest community feature, Fantasy MBA Ranking Game, where users can predict the Top 10 business schools that will land on the most influential MBA rankings to win prizes, and of course, bragging rights. It’s our version of the highly popular tournament brackets used to predict the winners of matchups among the NCAA basketball championship teams.

The game allows P&Q users to chance to predict the top ten in each of the year’s most influential MBA rankings before those updated lists come out.

With U.S. News about to unveil its latest MBA ranking on March 17th, we’re opening up a quick round for users to try out the new MBA Fantasy Game. P&Q users can create a profile and make predictions about the ranking list by dragging their Top 10 schools into a U.S. News bracket.  Players earn points for opening a new bracket (a new ranking prediction list), for every correctly placed school in its actual rank, and for community engagement. Players who score the highest on the U.S. News bracket will be announced after our published ranking analysis on March 17th, 2020.

Fantasy MBA Ranking Bracket Prizes

This year, there are four brackets: U.S. News, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Economist, and Poets&Quants. The players with the five highest scores in each bracket will win their choice of a Poets&Quants Hoodie or mug and the following cash value prizes: 1st Place: a $100 gift card, 2nd Place: a $50 gift card, and 3rd Place: a $25 gift card. Players can also choose to donate their individual bracket earnings to the nonprofit of their choice. Bracket winners will be announced two business days following each publication’s ranking analysis by Poets&Quants.

Fantasy MBA Ranking Grand Prize

Here’s where the game gets good. The Fantasy MBA Ranking Champion who scores the most points over the course of the game in 2020 will win the Grand Prize, a three-school admissions consulting package by a top firm recommended by Poets&Quants valued between $7,000 and $15,000 – or – a $1,000 cash prize.

Fantasy MBA Basic Rules & Teams

Although we are modeling the game after the highly popular sports fantasy leagues, there are a couple of major differences. Number one, there is no entrance fee. The game is free for users and open to all players who are, in accordance with our site policies, 13 years of age or older. Number two, there are just two teams – Poets and Quants – and the winners will be among these two groups based on the highest scores among all players. Poets, now is your chance to show the Quants you have stat skills, too.

Essentially, Fantasy MBA is an online guess-the-rankings contest with play-worthy prizes whether you’re a grad school hopeful or just a game fan. All players must be registered subscribers of Poets&Quants. Players found to be employees of schools that have gained early access to embargoed ranking lists are not eligible to receive the Grand Prize.

So, what are you waiting for? The first bracket, U.S. News‘ ranking published in 2019, is open NOW and closes on March 16th, 2020 at 12:01 a.m. Revisit the rules, prizes, and create your profile here. Good luck!