Master’s in Accounting: Jonathan Goren, University of Florida (Fisher)

Student Name: Jonathan Goren

Graduate Business School: University of Florida Fisher School of Accounting

Describe Yourself In 15 Words:  I feel like a marathon runner. I never feel done as I’m always looking for growth opportunities and new things to learn.  

Master’s Graduation Class:  2020.

Undergraduate School and Major:  University of Florida Fisher School of Accounting, Accounting.

Current Employer and Job Title:  Deloitte Tax LLP (Miami, Florida), Tax Consultant.

Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career so far:  Obtaining a position in Deloitte Tax in the international tax group is my first choice area.

Describe your biggest accomplishment as a graduate student: I was awarded the Chrislynn Freed Master of Accounting Outstanding Student of the Year Award.  Given the quality of my peers, I felt particularly honored. 

What was the key factor that led you to choose this business school and why was it so important to you?   I moved from Israel to attend college thinking about a career in finance. I started at Miami Dade College to earn an accounting degree. I worked as a server in a restaurant and happened to serve the Dean of the business programs at Miami Dade.  She invited me to stop by her office and there I learned a tremendous amount about my opportunities.  She took me next door to meet a professor, and he convinced me that an accounting degree was the best pathway to success. He said that one of the best accounting programs in the country was just up the road and that I simply must attend the University of Florida.

What led you to choose a Master’s in Accounting over an MBA?  I never really considered an MBA. I like learning, and my goal was an interesting educational experience, great career opportunities, and financial freedom. Both my parents are accountants and I’ve always found accounting very interesting. I knew at a young age that accounting is the language of business. 

What has been your favorite course and how has it helped you in your career?  My international tax class was my favorite. It confirmed and enhanced my interest in global tax issues.  Every single day in my work at Deloitte I use concepts I learned in that class.  

What role did your school play in helping you to land your first job out of the program?  Accounting firms and companies were on site at the Fisher School on almost a daily basis. I had lots of opportunities over several years to network with recruiters and learn about the accounting profession. Additionally, the Warrington Business Career Services Center was immensely valuable in helping me prepare for interviews. 

How did your classmates enhance the value of your business school experience?  My fellow students had tremendous intellectual curiosity. This motivated me to live up to their standards and to always try to do better. My peers’ enthusiasm to learn, our rigorous classes, and our extensive team projects created a challenging but fun environment. 

Who was your favorite faculty member and how did this person enrich your learning? Professor Jesse Boyles was my most memorable professor. His tax research class expanded my horizons regarding the possibility of continuous learning in a highly technical area. His class removed any barriers I had for moving forward and instilled self confidence in me that continues to provide me benefits in my daily work. 

What is your best advice to an applicant hoping to get into your school’s graduate Master’s program?  As an undergraduate student, a student should be engaged outside the classroom.  Participate in extracurricular activities, case study competitions, and internships. Gaining opportunities to apply what you are learning in classes is important and will prepare you for the Fisher School master’s program. 

What was your best memory from your Master’s program?  My best memory is participating in a student team presentation at the UF/FICPA annual accounting conference on the topic of blockchain and accounting issues. I felt like it was evidence that my hard work had paid off and I was able to talk intelligently to a room of professionals about an important and complex topic. 

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