The Dogs, Cats & Other Furry Friends Who Got MBAs Through 2021

Wrigley & Lambeau

Cole Richter: Penn State – Smeal, Current MBA, 2023

“Wrigley (dog) & Lambeau (cat) love me constantly!”



KJ Jensen: Carlson School of Management, Current MBA, 2021

He forces me to exercise even in the Minnesota winter!”






Ted Gottwald: Kellogg Northwestern, Current MBA, 2021

“Sully, a nationally certified therapy dog by Pet Partners, is not only a pet, he’s a member of the family. He’s serves a a huge sense of emotional support and encouragement. He comforts, remains present and loves to hold people’s hands to remind you that he’s there for you.”



Ronnie and RJ

Ronnie and RJ: Carlson School of Management, Current MBA, 2021

“Ronnie and RJ: The purrrrfect MBA classmates!”






Catalina Vasquez: Jones School – Rice University, Current MBA, 2023

“Agatha was there through the application journey to let me know when to take a break, as seen in the photo. Agatha, at 11 years, without ever leaving the house, has let us train her on traveling, so she can be sure we’ll leave time to gather as a family.”




Neal Talaske: Tulane MBA, Current MBA, 2021

“Gumbo is a true Covid-19 puppy, we got him in May of 2020 and he has helped us through the past year with plenty of love and licks. He loves squeaky tennis balls, long walks with a stick, and meeting new friends.”





Julie Laven: University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management, Current MBA, 2022

“Buddy exemplifies his name! He is my study buddy, cuddle buddy, walking buddy. He makes sure I get outside every day in between attending Zoom class and studying.”



Aidan Cooper: Full-Time MBA Program, 2022

“She’s the best roommate. She doesn’t steal my food, doesn’t keep me up at night, and is always down to chill.”






Christina Andalora: Penn State OMBA, Current MBA, 2023

“Minnie is always my biggest cheerleader. She has always watched Penn State football with her daddy, so she was so excited when I got accepted to the OMBA program! She loves that it’s an online program so she can be right by my side the whole time.”




Mark Lew: Penn State University, Current MBA, 2023

“Nilla keeps me busy and lets me play with her when I need a study break. She likes to walk and play fetch and keeps me active. Luckily with everything being online, she wont eat my homework!”





William Stegbauer: Tulane, Current MBA, 2022

“The office manager, Lana, goes to MBA social events and breaks the ice for even the most introverted individuals. Her gregarious nature facilitates networking even during the socially hesitant COVID climate.”





Dailing Chen: University of Washington Foster School of Business, Current MBA, 2021

“Best friend, study buddy, and cuddle partner.”






Kristina Demou: UD Lerner College, Current MBA, 2022

“Cooper has been there for every quiz, paper and Zoom meeting for most of my MBA journey. He provides the best emotional support through those late nights and helps me de-stress with play breaks!”





Adam Morris: University of Delaware, Current MBA, 2022

“She was always there when I needed a break and a pick me up. She was the best support system anyone could ask for…and still is even though she moved on. I’m finishing grad school with you in my heart Izzy!”



Virginia Frantz: University of Maryland, Smith School of Business, Current MBA, 2021

“Bruce has been a constant cheerleader and a comforting companion throughout my MBA experience. I could not have made it through the virtual school year without him by my side, especially after long hours on camera.”




Gonzalo Pineda Zuniga: Questrom School of Business, Boston University, Current MBA, 2023

“Ginger is always eager to help me take a break from the computer and go for a recharging walk in nature. Also, she helps get motivated to get assignments and homework done in time so we can enjoy the sunlight up in the far north!”



Bruce Lee

Samson Feldman: Boston University Questrom School of Business, Current MBA, 2023

“Through a few woofs and barks, Bruce Lee shared a quote that motivated me to pursue business school: “Learning is a constant process of discovery – a process without end.” Who knew that 15 pounds of fluff could be so poetic and wise?”




Cal Escue: Notre Dame, Current MBA, 2024

“My emotional support and steadfast companion!”






Scott Thacker: University of Delaware Lerner School of Business & Economics, Current MBA, 2021

“Adalena has been by my side throughout my entire MBA journey.  Through the ups and downs, her positive presence has motivated me to be the best version of myself that I can be.  She’s always given me all the love and support that I could ever need to get by.”



Dean Montevago: Questrom School of Business, Current MBA, 2023

“Lucy is a Boston Terrier, com’on now! Go Terriers. Go Bruins.”






John Phillips: Penn State OMBA, Current MBA, 2021

“Meet Winston, the Nittany Kitty! Winston is my late night study buddy that always keeps me company while I’m doing my MBA assignments.  He makes sure I stay awake.  He also loves to watch Penn State football, watching for his favorite mascot!”



Louis the Maltese

Iza N: UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, MBA Applicant, 2023

“Louis helped his mommy during the entire application process for business school. He would hang out by her desk and cheer her on by giving her lots of kisses. He’s now all decked out because his mom is going to Kenan-Flagler and he will be cheering her on!”



Mr. Squiggles

Ann Lewandowski: University of Delaware, Current MBA, 2021

“My slow and steady progress as a part-time MBA student has been a tribute to the memory of my beloved pet snail, Mr. Squiggles, who died unexpectedly shortly after I started the program. If he were alive today, I’d carry him in my pocket across the stage at Commencement.”




Glendon Mohan: D’Amore-McKim (Northeastern University), Current MBA, 2021

“Cardi asks ‘Can you guys hear me? Can you see my screen?’”






Cesar Muniz: ESADE, Current MBA, 2022

“My MBA journey has been as much mine as it has been his. He has been my companion through the highs and the lows of my time here and I am extremely grateful to be able to share this adventure (of many more to come) with him.”



Jon Lee: Penn State University – Smeal College of Business Online MBA, Current MBA, 2021

“Poppy has always been a most caring family companion. As with many of our 4-legged friends, she has been an emotional support rock for us as my wife and I have navigated the birth and growth of our children, and most recently on my MBA journey during COVID.”




Nikita Bazko: Esade, MBA Alumni, 2021

“My girlfriend’s cat helped me make an MBA choice.

She loves and gives him all her attention. Moreover, Marshmallow feels that he is her owner and demonstrates a less than welcome attitude to me each time I see her.

So I’ve decided to reach my goal to win her attention.”



Blake Richardson: Kelley School of Business, Current MBA, 2022

“Charley’s been the perfect companion during zoom-filled days, and my favorite way to de-stress after an exam or interview is taking him on a walk on the trails around Bloomington!”

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