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Aside from Harvard Business School and the University of Virginia’s Darden School, Ivey may be the MBA program most associated with the case method. At Ivey, MBAs read 300 or more cases over their year at Ivey. Through repetition, they hone their mastery of a problem-solving framework that’s applicable in any role, industry, or situation. In the process, they confront their blind spots from being exposed to their peers’ experiences in class discussions.

“The case method helps you think and express yourself and consider different perspectives,” explains ’21 grad Kathryn Donville. “Most importantly, it also forces you to raise your hand, state your opinion, and be prepared to defend or amend your position. I think this is the best way to understand any topic, but especially the nuanced and complicated situations that are presented in the business world.”

Over the past four months, the Class of 2022 has been immersed in case learning. In the process, they have gained a healthy admiration for the method — and their peers. Here are five of the biggest takeaways they’ve gain from using cases:

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1) Repetition Reinforces Comprehension: “Working through real-life business problems each day allows us as students to learn valuable business lessons and build a repertoire of situations we can draw upon when similar circumstances or patterns arise in the real-world. The true magic of case learning occurs gradually over time as we begin to apply the various lessons and frameworks we have learned to deepen our analysis and understanding of business problems. In learning teams, our understanding is further reinforced as we have the opportunity to learn from and challenge one another, which also complements the learning objectives and the day-to-day work we accomplish.”
Connor Batchelor (’22)

2) Get To Be A Decision-Maker: “Each case, like a script, is an opportunity for me to play the role of an executive and make real business decisions. The case method has influenced my ability to improvise, communicate effectively, and think critically about the short and long-term implications of my choices. Engaging in active learning and discussion has made me a better listener and decision-maker. I take risks and step out of my comfort zone on the daily.”
Noreen Rachel Wu (’22)

3) Remove The Clutter: “One of the key benefits of the case method is learning how to decipher complex information, decide what is most relevant, and then communicate your ideas in a clear and succinct manner to make well-informed business recommendations. Each case has multiple possible solutions, so your ability to defend your ideas while considering alternatives serves to better prepares us for real-world situations we are likely encounter in the workforce.”
Connor Batchelor (’22)

4) Keeps Your Attention: “It makes each class an engaging conversation, giving us the chance to contribute from a unique perspective. As students, we are highly involved in each class, which helps our learning process. The discussions are always interesting, and the professors make sure that conversations go in the right direction to get the most out of each case. Having to make real-life decisions with sometimes limited information is fascinating, and it gives us the chance to understand distinct approaches to the same situation. We also learn how to communicate our ideas based on alternative solutions, which is a crucial skill for future managers. On top of that, getting to learn about various industries across different geographies has been fascinating.”
Sebastian Martinez (’22)

5) Measure Your Growth: “I remember being one month into Ivey’s program and thinking that I did not understand a single thing. Now that I look back, I can see how far I have come and how much I have learned. The cases selected in each class really fit together as puzzle pieces to create a bigger, more meaningful picture.”
Jessie Gill (’22)

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The case method isn’t the only area where Ivey has stood out. Here are some additional differentiators according to the current and former students alike.

1) One Year Format: “The one-year program was a key criterion in my decision to join the Ivey MBA program. From a financial perspective, it is important for me to return to the workforce as quickly as possible. Earning the best MBA in Canada in only 13 months is a unique opportunity. The support I received through the entire recruitment process was unmatched and convinced me that it was the right program.”
Mathieu Ruffe (’22)

2) Strong Alumni Network: “The biggest factors in choosing Ivey were its reputation in Canada and alumni network. As I began my MBA admission journey, it became clear to me that Ivey was the best known and most respected program in Canada. I was also blown away by the willingness of alumni to connect with me before I had even started the program. I cannot wait to join this incredible network of individuals.”
Jessie Gill (’22)

3) Ivey Ring Ceremony: “Although the event hasn’t happened for our class yet, the Ivey Ring ceremony really speaks to the values and culture of the school. To take the same pledge, alongside all previous Ivey students, to uphold ethical standards and practice in business is a great way to connect us to the rest of the school’s alumni and send us off from the safety of cases into the business world, where our decisions really matter.”
Kailey Howell-Spooner (’21)

4) Career Services: “As an international student wanting to transition into the Canadian workspace, I wanted to ensure the school I chose would help me understand the Canadian work environment and build the necessary tools to succeed in it. To me, Career Management is this, and much more. They are incredible partners who make sure we have all the capabilities to succeed in our post-MBA journey and outstanding people who care about students on a personal level.”
Sebastian Martinez (’22)

5) Complete Education: “I wanted a program with the right mix of tools and activities that would prepare me for executive management. We are doing team projects, simulations, presentations, and other activities that help build leaders who can think critically, develop and execute strategies and communicate exceptionally.”
Temi Busari (’22)

What led the Ivey Class of 2022 to pursue an MBA? Which schools did they consider? What did these students during the admissions to give their application an edge? Click on the student links below for in-depth profiles of some of this year’s most promising Ivey MBAs.

MBA Student Hometown Undergrad Alma Mater Last Employer
Connor Batchelor Calgary, Canada University of Calgary Aurora Cannabis Inc.
Temitope Busari Lagos, Nigeria University of Lagos Chapel Hill Denham
Ugonwa Echendu Port Harcourt, Nigeria McMaster University PepsiCo
Jeff Ehmann Regina, Saskatchewan University of Saskatchewan Propel Labs
Jessie Gill Calgary, Alberta University of Toronto Rosewood College
Shamsa Hidayat Toronto, Canada University of Alberta Cushman and Wakefield
Sebastian Martinez Bogota, Colombia Universidad de Los Andes Mercari
Vishaal Narkedamalli Toronto, Canada University of Cape Town Restaurant Brands International
Chi Nguyen Hanoi, Vietnam Temple University Willis Towers Watson
Mathieu Ruffe Paris, France AUDENCIA Business School SureWerx
Noreen Rachel Wu Vancouver, British Columbia University of Southern California WRN Consulting
Baowen Zhang Xi’an, China Ohio State University Vertiv Corp

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