All The New MBA Courses At The Top U.S. B-Schools


New Course: Thinking of a Master Plan: Nonprofit Management, Metrics, and Impact Making

Instructor: Antoinette Irving

Working insight into the economic, strategic, and socio-political factors underpinning social impact. Students will learn to assess organizational capacity and the structures, processes and human capital necessary to effectively manage an enterprise. A deeper understanding of non profits and the environmental and social problems they address.Learn to adapt and fine tune their professional skills in a different sector.


New Course: Fashion & Luxury Solutions

Instructor: Thomai Sedari

Creating an effective customer experience is about more than just ensuring your customers receive the products and services they desire in a timely and efficient manner. It’s also about creating a full experience filled with multiple touchpoints with real people who can organically evangelize and grow your brand through their social media and offline interactions with friends and family. This is especially true for the Fashion & Luxury sector. In this course, students will learn and apply customer experience and journey mapping principles to a real project sponsor. Students will demonstrate how to narrow down to a specific customer journey and deliver a solution for the Fashion & Luxury sector at large.


New Course: Technology and Society: Dynamic Relationship and Changing Role of Leaders

Instructor: Terry Kramer

This course will look at the dynamic and disruptive nature of technology — enhancing outcomes that benefit enterprises and society collectively in areas such as financial services, education and healthcare. It will look at the unique ability of new technologies whether based on high speed networks, artificial intelligence or cloud computing coupled with new business models such as the platform-based businesses and the shared economy to create transformational offerings which benefits both businesses and society. Cases exploring the disruptive effects of platform based, online education, low cost telehealth solutions and new digital platforms for payments and financial transactions which create a multiplier effect of economic growth in developing markets will be covered. Ultimately, this course will look at the changing role of leaders in all sectors — in business and government and their role in supporting technology-based innovation to serve a multitude of stakeholders while minimizing unintended consequences and negative externalities.

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