Class Of 2022: Advice From Harvard MBA Faculty

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Class of 2022: Advice from Harvard Faculty

Harvard Business School’s Class of 2022 commencement is scheduled for May 26. In preparation, HBS faculty offered a few parting words of advice for MBA grads—from living with purpose to building meaningful connections.


In her parting words for the Class of 2022, Jill Avery, Senior Lecturer at HBS, offered a simple, yet effective piece of advice: build a personal value proposition.

“Think about what is important to you and to those whom you care about. Use that input to develop a personal value proposition that drives you to craft a life filled with purpose and meaning,” Avery says. “Be intentional about living your value proposition: Build competencies, grasp opportunities, and envelop yourself in relationships that empower you to deliver true value to your world and to the people who matter to you.”


Life is filled with big challenges, small wins, and unpredictable moments. John Jong-Hyun Kim, Senior Lecturer at HBS, advises grads to be open to unexpected encounters or bumps in the journey ahead.

“It’s easy to become single-mindedly focused on reaching a certain goal and overlook amazing opportunities that just happen to cross our path,” Kim says. “Stay open-minded and curious. Like the advice I received when I was learning to drive, ‘Keep your eyes on the road but also look around you.’”


Many MBAs pursued business school for one main reason: connecting with other talented and unique individuals. Aiyesha Dey, Associate Professor at HBS, recommends that grads tap into the network they’ve gained and to continue supporting one another in the journey ahead.

“No other business school (and I have been at several!) can boast of such strong-knit cohorts, support networks, shared experiences and values, and deep lifetime friendships,” Dey says. “Not only has this helped you create many meaningful memories, but it has also undoubtedly carried you through times of crises. The pandemic has made us even more aware of the huge need for connections and closeness in the world. As future leaders, I urge you to take this experience at HBS and build exceptional communities of individuals who want to be and do their best, who feel immensely valued, and who rejoice in each other’s successes.”

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