He Even Lied About An NYU Stern MBA & A 710 GMAT

George Santos and MBA

Rep. George Santos

If you want to know whether the MBA still exudes prestige and cache on a resume, look no further than the latest lies uncovered about newly elected Rep. George Santos.

He apparently felt the need to embellish his past with an MBA he never received from New York University’s Stern School of Business. Not content with merely claiming a nonexistent graduate degree, he even lied about scoring a 710 on the GMAT.

But Santos was not a member of Stern’s MBA Class of 2013 as he claimed on a resume submitted to the Nassau County Republican Committee when the group sent him a standard vetting questionnaire when Santos sought the House seats for suburban New York City in 2020.Neither, of course, did he graduated summa cum laude with a 3.89 GPA from Baruch College in 2010.


The latest disclosure of his claimed MBA was reported today by The New York Times which obtained a copy of the two-page resume Santos turned over to the Republican Committee. “If the Nassau Republicans had dug into any of the claims,” reported the Times, “they would probably have found that much of Mr. Santos’s account was baldly fabricated. Instead, without another candidate interested in the race, they made a critical mistake: They took Mr. Santos’s word and offered their full backing, re-upping in 2022 to help deliver him to victory.”

On his resume, Santos also claimed to have more than doubled revenue as a project manager at Goldman Sachs, yet another falsehood. “The document also shows how Mr. Santos fabricated and inflated his work pedigree,” according to the Times. “He said he worked as an associate asset manager at Citigroup from February 2011 to January 2014, with responsibilities as varied as ‘consumer education of new opportunities’ and ‘investment orientation on LP base.’ He claimed to have ‘2X revenue growth (300M to 600M)’ in the just over seven months he worked as a project manager at Goldman Sachs in 2017 and to have developed a new sales strategy ‘for the department.'”

Both companies have told The Times they have no record of his ever having worked there. In fact, at the time Santos claims he was working at Citi, he was actually working for Dish Network as a customer service agent.


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