Meet IMD Business School’s Distinguished Alumni: Julia Neubauer

Julia Neubauer

Class / Grad Year: IMD’s MBA Class of 2012

Current Employer / Role: Co-Owner and Co-Managing Director, a-connect (group) ag

Best memory at school: Playing ping pong in the dungeons at midnight after having finished our case exercise early; my first study group; and the Discovery Expedition to South Africa.

Biggest achievement at School: Graduating with honors and as Ombudswoman while having completed the MBA with a 5-month-old in tow.

Your advice to incoming first-years: Enjoy the ride! This will be one of the best years of your life. Make sure to be fully present and open to a new experience.

Where do you currently live? Zurich, Switzerland – but I am about to relocate to Princeton, NJ, USA.

Fun fact about you: I still dread the supermarket, Migros, around the corner from IMD. A year of living on a budget means a year of buying canned food!

Why did you choose your school? Ranking and the small class size.

What student organizations did you join? I was the class ombudswoman for my class.

Favorite trait in others: Sense of humor, reliability, collaboration.

One thing you would’ve changed in the MBA experience: I should have exercised more – but hey, you can’t do it all!

Favorite class? Economics with Prof. Ralf Boscheck and Entrepreneurship with Prof. Benoit Leleux.

One secret to success: Don’t sweat the small things.

What is your biggest regret? No regrets. If you make a mistake, try to fix it and mend bridges, look forward, do better next time and use it as a learning opportunity.

What is the next thing you’re going to do on your bucket list? Moving to the US to take my partner and 4 kids on a great adventure!

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