3 For 1: Top Euro B-Schools Launch A New Triple Degree Program

EMLyon Business School in France is launching a triple degree in partnership with POLIMI in Italy and Bayes in the UK

Dual-degree programs are plentiful in graduate business education. Triple-degree programs? Not so much.

For the ambitious B-school prospect who’s looking to level up quickly (and dramatically), a new option that involves studying in three of Europe’s leading countries and getting a triple credential in the same time it takes to get a full-time MBA — and for a fraction of the cost — has just been announced.

Emlyon business school in France is launching a Master in Management, Finance and Tech in partnership with POLIMI Graduate School of Management in Milan, Italy and Bayes Business School in London. Graduates of the triple program will obtain a Master in Management from emlyon, one of France’s Grande Ecole schools, as well as a Master of Science in Corporate Finance (or Master of Science in Finance) from Bayes and a 1st Level Specializing Master in Management, Finance and Tech from POLIMI.


The two-year program opens in September of this year; applications are open now. In the first semester, students study management, trade and sustainable development at emlyon, in Lyon, France; in the second they move to POLIMI in Milan, where they further develop their background in fintech, digital innovation, and finance. The third semester is given over to an internship in Europe; the fourth is spent studying finance capital at Bayes in London.

Cost for the program, as listed on the Bayes site, is €48,000 (about US$61,000); no Graduate Management Admission Test score is needed to apply.

The program’s objective “is to provide students with the most extensive program in management, finance and digital innovation, delivered by the best business schools in Europe,” according to the schools’ announcement, providing a “cross-cultural international immersion while diving into the latest innovations of the sector such as cryptocurrency applications and data analysis in finance.” During the last semester of the program in London, students may choose to specialize in Corporate Finance and Finance Tracks.

“This innovative degree allows us to provide students with the academic excellence of three renowned institutions, knowledge hybridization with multiple expertise from the three schools, and an outstanding international experience in Lyon, Milan and London,” says Isabelle Huault, executive president and dean of emlyon business school. “International expansion is a key dimension of the strategy of emlyon business school – and we know that it is an essential aspect for young people, in a world ever more open and interconnected.”


“We are delighted to be part of this triple degree in Management, Finance and Tech together with emlyon and Polimi,” says Andre Spicer, dean of Bayes Business School. “This 2 year program is unique in what Bayes offers as part of our specialist master’s portfolio. It includes all the elements needed to be involved in a modern business or to pursue a successful career in finance. Learning in different countries, experiencing different cultures and an integrated placement really makes this 2 year master’s program stand out. Giving students the opportunities to study at three leading business schools and teaching them the skills to make an impact is very exciting.”

Adds Federico Frattini, dean of POLIMI Graduate School of Management: “Embracing the convergence of technology, finance, and management, this new master represents a pivotal collaboration between emlyon business school, Bayes Business School and POLIMI Graduate School of Management. This transformative program epitomizes the spirit of innovation and international cooperation that is a cornerstone of our business school. As dean of POLIMI Graduate School of Management, I am thrilled to contribute to shaping the future of business education through this strategic partnership, providing students with a dynamic learning journey that seamlessly integrates technology, financial acumen, and managerial excellence in the spirit of collaborative excellence.”

Learn more about the Master in Management, Finance & Tech here.


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