July 30, 2024

CentreCourt Executive MBA Event

CentreCourt co-founders, John A. Byrne and Matt Symonds, invite you to explore Executive MBA programs and find out what these senior management degrees can do for you and your career.

With cohorts largely made up of experienced professionals who have been in the workforce for years, EMBA candidates face unique questions about the benefits, ROI, and career advancement associated with the degree.

This event will help you gain insight into:

  • How an Executive MBA meets the needs of a career switcher, career climber, or entrepreneur,
  • How programs develop management competency through a higher level of business decision-making, strengthen analytical skills, optimize professional networks, and prepare students for career advancement,
  • Program lengths, courses, concentrations, and electives that align with career goals and how each meets the needs of mid-career professionals,
  • Business school career support services, incubators, industry events, and alumni networks, and
  • How all of this can shape a graduates life and career trajectory.

Event Start Date: 07/30/2024

Event End Date: 07/30/2024

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