September 20, 2018

CentreCourt Washington D.C.

CentreCourt MBA Festival Washington D.C.

CentreCourt MBA Festival brings you face-to-face with the leadership and gatekeepers of the world’s most selective business schools. Attendees will hear from deans and admissions directors during moderated panels with Q&A before a cocktail-like tabletop meet and greet. Plus, attendees can take advantage of career, resume, and application panels at our “Genius Bar” and ask an admissions committee panel about their own candidate profile.

What schools are best for you and your personal and career goals? What are my options among the best of the best schools? Is the time and cost really worth it? And, can I get in?

CentreCourt is the platform that can answer all of those questions in a single day, plus provide you with an opportunity to make a first impression. Join us at the CentreCourt MBA Festival nearest you.

Event Start Date: 09/20/2018

Event End Date: 09/20/2018

Event Start Time: 4:30 pm

Event Time Zone: EST (UTC -5)

Event Address: TBD
Washington, DC
United States