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Kevin Richardson

Veritas Prep

Chicago, Illinois

United States

Consultant Bio

Stanford is the proverbial “Horse of a Different Color” school. Substance, uniqueness, drive, and enthusiasm easily count as much as the traditional MBA checkboxes do. When crafting a “Stanford essay,” it is imperative to consult a “Stanford person” — Kevin bleeds Cardinal red, with three Stanford degrees, including a BA, MA, and MBA. Some say Stanford rewards trial and exploration; Kevin helps prove the case. He has worked in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, and worked at Apple both in the post-Steve Jobs (v 1.0) world and the Steve Jobs 2.0 world. He has lived in two countries outside the United States, worked at a tech start-up during the transition from public to private, and built a small chain of pet-retail stores in the midwest. Kevin excels at helping applicants bring out the best version of themselves in their applications, which is one reason why he’s one of our most popular consultants!

Kevin specializes in admissions consulting for underrepresented minorities.

Company Information

Veritas Prep
From its 2002 launch on the campus of Yale University, to serving more than 50,000 MBA applicants over the past decade, Veritas Prep has been fueled by the desire to help applicants get admitted to their dream schools. Its team includes more former MBA admissions directors and associate directors from top programs than any other admissions consulting firm.
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Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Phone: 310-456-8716



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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • Admitted to GSB, HBS and LBS with Kevin's help
    4 months ago
    Kevin has been absolutely incredible to work with and I could not have been more lucky to have him help me through every step of the application process. I have been very fortunate to have been admitted to both Stanford and Harvard, as well as LBS and Yale. Kevin was absolutely instrumental in this. Among his many exceptional qualities are his very strategic and at the same time detail and person oriented approach, intimate knowledge of the top programs, and genius story crafting. He pushed me to come up with very strong essays by helping me dig deeper each time, and his advice on schools and suggested sequence of working on my applications was always spot on. During the busy weeks leading up to the ...
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    Class of 2021, Admit
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  • Kevin pulls out all the stops for you
    4 months ago
    I had the privilege of working with Kevin while I was preparing for the GMAT and applying to B school, with the goal of starting my own company at school. Kevin truly cares about his students both professionally and personally. It was a real advantage to have Kevin's years of insight and expertise to help me take on the application process. Kevin's guidance during the process helped take my application to a whole new level that I would not have been able to achieve had I done it on my own.
    Andrew Bear
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  • Fantastic MBA application journey with Kevin
    4 months ago
    I selected the 3 school package and started working with Kevin in July 2018. I was amazed about his deep expertise and long-year experience in MBA application consulting. He provided valuable advice on how to do deep reflection and guided me to answer life questions such as what's my dream? where did I come from? what makes me tick? After several weeks of effective discussion with Kevin, I felt I knew myself much better than before and found myself full of passion to apply for the MBA program. Kevin is a very responsible head consultant and keeps a close eye on my application progress to make sure I reach all the "milestones" towards the school deadlines. He tried very hard to answer my questions as quickly ...
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    Class of 2021, Admit
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  • Great experience with Kevin!
    5 months ago
    I had a great experience working with Kevin over the course of my business school applications. Returning to the admissions process after not getting in anywhere last year was definitely challenging, but Kevin's advice was enormously helpful. In particular, his relentless questioning, clear insight and honest feedback helped me to learn to see my own career and life experiences in a new light, which helped me to create a far more personal and unique application than I would have otherwise. I also appreciated the objective advice that he was able to provide as I was researching schools - I'm extremely happy with my options now and can't imagine having applied anywhere else! All in all, working with Kevin has been a delight (and was worth every penny) ...
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    Class of 2021, Admit
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