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Consultant Bio

I am a Kellogg alumnus (2008) with Product Management and Entrepreneurial experience. I served as an Admissions Ambassador while at Kellogg and also as the Secretary of the Kellogg Alumni Association of India.

I have helped 600+ candidates across 20+ countries achieve their dreams of getting into top MBA programs with $20M+ in scholarship. I specialize in helping candidates apply to the top-15 US b-schools, INSEAD and LBS. This year my candidates received 58 admissions to the top-5 US b-schools and a total of $6M+ in scholarships.

I have an approachable style and have no limits to time spent or iterations while coaching. We work to help our candidates not only gain admissions and scholarships but also to set them up for success at b-school.

Company Information

Admissions Gateway is a boutique consulting firm, established in 2007, with a track record of helping 700+ aspirants realize their dream of attending the top-15 US Business schools, LBS and INSEAD. What our clients appreciate most about our engagement model is: ‘living’ the application period with them. Our ‘invested mentoring’ enables candidates to succeed beyond the applications during Business School and beyond. We have a team of 5 consultants from the M7 b-schools and work with a limited number of candidates each year.

Admissions Results:

2017 results: Top-5: 58 admissions, top-10: 113

2016 results: Top-5: 30 admissions, top-10: 94

2015 results: Top-5: 23 admissions, top-10: 84

2017 Highlights:

Harvard/Stanford/Wharton: 32 admissions

Kellogg/Booth: 26 admissions

Columbia/MIT/Tuck: 17 admissions

Ross/Yale/Duke/Darden/Stern etc: 38 admissions

Scholarship Results:

2017 scholarships: Top-20 ~$6M

2016 scholarships: Top-20 ~$4.7M

2015 scholarships: Top-20 ~$3M

Menu of Services and Associated Costs

We have end-to-end 3 school and 5 school packages.

These cover:
– Profile evaluation and building
– Resume building
– Goals and skill gap
– Why MBA
– School selection
– Networking with our alumni at schools
– Essay guidance
– Recommendation tips
– Interview prep
– Scholarship guidance and negotiation

Location: Gurgaon India

Phone: +91 989-989-4443

Email: rchimni2008@kellogg.northwestern.edu

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