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About Me:

Graduated magna cum laude in 3 years from Virginia Tech; admitted to Phi Beta Kappa, and Golden Key. Elected as an officer in Phi Alpha Theta (Historian) & won Best Chapter 2011. Graduated from the MSM program (43 credits in accounting, finance, economics, marketing, etc.); elected Class President of the MSM program (51 people); Certs: PMP, CSM.


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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Virginia Tech

Undergrad Major: History

GPA: 3.76

GRE: 319.5

Age: 28,  Ethnicity: White

Other Degree/Certification: Master of Science in Management

School Name: University of Notre Dame

Extracurriculars: Class President of MSM Program at University of Notre Dame, Phi Alpha Theta Historian, Phi Beta Kappa Member

Work History:

Title: Teach For America Corps Member

Industry: Nonprofit / B-Corp

Company: Education

Length of Employment: 2 yrs, 1 mos

Title: Manager

Industry: Accounting

Company: Top Firm

Length of Employment: 4 yrs, 10 mos

Big Life Wins:

After one year teaching, I was promoted to Grade Level Chair, responsible for leading a team of five teachers and managing the collection and analysis of student data. Ended the year with 98% of students at or above grade level. Received spot award for writing test scripts, validating reports, and managing issue log for an Oracle EBS implementation.

Post MBA Goal:

First, I want to join an advocacy organization like the Emerson Collective or Education Pioneers to re-familiarize myself with the education sector, then I want to start a network of technology-focused charter schools in low-income rural neighborhoods.


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The Experts Rate The Odds At: 39%

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  • John A. Byrne, P&Q Founder & Editor-In-Chief | Odds Assessment: 50%

    You have a super profile from top to bottom for an admit to Kellogg. Your academic credentials are stellar, having graduated magna cum laude in three years from Virginia Tech along with your master’s in management from Mendoza. Your extras demonstrate true leadership, having been elected class president in your master’s program. And your work experience show you to be a caring and thoughtful person of accomplishment, given your promotion at TFA to Grade Level Chair and that is after nearly five years at a top accounting firm where you rose to become a manager. Kellogg should eat this up!

    4 years ago
  • Odds Assessment: 40%

    Dear Mr. Class President,

    Congratulations on your various successes! One part of your narrative that I find intriguing is your mix private sector (accounting) and nonprofit sector (education) experience. Accounting and finance professionals tend to be overrepresented in applicant pools, so it is always important to find a way to distinguish yourself. One area to explore in your application is how you plan to leverage your insights from TFA to achieve your vision of launching a network of technology-focused charter schools.

    Your career vision also needs more clarity in terms of:

    1) Why/how will these new charter schools be different from what’s currently available?
    2) Why you are the person to lead this initiative?
    3) How will Kellogg resources specifically help you achieve this vision?

    I am …

    4 years ago Read the full review
  • mbaMission Odds Assessment: 35%

    Hi Mr. Class President, Jen Kedrowski here at mbaMission. Like your title indicates, you have shown you are likely to be involved on campus, given your history at VA Tech as Class President, Phi Alpha Theta, Golden Key and so forth. That is a strength of your profile, as is your GPA, and congrats on graduating in 3 years on top of it. Kellogg will appreciate all that you accomplished in your university time.

    Now that is has been 6+ (?) years since undergrad, the admissions committee will also be interested in your accomplishments during your career, your rationale for your choices (definitely curious how you chose accounting post TFA! If I am following the timeline here) and how your …

    4 years ago Read the full review
  • Stratus Admissions Counseling Odds Assessment: 30%

    Hi Mr. Class President, this is Donna Bauman, Senior MBA Admissions Counselor at Stratus Admissions Counseling and a Kellogg alum. You have some impressive leadership—if I were coaching you through this process I would encourage you to reflect now on some of your leadership experiences so that you have some good material to draw upon when it comes time to write your essays. I have worked with several successful Teach for America applicants—that’s a great experience and it is also helpful that you have been working at an accounting firm for several years. Kellogg has a long tradition of using the tools of management to help improve education—in fact I recall one of my favorite classes at Kellogg gave us the tools to use Total …

    4 years ago Read the full review

The Community Currently Rates The Odds At: 52%

  • 40% | 4 years ago

    I guess I'm mostly just confused about how you came up with a 319.5 GRE score?? Are you adding in your analytical writing score (which can be graded on the half point)? Generally, you only add your Verbal and Quant scores together. If that's the case then I really echo the advice to retake the GRE. I used Magoosh to study and found it helpful. Best of luck!
  • 65% | 4 years ago

    You sound like a Kellogg MBA student.

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