Mr. CPA To Corporate Development

About Me:

I have spent three years in public accounting, primarily auditing large, publicly traded companies. Throughout my work experience, I have always been drawn to the business development work performed by my clients. Therefore, I want to pursue an MBA to obtain the relevant skills to help me land a position in Corporate Development at a F500 Company.


Target School: Harvard

Considering: MIT Sloan, Wharton, Darden, Columbia

See More Profiles For: Harvard

Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: College of the Holy Cross

Undergrad Major: Accounting

GPA: 3.85/4.0

GMAT: 710

Age: 26,  Ethnicity: White

Other Degree/Certification: Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Extracurriculars: UStrive Mentor - provide online college counseling to potential first generation college students.

Work History:

Title: Audit Senior

Industry: Accounting

Company: Top Firm

Length of Employment: 1 yr

Title: Audit Associate

Industry: Accounting

Company: Top Firm

Length of Employment: 2 yrs

Big Life Wins:

1) Became a CPA in 2019 and passed the exam with one of the highest combined scores in my state.
2) Played an integral role in the audit and purchase price accounting for one of my firm’s largest public clients.

Post MBA Goal:

Using my MBA, I hope to pivot from public accounting to a Corporate Development/M&A function at a Fortune 500 Company.


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    Hi Mr. CPA To Corporate Development,
    I like that you have a good sense for why you want to pivot to Corporate Development! This is Debbie Choy from mbaMission. The Admissions Committee will certainly want to know your thought process for wanting to make this transition. I also like that you have strong grades in undergrad, although your GMAT is a shade lower than the average at HBS, which is around 730 nowadays. If you are able to retake the GMAT and boost your score, even if it’s just by 10 points, it would get you closer to the average and make your profile more competitive. Outside of work, I like that you are mentoring first generation college students. The Admissions Committee is looking for demonstrated …

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