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About Me:

Healthcare mid-office manager in a top medical device firm, leading data management and strategic projects to prepare for IPO. I joined via a graduate management program and have international experience in 4 S-E Asian countries. Always wanted to combine my skills in data and process optimization to improve healthcare access in Southeast Asia.


Target School: Wharton

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Singapore Management University

Undergrad Major: Economics

GPA: 3.7

GMAT: 760

Age: 32,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Extracurriculars: Mentor teaching financial education to underprivileged women from Southeast Asia (2 years), Case assistant in non-profit helping minimum-wage foreign labor suffering from employment malpractices and mistreatment to raise legal cases (6 months)

Work History:

Title: Regional Project Manager

Industry: Healthcare

Company: Global

Length of Employment: 3 yrs

Title: Industry Development Officer

Industry: Government / Military

Company: Major NGO/NPO

Length of Employment: 4 yrs

Big Life Wins:

Pioneered a common materials sourcing platform for small businesses and achieved combined procurement savings of over US$3M a year, benefiting over 300 small businesses. Gained acceptance into post-MBA graduate program without an MBA and achieved 2 promotions in 3 years. Recipient of national scholarship for undergrad from SG’s Ministry of Trade.

Post MBA Goal:

Short-term: Gain healthcare consulting experience either at MBB or at healthcare boutique firms. Mid-term: Head back into health tech targeting palliative care services. Long-term: Become a leader in Asia within the healthcare tech segment.


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  • John A. Byrne, P&Q Founder & Editor-In-Chief | Odds Assessment: 5%

    So what immediately pops up in your profile if obvious. It’s your age. At 32 now (and boy do I wish I could the clock back and get back to my early 30s!), you would be 33 at matriculation and 35 at graduation. So while your GMAT is super impressive and 30 points over the HBS class median and your work experience is superb, your age is working against you at HBS. More typically, three to six years out of college seems to be the sweet spot for a Harvard MBA admit. Does the school accept folks who are 33 years of age? Yes. But they tend to be former military officers, doctors and lawyers. HBS used to annually publish a histogram of its newly …

    4 years ago Read the full review

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