Mr. Indian Air Force / Goldman Sachs

About Me:

I am a dynamic leader with sufficient experience of operations, technical management, supply chain and budget management. Additionally I am an athlete playing basketball and football. I am an extrovert who loves to host parties and DJ. I would like an assessment of my profile and a recommendation for the best college I have a chance at attending.


Target School: INSEAD

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: MMS

Undergrad Major: Bachelor in Engineering ( Electronics and Communication)

GPA: 82.2

GMAT: 690

Age: 35,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Other Degree/Certification: M. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering

School Name: Visvesvaraya Technological University

Extracurriculars: Sportsman ( basketball) Indian Air Force player

Work History:

Title: Officer

Industry: Government / Military

Company: Air Force

Length of Employment: 10 yrs, 1 mos

Big Life Wins:

– Successfully led tactical operations and no causalities.
– Automated 30% of processes reducing turnaround time by 20%, saving $100,000 for my firm.

Post MBA Goal:

I want to complete my MBA to change my geographical location, industry and role. After completing my MBA, I want to take a leadership role in operations in tech companies or f&b or automobile companies.


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The Experts Rate The Odds At: 15%

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  • John A. Byrne, P&Q Founder & Editor-In-Chief | Odds Assessment: 15%

    You are a very impressive candidate. But at the age of 35 with a sub-700 GMAT, I would think that most business schools would steer you into their Executive MBA programs–not their full-time MBA. I get why you want to get a full-time MBA: it’s because of the career and geographical pivot you want to accomplish with the degree. That totally make sense. My concern, however, is that ship has sailed with your age. To be sure, 35-year-olds do get into full-time MBA programs and I would not want to discourage you from applying. But they are few and far between so I would urge you to significantly broaden your range of target schools beyond INSEAD. You might put on your list: IESE, ESADE and …

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The Community Currently Rates The Odds At: 25%

  • 25% | 10 months ago

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