Mr. Risk Consulting To Strategy Consulting

About Me:

I am a first generation college graduate, who self-financed education from the top-university in the country. I worked with a financial regulator and then I moved abroad and pivoted from banking to consulting.


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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Lahore University of Management Sciences

Undergrad Major: Economics

GPA: 2.6

GMAT: 650

Age: 31,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Other Degree/Certification: Post Graduate Diploma - Banking & Finance

School Name: Virtual University

Extracurriculars: Political activities to promote democratic values

Work History:

Title: Manager

Industry: Banking & Finance

Company: Government

Length of Employment: 6 yrs, 1 mos

Title: Consultant

Industry: Consulting

Company: Top Firm

Length of Employment: 1 yr, 1 mos

Big Life Wins:

1. Working in a major consulting firm after a financial regulator
2. First generational college graduate from an underprivileged background
3. Serving a youth political leader

Post MBA Goal:

Transition my career from risk consulting to strategy consulting


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The Experts Rate The Odds At: 10%

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  • John A. Byrne, P&Q Founder & Editor-In-Chief | Odds Assessment: 10%

    The fact that you are 1) a first gen college grad, and 2) from Pakistan is definitely in your favor. But your stats are well below the class average for INSEAD. A 650 GMAT and a 2.6 GPA put you at a real disadvantage for INSEAD where the faculty are involved in admissions and love high GPAs and standardized test scores. Your pivot makes you a bit more interesting, given your government experience and background. I don’t think INSEAD is going to go for this, unfortunately, and I hope I am wrong. If you are serious about going, I would keep taking the GMAT until you at least get closer to 700. That would significantly improve your chances. Good luck.

    11 months ago

The Community Currently Rates The Odds At: 5%

  • 5% | 11 months ago

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