Mr. Singing Banking Lawyer

About Me:



Undergrad School: ----

Undergrad Major: Law

GPA: ---

GMAT: 700

Age: 21,  Ethnicity: White


Work History:

Post MBA Goal:



Target School: Emory Goizueta

Status: Open


The Experts Rate The Odds At: 10%

  • mbaMission | Odds Assessment: 10%

    Hi Mr. Singing Banking Lawyer,
    This is Debbie Choy, GSB alum and Senior Consultant at mbaMission. Your profile is incredibly interesting – from your international work experiences to your community work with underprivileged children, and last but not least your music interests! Of course, given your legal background and past success, it’s important to explain in your essays why you wish to pivot into the business side or consulting. Is there a personal interest that drove your decision? What major international companies would you be interested in working for? What sectors or industries? Although AdCom understands many applicants go to business school to explore options, they also like to see that you’ve already given your career interests some thought as recruiting for summer internships can start …

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  • 5% | 2 months ago

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  • 50% | 2 months ago

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