Mr. Trader Turned Tech

About Me:

I am an avid sports fan and founded a Sports Analytics Program at my school, providing big data studies to coaching staffs on multiple sports teams that compete on a national level. After graduation, I took a job in derivatives trading where I work on analytical studies as well as risk management on a daily basis.


Undergrad School: Top 20 University

Undergrad Major: Computer Science

GPA: 3.76

GMAT: 760

Age: 25,  Ethnicity: White

Extracurriculars: Vice President of Fraternity, Vice President of a club bridging political divides, Founder of Sports Analytics Program (First of its kind in D1 football)

Work History:

Title: Trader

Industry: Banking & Finance

Company: Boutique Firm

Length of Employment: 3 yrs

Big Life Wins:

I was able to graduate with honors while working throughout my four years in college. In my job in trading, was a member of a team that more than tripled our income year-over-year due to the use of advanced data modeling by myself and others.

Post MBA Goal:

Looking to move back into the tech industry after graduation. I am open as to industry but currently looking at the education space to try and help lead education’s technological revolution.


Target School: MIT Sloan

Status: Open

Considering: Harvard, Chicago Booth, Kellogg, Stanford GSB


The Experts Rate The Odds At: 35%

  • mbaMission | Odds Assessment: 35%

    Hi, Mr. Trader Turned Tech, Julie-Anne Heafey here with mbaMission. There’s a lot to like here in terms of your excellent stats and potential fit with Sloan’s sports and analytics programs. Your experience is a tiny bit low, and trading can be a difficult job for showing MBA-type skills of teamwork/leadership, as it is often so individual performance-driven, but it sounds like you may have initiated some new things through the modeling, which is a positive. I also like how you had an impact both at your undergrad program to initiate the sports analytics program in D1 football and to found the political organization. I wonder about your goals, as I am not sure I see a strong connection to …

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The Community Currently Rates The Odds At: 30%

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