Ms. Product Strategist

About Me:

I am a product enthusiast working in a global start-up for around 4 years. I love building products and solving complex business problems through simple technology solutions. I am also an avid traveler 🙂

What are my profile gaps and how can I compensate them? What schools should I target accordingly?


Target School: Kellogg SOM

Considering: Wharton

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: NIT Durgapur, India

Undergrad Major: Software Engineering

GPA: 7.3/10

GMAT: 700

Age: 27,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Extracurriculars: Social Impact Expedition - Install solar panels in a remote village after trekking 50 kms

Work History:

Title: Product Manager

Industry: Technology

Company: Start-Up

Length of Employment: 8 mos

Title: Engineering Manager

Industry: Technology

Company: Start-Up

Length of Employment: 1 yr

Big Life Wins:

1. Solar panel installation in a village impacting 200 people with access to electricity.
2. Team Growth at Start-up – Awarded exceeds expectations as a manager. Built products to enable small hotel owners to increase revenue. (have only 2 promotions in total work-ex of 4.9 years in two companies).

Post MBA Goal:

Product Management in High Tech companies.


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  • mbaMission Odds Assessment: 20%

    Hi Ms. Product Strategist,
    I love that you’re installing solar panels and giving people access to electricity! This is Debbie Choy from mbaMission. I think you have a lot of strengths in your profile – strong work experience (promotions, project responsibilities), interesting extra-curricular activities. Your academic track record is solid although I would love to see a higher GMAT score to make you more competitive for Kellogg. You asked about your profile gaps – I think if you can retake the GMAT to boost your score, it would strengthen your profile. If not, you can consider switching to the GRE. Some candidates find the GRE test format easier. As for other schools to consider, given your goal of Product Management in Tech, I agree with Melisa …

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  • Stratus Admissions Counseling Odds Assessment: 15%

    Hi Ms. Product Strategist, Melisa here from Stratus Admissions. From one avid traveler to another – I can’t wait until we can travel freely again! Would love to hear where you’ll travel first when travel becomes open again. Let’s talk about what stands out in your profile first. The fact that you’ve moved into product management already, means you are in a role that many people use an MBA to pivot into – so your perspective as a PM will be a welcomed addition to the class. It looks like you can also speak from the tech and business (PM) side – which again many come to an MBA to bridge. Your undergrad GPA looks solid and you’ve got good work experience with a couple …

    3 years ago Read the full review

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