N U Singapore | Ms. Biomanager
GMAT 520, GPA 2.8
MIT Sloan | Mr. Low GPA Over Achiever
GMAT 700, GPA 2.5
MIT Sloan | Mr. Refinery Engineer
GMAT 700- will retake, GPA 3.87
Yale | Mr. Army Infantry Officer
GMAT 730, GPA 2.83
Berkeley Haas | Ms. 10 Years Experience
GMAT To be taken, GPA 3.1
Stanford GSB | Mr. Singing Banking Lawyer
GMAT 720, GPA 110-point scale. Got 110/110 with honors
Yale | Ms. Social Impact AKS
GRE 315, GPA 7.56
Harvard | Mr. Political Consultant
GRE 337, GPA 3.85
Kellogg | Mr. Chief Product Officer
GMAT 740, GPA 77.53% (First Class with Distinction, Dean's List Candidate)
Said Business School | Mr. Across The Pond
GMAT 680, GPA 2.8
Wharton | Mr. Army & Consulting
GMAT 760, GPA 4.0
Berkeley Haas | Mr. 360 Consultant
GMAT 720, GPA 3.4
Stanford GSB | Mr. Corp Finance
GMAT 740, GPA 3.75
Harvard | Mr. Improve Healthcare
GMAT 730, GPA 2.8
Berkeley Haas | Mr. Wake Up & Grind
GMAT 700, GPA 3.5
Darden | Mr. Fintech Nerd
GMAT 740, GPA 7.7/10
Stanford GSB | Mr. Minority Champ
GMAT 740, GPA 3.7
Darden | Mr. Senior Energy Engineer
GMAT 710, GPA 2.5
Harvard | Mr. Merchant Of Debt
GMAT 760, GPA 3.5 / 4.0 in Master 1 / 4.0 in Master 2
Stanford GSB | Mr. Indian Telecom ENG
GRE 340, GPA 3.56
Stanford GSB | Ms. East Africa Specialist
GMAT 690, GPA 3.34
Berkeley Haas | Mr. Hanging By A Thread
GMAT 710, GPA 3.8
Harvard | Mr. Nonprofit Social Entrepreneur
GMAT 740, GPA 3.7
Chicago Booth | Ms. Start-Up Entrepreneur
GRE 318 current; 324 intended, GPA 3.4
Duke Fuqua | Ms. Health Care Executive
GMAT 690, GPA 3.3
Harvard | Mr. Professional Boy Scout
GMAT 660, GPA 3.83
IU Kelley | Mr. Construction Manager
GRE 680, GPA 3.02


Ms. Try Something New

About Me:

Consulting associate with ~2 years of experience in healthcare consulting. I’m the US lead for a 750K consulting project, managing client deliverables and internal teams. While healthcare consulting work is interesting, I’m jazzed about lifestyle brands and CPG. I also love to mentor – I’m currently the go-to onboarding/Y1 mentor in my office.


Undergrad School: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Undergrad Major: Business Administration

GPA: 3.86

GMAT: 740

Age: 24,  Ethnicity: White

Extracurriculars: Non-profit providing guided hikes and nature walks to differently-abled communities, founding board member, Women's affinity group, internal to current firm

Work History:

Title: Associate

Industry: Consulting

Company: Boutique Firm

Length of Employment: 1 yr, 6 mos

Big Life Wins:

Accepted into my undergrad business program after being rejected twice. This meant I would graduate a year late. I felt behind compared to my friends that graduated on time, but I’ve put in enough effort at work that I’ve made up for lost ground. Made 15K from selling stickers on RedBubble at a margin of 0.34 cents per sticker.

Post MBA Goal:

Consumer insights get me fired up. I want to use an MBA to pivot out of my healthcare consulting role into a consumer analytics/engagement role at either a boutique lifestyle-brand consulting firm or CPG. (My dream job is designing rollercoaster concepts. But sometimes, we have to be realistic.)


Target School: Stanford GSB

Status: Open

Considering: MIT Sloan, Wharton, Berkeley Haas


The Experts Rate The Odds At: 5%

  • mbaMission | Odds Assessment: 5%

    Hi Ms. Try Something New, this is Julie-Anne Heafey with mbaMission. As mentioned before, your stats look good, but stats alone are just the price of entry for the first level of consideration at a school like Stanford. My biggest question for you is: why the rush? You’ve only just begun to work, why are you leaving already? I sense you feel you are behind your peers still, but really a year is not much in the grand scheme of things. Are you bored? Your title is “Ms. Try Something New,” you’re looking to pivot only a year and a half into your current gig, and you’re dreaming of rollercoasters, so all these things make me think: you aren’t really …

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  • Stratus Admissions Counseling | Odds Assessment: 5%

    Hi Ms. Try Something New, Melisa here from Stratus Admissions. So good news is your hard work at school and on the GMAT has put you in a strong place from a stats perspective – you get to check that off your list. I like that you’ve helped to found a non-profit – shows your leadership potential and impact. And to know that you have maybe moved through the ranks at work quicker than others since you feel in line with those that graduated a year before you. For Stanford, specifically, I am not seeing in your profile that burning desire to change the world, organizations or lives. And for my clients who have been successful at Stanford, they had a special passion that was …

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