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Penn State World Campus Online MBA

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“This degree has already started to open doors for me that otherwise would have been closed… it has opened my eyes to thoughts, concepts, and ideas that I never would have thought of, had I not pursued the iMBA.” That statement comes from Joe Bloise, who pursued his iMBA at the Penn State World Campus while serving as an officer in the army. (For the record, iMBA stands for intercollege Master of Business Administration; four Penn State business schools created it together.) It’s designed for students who want to advance their careers without upending their lives—students like military personnel, working parents, and people whose jobs require frequent travel.

Still, the program is designed to promote interaction through web conferencing, forums, and other tools. Six themes make up the backbone of the curriculum: leadership, strategic planning, customer and market, information and analysis, human resources, and process management. Each course entails one lesson per week, which students work through on their own time. Students turn in a mix of individual assignments (e.g. participating in discussions on the forums, taking online quizzes, et cetera) and team-based assignments.

The program also includes two residencies. In the first, each students spends a week at a prominent U.S. firm, and in the second, everyone convenes at Penn State University Park for a team business simulation. Students can even walk at commencement with the traditional MBA graduates.

Latest Up-to-Date MBA Rankings:

Poets&Quants (2013)4

U.S. News & World Report (2014): 17

Financial Times (2014): NR

Tuition & Fees$930

Average GMAT: 580

Average GPA3.36

Acceptance Rate: 73%


International: 7%

Minority: 20%

Female: 32.4%

Average Age: 31

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The Pennsylvania State University 128 Outreach Building
University Park, Pennsylvania 16802
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Put a Renowned MBA on Your Résumé

The Penn State intercollege MBA (iMBA) is an AACSB-accredited program incorporating cutting-edge business strategies and practical business knowledge, to provide you with personal experiences across all functional areas of business — linking management, marketing, finance, accounting, and operations.

What Makes the Penn State Online MBA Program Different?

To mirror how most organizations function in a global business environment, Penn State’s online MBA uses virtual teams throughout the two-year program. Because teams are assembled so that members have diverse industry and personal perspectives, you can gain valuable insight from others’ experiences. You will work with high-caliber students from around the globe, offering networking opportunities with business and industry leaders alike. View Student Stories.

Integrated Curriculum

You will focus on six business themes derived from the values and concepts found in all areas of high-
performance organizations:
-strategic planning
-process management
-customer and market
-human resources
-information analysis
The curriculum is designed to help you evaluate and solve problems from multiple perspectives, making you more effective in your current role and preparing you for greater management responsibility. View the complete course list.

“This is a very deliverable-driven curriculum. While there are some lectures, it is really about what you deliver with your team, which reflects the job environment.”
-Ryan Luckay, IT Consultant, Deloitte, iMBA Graduate

Unique Residency Experiences

Two of the defining components of the Penn State iMBA are the Term 3 and Term 8 residencies. In the Term 3 residency, you will study a prominent U.S. firm by spending a week on-site, analyzing their organizational structure and strategy. In the Term 8 residency, you will participate in a team business simulation held at Penn State University Park in State College, Pennsylvania. These residency experiences put you in consulting and decision-making roles, allowing you to use the skills and tools you have developed in the program to find solutions to real business problems.

High-Quality Customer Service

As an iMBA student, you will have access to an array of resources...

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