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University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business


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Contact Information

630 Childs Way
Popovich Hall - Room 308
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Admissions Office:

School Data

Annual Tuition: $185,813

Acceptance Rate: 28%

Full-Time Enrollment: 446

International: 30%

Minority: 21%

Average Age: 28

Female: 52%

Male: 48%

Application Deadlines: Round 1: October 15th, 2018 Round 2: January 5th, 2019 Round 3: March 1st, 2019 Round 4: April 15th, 2019; Rolling admissions after April 15th, 2019

Rankings Analysis:

Marshall had a tough rankings year in 2012, partially the result of graduate unhappiness with the school’s transitioning career development office which had remained leaderless for months. The result: the school was the only top 25 institution to lose three places in Poets&Quants’ 2012 ranking. Marshall slipped to 25th place, from 22nd a year earlier.

The disaffection showed up on the graduate satisfaction portion of Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s 2012 ranking. Overall, BW’s rank for Marshall fell just two places to 28th from 26th in 2010. But the drop in graduate satisfaction was breathtaking. Marshall plummeted 16 places to 25th from 9th two years earlier. Instead of earning a grade of  A+ in career services from grads in 2010, the school earned a B. As one Class of 2012 grad told BusinessWeek: “The career placement office needs to get stronger and hold the students to a higher standard both in terms of time commitment and professional demeanor.” Only 66% of the graduating MBAs had a job offer in hand at graduation in 2012, down from 80% a year earlier, even though the economy had improved.

The BW punishment would have been worse if not for the fact that somehow the school managed to improve its rank in the magazine’s corporate recruiter satisfaction survey to 32nd from 45th in 2010.

Marshall also lost ground in The Economist’s 2012 ranking, falling to 26th among U.S. schools from 15th a year earlier. The school did, however, maintain its rank in the U.S. News & World Report survey in 2012, earning a rank of 21st. Forbes, which did not publish a ranking in 2012, had last ranked the school 39th in 2011 on its methodology which measures MBA return-on-investment.

There was some good news amid all this. The Financial Times ranked Marshall 30th among U.S. schools on its global list, a four-place improvement from its ranking of 34th in 2011.

Learn more about Marshall’s program during John A. Byrne’s interview with Dean James Ellis of USC Marshall School of Business.  Watch the full interview.

MBA Program Consideration Set:

Stretch Schools: Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, North Carolina

Match Schools: Texas at Austin, Emory, Indiana, Georgetown

Safe Schools: MinnesotaNotre DameWashington UniversityRiceVanderbilt

Marshall no longer publishes in its employment report its top employers, preferring to list all of the firms that hired the school’s graduates.

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