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Why Poets&Quants? Because it’s part of the language and culture of every MBA school. Poets are MBA candidates with liberal arts undergraduate degrees. Not surprisingly, perhaps, they often struggle with the finance and statistics courses. Quants are students with business, financial or engineering backgrounds who are undaunted by spreadsheets and statistical analysis but may have some trouble writing a well structured, smartly argued paper.  Many MBA programs consciously combine poets and quants in teams so they can take advantage of each other’s skills. At P&Q, our goal is to help both the poets and the quants make the best possible choice for an MBA education.

Back in 1988, when I was management editor of BusinessWeek magazine, I created the first regularly published ranking of business schools. I wrote four editions of the best-selling BusinessWeek Guide to the Best Business Schools and expanded our coverage to include rankings of executive education and EMBA programs. Then, in the mid-1990s, I helped to build out the BusinessWeek franchise online, with real-time chats with b-school officials and business school profiles. For years, I supervised BusinessWeek’s coverage of business education, until moving on to many different things, including Fast Company, where I succeeded the founding editors as editor-in-chief, and BusinessWeek, where I returned to become executive editor of the magazine and later editor-in-chief of BusinessWeek.com.

Poets&Quants is the first of a dozen websites we’re launching as part of my new company, C-Change Media. Our goal with P&Q is ambitious: it is to become an invaluable source of information and analysis on the world’s best business schools. In time, we hope that it will become the place on the web for analysis, news, and features on global business education. You’re part of our success formula: we have a place to create true community here and unlike other places on the web, we’ll be active partners with you in raising the level of conversation in that community. Please register and participate. And let us know what we can do to make the site more valuable to you as an applicant, a student, an alum, or just someone keenly interested in the quality and state of graduate business education.

  • Kel

    I just now discovered this page after already using P&Q as my go-to place on the web for everything about business education. You’ve achieved that goal — keep up the good work!

  • JohnAByrne

    That’s very true and it’s a reminder to me that this is an area we really need to build out over the next few months. Count on it.

  • santhosh

    There is a tab for EMBA on your web-site, but why not for the part-time MBA program. There is lot of interest in it by the number of applications and admissions each year in several business schools. Lots of information needed about these programs to people who are looking into these programs.

  • jimismash


    I would like to see something on most family friendly schools (I’ve heard Tuck was pretty awesome). Moving spouses and kids across the country for two years of school can be pretty disruptive, which schools have the best support system and which cities make sense for young families, etc.

    Another article that my draw some clicks is the strength of the veterans’ groups/ veterans’ benefits. At Stanford they waive the application fee for veterans, Rice (Jones) has a 10% veteran target and some extra money for vets. There could be some sort of cool table indicating if schools waive fees, participate in yellow ribbon programs, have other sources of funding, have a b-school specific veterans’ group, etc.


  • Could you compare career business schools such as Minnesota School of Business with a traditional 4-year program? I would be curious to see how they compare from your perspective.
    Elizabeth Dehn

  • JohnAByrne


    Thanks for your feedback. Which schools would like to see us write about?


  • JC

    I enjoy browsing P&Q but I do wish that more schools were covered on this site. I feel like the same 10 or 15 schools are highlighed over and over.

  • gloria santos

    I’m brazilian, technical background, and this source of information is broadening my educational and professional expectations. Not to mention as a mother Thanks

  • Azella

    Hi John – how could I submit a guest blog post?

  • guest

    Why are there are no dates on the articles?  It would be nice to know when the posts were written