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Rutgers Business School is ranked 61st among the top 100 business schools in the U.S. by Poets&Quants

Rutgers Business School is ranked 61st among the top 100 business schools in the U.S. by Poets&Quants.

61. Rutgers University

Rutgers Business School

1 Washington Park, 1st Floor
Newark, NJ 07102
Admissions: 973-353-1234

Rutgers Business School’s full-time MBA offers the flexibility to pursue your MBA degree in 12 – 21 months. The full-time curriculum consists of core and foundation courses and feature a capstone course called “Interfunctional Management.” Also known as MBA Team Consulting, student teams are assigned to real world corporate consulting projects.

MBA Concentrations allow students to customize their education to fit career goals. Students can choose from eight concentration areas including entrepreneurship, finance, and pharmaceutical management.

Latest Up-to-Date MBA Rankings:
Poets&Quants: 61
BusinessWeek: 55
Forbes: NR
U.S. News & World Report: 57
Financial Times: NR
The Economist: NR

Student Perspective:

My Story: From a Beauty Queen to an MBA at Rutgers

Tuition & Fees: $21,880 (resident)
Tuition & Fees: $36,068 (non-resident)
Mean GMAT: 638
GMAT Range (mid-80%): 3.29
Average GPA: 3.3
Acceptance Rate: 52%

Full-Time Enrollment: 190
International: NA
Female: 45%
Minority: 34%
Mean Age: 27

Median Base Salary: $85,000
Median Signing Bonus: $10,000
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers at Graduation: 67%
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers Three Months Later: 85%

  • Benjamin Hughes

    crappy school with crappy faculty

  • Bruce Vann

    Dang, what’s up with the hate?

  • EarsWideOpen

    Ben, any detail to back that up?

    I thought long and hard about Rutgers vs. Stern and chose RBS because of the smaller class size, the intimacy and leadership opportunities that this would provide, and the much more manageable tuition bill.

    My confidence that Rutgers would get me where I needed to be has paid off. After a strategy internship at a Fortune 50 last summer, I’ll be joining a top consulting firm as a strategy consultant in a few weeks after graduation!

  • Jennifer Du

    I’m a current 2nd MBA at Rutgers. It’s been a great experience and I’m very happy I decided to attend Rutgers out of the other school that I was considering. We have great faculty, an incredible and dedicated Dean who is young and passionate and really cares about the program. Administration rocks too. Career services is outstanding. I got my internship at a Fortune 50 tech company through through on campus recruiting, was extended a FT offer and start this Fall.

  • Miryam Shapiro

    I am currently a second year MBA student graduating in three days. I have to say that my experience at Rtugers Business School was amazing from start to finish. Everyone from Admissions, Career Services, and Student Services have been extremely helpful throughout my two years. We have some of the best faculty who work for top companies and teach based on what’s applicable in the real world. The program has also opened up many opportunities for me including internship and full-time offers from Fortune 100 companies. I am extremely pleased with my decision to come to Rutgers Business School and would recommend it to anyone considering an MBA degree.

  • Recent Grad

    The Rutgers MBA program is of the highest quality. The school’s career services team helped me to become a very competitive job candidate, and I found a plethora of opportunities to network with business leaders in a variety of industries. The professors were very accessible, and many had close ties to the corporate world. My classmates were amazing, and I enjoyed the spirit of teamwork that we shared. It was a great decision to earn my MBA at Rutgers.

  • Lahd

    Any flex MBA graduates? Please share your experience.

  • Graduating Soon

    Compared several schools in the NYC area – Columbia, Stern, CUNY Baruch, and Rutgers was hands down the most affordable and most flexible for a part-time student. I wasn’t sure about the quality of the education or faculty before I started, but I will graduate this fall and I am so glad I came to Rutgers. Top notch faculty, great experience and great student body. I am fielding new job offers on a bi-weekly basis due to my work experience and Rutgers MBA candidacy. Best bang for the buck in the MBA world as far as I’m concerned.

  • jfritt

    Putting all my eggs in the Rutgers basket, I’ll be applying very soon to the flex program. I am a bit nervous due to a somewhat low gpa (2.8) I kept in undergrad at a challenging private university, along with the uncertainty of how the GMAT might go in 2 weeks.My strongest points are my work experience both professionally and in volunteering/community service. I made sure to prepare for the GMAT and anticipate a 500s range score although my verbal was rated in the 600s, my quant isn’t as strong. I guess the basis of my question is what are anyone’s thoughts on the likelihood of being declined? I am really hoping for positive results and stressing about this a bit to say the least! Thanks in advance.

  • Roberto Gutierrez

    Jfritt I would love to get an update on how things worked out for you with Rutgers. I am basically in the same situation you were a year a go. I know their full time MBA to be solid, but wondering about the results with their Flex MBA.

  • jfritt

    Hey Roberto, accepted to the flex program in 2nd semester now, still very happy with it. I work full time so there’s no way I’m taking more than 2 classes a semester but that’s ok for me since I’m only 25 and in no rush. Make sure you go to open house(s), get some good letters of rec (you can add a written letter too for a total of 3) and get at minimum a 550 on gmat. You’ll be fine.

  • Roberto Gutierrez

    Great to hear, thanks!

  • Chris

    Wow, thank you so much for your review! I am going through the same concerns (Stern is ranked higher, but Rutgers is SO much more affordable). I’ve been accepted into Rutgers (Flex MBA) and actually start in a week, but have been wondering if I made the right decision by choosing Rutgers over Stern. I did a quick google search and found your review. Thank you so much for posting, it’s really helped reaffirm my decision!

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