Wharton Follies Poke Fun At B-School Rivals

MBA students at Harvard, Stanford, Kellogg, Chicago Booth and INSEAD are the victims of some good-natured fun in a new Wharton Follies video that takes dead aim at the stereotypes of students at each of those rival schools.

In a skit entitled “MBAs Assemble A Malm Bed from Ikea,” Wharton writers portray Booth students as nerds, Harvard students as arrogant CEO wannabes, and INSEAD students as Euro-trash partygoers. The Harvard MBAs never even open the Ikea box. They’re too busy deciding which of them will be CEO of the project.

Or as one Wharton MBA puts it, “Twenty years of school, two degrees, five years of work experience, I was literally born to build Ikea furniture.”

Counters another: “I’ve got some really exciting ideas to optimize this process. We can specialize our rules. We can merge with other bed makers. We can outsource to Mexico. We could refinance. We could LBO.”

The Wharton Follies, typically one of the better B-school theatrical revues, concluded this past weekend with a number of over-the-top satires that poked fun at MBA life and especially student at other schools.

In one musical number, “Nothing to Do,” a Wharton student presumably sponsored by Bain & Co. flunks out of schools and ends up working at a McDonald’s counter. The female student sings:

“Bain is paying me to drink, smoke and screw
While others drown in debt, I drown in wine and Percocet
Sponsored at school is just the best deal a girl can get”

  • abc123

    Make fun of school stereotypes all you want (let’s face, it’s funny), but the bit about suicide is extremely disturbing and way over the line. For supposedly “smart” people, I can’t believe they would be stupid enough to go there. It is in extremely bad taste and reflects poorly on the caliber of the students there. Shame on you, Wharton!

  • lol touche’

  • CBS Follies l eave me rolling on the floor.

  • jawnpace

    Lighten up buddy

  • Depressed

    Booth is so depressing!

  • Alcapone

    Agree. In what world is Chicago more depressing than Philadelphia?

  • dub_step

    i don’t mind the suicide joke, i just didn’t get why a school in Philadelphia would think Chicago is depressing.

  • Um what?

    Based on these comments there’s only one way to solve the CBS and Wharton issue. Video battle.

  • PhillyPhanatic

    The only stereotype they promoted is that Wharton is full of self-serving assh*les!

  • Morons

    Suicide?? really?? It’s one thing to stretch silly stereotypes in the name of fun, but suicide? Stay classy, Wharton, stay classy.

  • ta

    I’m an outsider to both consulting and finance but what you are saying is foul language is accepted in these elite prestigious firms? is that correct?

  • dubious_1

    While I will admit that the videos are a huge chunk of the follies at CBS, the majority of them are released at the live show which also has live skits, singing, and performances by the follies dance group.

  • Woop4
  • NP

    Pretty funny video, but I thought the Booth piece was totally inappropriate. Mocking suicide is really disrespectful…

  • Schai4

    I don’t think you can compare them and CBS too much. I saw Wharton’s show this wknd and it was live singing and hilarious skits for 2-3 hours – really impressive, packed house. Far as I know, the videos are more an afterthought by the writers in the few weeks before show.

  • Meg205

    All the CBS Follies video seem rather cheesy to me. Wharton’s productions have better acting and wittier punchlines

  • Rob G

    Marketing, entertainment and start-ups accept that language too

  • johnson 15

    2nd video much better

  • ephoosh

    Seriously, Columbia’s Munger Games is much better…

  • Mike K.

    Funny videos but don’t appreciate the vulgar language. Have some class. Only in consulting and wall street is that garbage mouth accepted. In the real world you’ll have to grow up.

  • AyeAye45

    Seems as though Wharton didn’t find it necessary to put CBS in their skit, though.

  • Dubious_1

    I get it, its like the Munger Games skit by CBS Follies, but with lower production and not as good!