Double-Digit Increase In Kellogg Applications

Kellogg Dean Sally Blount. Photography by Nathan Mandell.

Kellogg Dean Sally Blount. Photography by Nathan Mandell.

Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management said today (May 8) that applications to all its MBA programs are up in double-digit numbers this year.

In an interview with Poets&Quants, Dean Sally Blount said that the largest single percentage rise in applications was for the school’s one-year MBA program for undergraduate business majors. Applications for the one-year offering are up 30% over last year.

Overall, applications are up 10% across all of Kellogg’s MBA programs, with a 9% increase in applications to Kellogg’s two-year MBA program (see MBA Applications Up At Many Top Schools).


Blount said that the quality of the applicant pool showed no decline despite significant increases in application volume. “It’s equivalent quality but we are also getting good two year candidates, where we have solid double-digit growth,” she added. “Our waitlist is awfully beautiful, filled with people with GMATs of 760, 740 and 720. That’s a nice waitlist. The same is true in our part-time program.”

The increase more than makes up for last year’s 7% fall in Kellogg’s full-time, two-year MBA program to 5,071 applications from 5,459. Applications to Kellogg’s one-year MBA program last year rose 6% and the school increased the size of its one-year program by 15% to a record 100 students.


Blount attributed the application increases to the efforts of a new senior leadership team at Kellogg along with “media buzz” on the school’s strategy to build enrollment in its one-year MBA offering, while shrinking enrollment in the school’s traditional two-year, full-time program.

“One of the reasons we are seeing the growth is that people are feeling the buzz,” she said. “The kind of feedback we’re getting is great. It’s the result of a lot of hard work on the part of a great team of people.”

“The increase happened before our marketing campaign,” Blount added. “We were out there talking about it in the media and we saw the driving fundamental that people in their 20s feel they have less time.” Yet, she added, 20% of the undergraduate degrees granted in the U.S. in the past 15 years have been business degrees. It’s the largest major in over three decades. We are the only top-tier school that has been in that market with this program.”

Blount said her team has been tinkering with the school’s “degree portfolio” in the last three years since she joined Kellogg from New York University where she had been dean of the undergraduate business program. “We’ve done a lot of work on how to rebalance our degree portfolio,” she said. “It is not about growth. It is how do we meet the need for the marketplace for the best students in the world. It’s all about building the best class of graduates.”


Besides the decision to increase one-year enrollment and slightly decrease the size of its two-year program, the school also has launched an accelerated part-time program which makes the one-year option available at Kellogg’s downtown Chicago building to students with undergraduate degrees in business. The school is also debuting in August a pilot one-year MS in management studies for Northwestern undergraduates with liberal arts degrees and little to no work experience. “We’ll have 30 students in the pilot. It’s the equivalent of an undergraduate business and the first year of the MBA degree.”

Kellogg is only the second major U.S. business school to establish such a degree. Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business launched a Masters of Management Studies four years ago. The first class of students will graduate from Kellogg’s pilot in May of 2014. Blount expects to enroll between 100 and 200 students in the new program annually, though it’s not yet clear how quickly Kellogg will ramp up to that level of enrollment by opening admissions to students from outside Northwestern.

  • Me

    I see too many untrue statements about Ross, particularly about racism, I feel compelled to write MY view and share MY experience.
    I am a Latin American MBA student at Ross and I can assure the school nor its students are any more racist than any other school in the US. There are people who are racists, yes, but that kind of people are present everywhere (in any school, company or country). And they are a minority. It is true that internationals get less invitations to social events than Americans, It is also true that if you do not like to have fun the way Americans have fun (usually implies getting wasted) you won’t get invited either. We all came to America because we wanted something that we could not get i our countries. If you don’t like things of how America is you can always go back home. But you won’t get the education or the career opportunities you get here. If you want to hang out with Americans, get educated like them or get jobs in the US you will have to act like an American to some extent, you WILL have to adapt. It is hard for me too sometimes because my culture is very different, but I chose this, so I cannot complain.
    Also, if you say white people are ….. you are being racist too. There are racist white people and there are white people that are the most respectful people on earth. There are hard working Indians and lazy ones. If you put all people from a particular race in a bag just because one or a few are racist, with all do respect, you are not only being racist but also stupid. Grow up.
    I have made friends with fellow Latins, Americans and other internationals. And almost all treated me great (assholes are everywhere, including among my fellow Latin Americans). I do not like getting wasted but I hang out with Americans a lot because I enjoy other things like football, karaoke, or whatever. They have also helped me a lot in improving my English (which is clearly not that good) as well as with my career search.
    Regarding the school I must say it is great. Professors are great, facilities too and I love the program and the courses. Michigan culture is unique and so enjoyable. The big con, career services sucks. Period. They are mostly lazy, useless people. But MBA2s and alumni will compensate for this. You will have to put an extra effort to reach them out though. I got the job that I wanted, in the company I wanted (here in the US) because I did that effort and many of my colleagues did too. Most of the people who didn’t was because they didn’t realize they needed the extra effort or they were lazy.
    Ross is a great school. I do not know if it is the best or not (probably not) but I do not regret my choice at all. People are great, my academic experience has been great and I love the city and the Michigan culture. It was really the best fit for me.

  • MendozaRocks

    Ross is terrible!!!!!!

  • Tepperized

    oh here you are again mr citroen !!

  • hookemhorns612

    As somebody who is personally stressed as hell, being on Kellogg’s waitlist since last December, I wasn’t exactly pleased to read this article (probably more because of the info I didn’t want to hear). I think it’s great that the applicants are so strong and I am die hard about Kellogg, but aren’t these people supposed to draw more attention to reviewing applicant’s stories as the main focus of strong applicants? I know they didn’t rule that out, but immediately going to gmat scores to speak to the quality of applicants seems disconnected.

    I say this because I think it’s contrary to what they say (and pretty much every school says) about stats not being the important thing, but I’m still dying for an admit.

  • Renault


  • Renault

    The per capita GDP in Punjab is like $1,400. The least prosperous US state is Mississipi, with a per capita GDP of $33,000.

  • Rahul

    so true not only in ross, but in most schools including those that claim diversity such european schools.

  • Tepperized

    the two pillar of today’s business are the finance and the IT, so you agreed with us that Tepper is the top 3 school. Thank you for highlighting this to prospective applicants!

  • TA

    Tepper is top notch in finance and information sciences. It is pretty average. Otherwise . In MIS it kicks ass. Its prob better than all schools except H and S
    Ross has a massive frat culture scene which is highly segregational of international students.

  • Suneel

    You make absolutely no sense.

  • Deshmoukh

    racism is everywhere my friend white, black, asians,,wherever you go you can see and notice the racism, it is ok as it is natural human reaction for competition and fear. The big mistake is if you be a naive to believe such things like diversty, equality, and …corporations use these terms in order to gain more profit thats it. you should understand capitalism carefully, never ever trap in superficial thking

  • HateRacism

    yeah, but they understand math and do hard work, and you do not! that why you need them! without them you are nothing my friend! your country lay on them of doing well in economy. you only brought the financial crisis to your country and to the world. Your greediness and unethical behavioral is what make you behind and not respected. You expect the other to break and adapt your culture while you do not like theirs! they are humans and they have true and authentic history and culture, their culture is of thousands of years, not just few decades of mix european immigrants.

  • Hokoko

    I am not white, and do not try to be white. I am just saying if you are angry of them, leave and go to Punjab! It is in fact more prosperous now than states. That all what I’d like to say. Now again, try to calm down and have lots of ice cream.

  • RossRacismIsModernRacism

    No one at Ross will can you a “brown trash” but don’t expect the white kids to hang with you or treat you like a true peer. They won’t text you about what’s going on socially but will ask you to be in their study group just to do the financial model and then once they are done, pretend like they don’t know you.

  • MrSparklesVAGINA

    Actually in a class, only 3 people actually do that and all the non-profit people go for consulting or something they had a background in before business school. Why? Because 65k doesn’t cover your 2k a month loan payments.

  • Anand

    I’m not sure if all this is authentic information about Ross or some concerted attempt to disparage and slander the institution.

    I’m hoping to read a clarification from Mr. John Byrne regarding this matter. It’s a serious issue as many prospective international applicants such as myself take accusations of racism, xenophobia and bigotry very seriously.

  • MrSparkles

    How come RossStatsLie and RossStats True are the same person? Are you just holding a one way conversation with yourself in which you make up stories? Sorry you’re so angry about the process.

    In any MBA class, some people go into non-profit, sustainability, or other social ventures. It’s rewarding work, but it’s going to pay less. Ross, Haas, Fuqua tend to attract dual-degree candidates who typically have an interest in law, policy, or the environment.

  • Renault

    It’s probably someone from Goizeta, or another one of Tepper’s peers.

  • Jimmy V

    LOL @ Indians..

  • AdmitMoreKKKmembers

    Just make sure you mention how “white” you are.

  • HillHouseCompoundRockHouse

    Internationals choose to not learn the Ross (American) culture. We are not their parents, so if they don’t want to drink, play pong, learn to grind on genitals, etc like us, it’s not our fault for never inviting them because they made no attempt to break from their ethnic ghettos to hang with us. Why would we want to hang with them anyways, they won’t get banking jobs with their terrible accents.

  • FormerRossPunjabi

    Screw you sponsored Jap! Stop trying to be white.

  • RossStatsTrue


    However people from the class of 2012 who didn’t find jobs at graduation are under employed at jobs that pay between 55-80k and they are about 25%. Since half the class got jobs on campus, the median pay is 110k. This is why you should have ranges that show what the top 10% got and what the bottom 10% got.

  • iamgeniusatmathsMom

    Ross is the equivalent of a cesspool of semen and Lindsay Lohan’s vagina fluid mixed with poo. HBS is superior to Ross.

  • avivalasvegas

    Completely agree. I know alot of Kellogg 1Y’s who look like they’ve been spun around in circles for a year and before they knew it, they graduated!

  • God

    You are a facking idiot! Ross is a community college not a 20-30 ranked school. Going to Ross is no better than going to Missippi Valley State MBA program with a 470 GMAT average.

  • avivalasvegas

    When will these people learn that posting claims like this erodes the mentioned school’s credibility and does not increase it? First Duke, now Tepper fanboys! Ugh

  • avivalasvegas

    Well said Duke fanboy 🙂

  • avivalasvegas

    Booth does not overshadow any of the M7 schools. It’s reputation for being a factory for socially deficient excel gurus may not be entirely true . . .I’ve met a few Boothies and they’re a decent bunch. A touch too anti social …but that’s to be expected

  • avivalasvegas

    You’re reading too much into it man. Kellogg is actually pretty good about communicating with its Waitlisted candidates. As decisions are made, they actually accept a large portion of waitlisted students unlike Stanford where being on the waitlist is a gentler form of ding

  • Renault

    Well, Tepper did offer to waive my application costs…


  • Tepperized

    mr peugeot, why dont you apply then!? you are awaiting for results from Tepper 😉 right?

  • Renault

    All of these ridiculous comments on P&Q lately make me really want to apply to Ross.

  • Renault

    Any evidence at all to back up this assertion? It’s pretty ridiculous to assume that the rise is MBA applicant numbers is due largely to a “return of US troops from overseas.”

  • Tepperized

    partially agree, cuz honestly i believe HBS is better due to its proximity to NYC.

  • iamgeniusatmaths

    Ross is a very good school, I heard people who couldn’t get in Tepper go to Harvard or Ross. So we can say that Ross is sort of at the level of HBS.

  • iamgeniusatmaths

    Yes this is very much true. Also I’d like to add that Tepper is the ONLY school to have placed 51 MBAs in strategy/consulting. Another proof of the authority of this program, no other school, including H/S/W has this number of placement.

  • Tepperized

    Tepper is far better than Ross (even people themselves, mr tepper is more successful than mr ross), ross at best 20 to 30 school rank. Tepper is going to be top 10 this year and will move to top 5 in few years.

  • U

    I’m sorry you didn’t get into a first choice school like Ross, but Tepper is solid. Don’t be show ashamed about it, but be proud of Tepper!! You will have a great experience, and you will look back and appreciate where you did get in.

  • Anon

    I love how Tepper MBAs just slander Ross in an attempt to drive down applicants. And I am sure HBS is very worried about Tepper. It’s almost like the school wasn’t founded 64 years ago, but magically showed up this year!

    Is this what you learn in school in terms of business ethics? Kinda shady and in poor taste. Anyway, keep slamming other schools, making things up, and promoting Tepper. You do what you gotta do.

  • Hokoko

    aside of this historical statement, why you are angry and nervous? you know if you continue this way you are going to have blood pressure and will have heart attack! heart attack makes sudden die!

  • Tepperized

    Tepper is the ONLY school that has 6 nobel laureates affiliated with it, even harvard and stanford, the nobel people are affiliated with the economics department NOT with the business school, at Tepper they taught and did research at the business school itself.

  • TepperLuvr

    Tepper is already better than that crap school called Ross!

  • RossStatsTrue

    from which class are they? 2013 or 2012?!

  • RossStatsLie

    Not at Ross, there are about 30-40% of people still with no job.

  • RossIsLonelyforInternationals

    Ross is the number 1 school in racism against minorities

  • RossWasaWasteofMyMoneyandTime

    Ross career service is as useful as a crackwhore is teaching you calculus.

  • FormerRossPunjabi

    Stop being the stereotypical upper middle class racist Midwesterner. I know you think all of us Indians are losers for not understanding fully the game of American football. You look think we all smell and only good at Excel, answering your tech questions, and being the brains of ideas for you to present and take credit for in corporate world. There is a reason why we have high GMAT scores and I’m sure you think that’s the only reason we got in. You travel because your family has money and while it’s fun for you, I know you secretly look down upon those you visit in third world countries just like all Indians should do your bitchwork because you’re the “ideas guy”. People say the Midwest is down to earth and welcoming, but that’s only true if you are white and fit in with that culture. Racism isn’t about saying racist comments, it’s the way you look and treat people, consciously and unconsciously.

  • DTepperisdaman

    I heard Tepper kids turn down full scholarships at Ross because they wanted to make a statement against racism and the old boys club in business.

  • Anon

    You must hang out with the “good looking” racist white people crew who present well but are dumb as rocks. They will all be fired or forced out of their jobs by kids from other top business schools who work harder and have more skills. The highlight of their career will be getting the job they can’t keep.

  • D Laer

    you mean you are assuming you know what she is trying to say….set your arrogance aside for one day kiddo. Sure am glad we aren’t going to the same school.

  • iamgeniusathmaths

    I just cross checked with some insiders, indeed it dropped to 5%. Yield is at 92%. People are simply realizing the power of Tepper.

    I heard from my friends at HBS told me that adcoms are ringing the red alert and are spending all their time in a panic room to try to solve this, at this rate they will lose their #1 place to Tepper by end of 2014 according to HBS staff.

    Also I heard that several prominent faculty from HBS and Stanford are moving to Tepper, accepting lower salaries because what they want is teach to the brightest people to make a difference in a global and competitive world. I heard Michael Porter heard that Tepper is a very tight knit community with a sens of purpose and will also make his move very soon.

    Stay tuned!

  • KLM220

    although they experienced exceptional year in applicants numbers, frankly, I dont think tepper will hit the level of acceptance rates of stanford or harvard.

  • fathful

    yeah, but not like this year mass numbers

  • iamnotgeniusathmaths

    read carefully sir

  • Anonymous

    Really? I’m at Ross (MBA 2014) and I’m seeing it very differently. All my friends in 2013 are going into management consulting, investment banking, or corporate strategy. They’re killing it.

    Here’s an honest take: For three months, every firm with a campus recruiter comes to Ross for information sessions, case competitions, football tail gates, private dinners, coffee hours, cocktail parties, and networking. You want access to recruiters? You literally have hundreds of opportunities. You can’t not get a job unless you don’t show up.

    Don’t blame the school because you decided you wanted to party and “rage.” You probably had a lot more fun, but take some ownership for your decisions.

  • Steve

    Why are you replying to your own posts?

  • Renault

    (lol at this booth guy)

  • Jake

    Don’t be so small minded and just taken in by the hype. There is enough quality to go around and plenty of excellent and high caliber students to fill the halls of the top schools.

  • david

    Superstars go to HBS/Stanford/Wharton. Also add booth for the finance rockstars.

  • RedWings86

    Umich is cutting its class size because they want to boost the acceptance rate and also get the employment numbers up. It’s been a very rough year at Ann Arbor. As a prospective student, I was told by a current student (my cousin’s fiancee) to look elsewhere because UMich is hurting this year. Of course, they are going to fix this problem in the long run. But for the time being, it seems to be a massive issue. The career center has been at the center of quite a bit of criticism. The faculty and courses are all top notch. But the career services has really let the students down. Ross’ strong and committed alumni have really helped avert complete disaster by stepping in strongly; however, at the end of the day career services has not been accountable to the students who are paying 100k+.

    UMich has done the right thing (and tough thing) by cutting its class size, and in the process giving up around 4.5 million dollars in revenue.

  • RV

    Yup. Just really strong overall numbers. Tuck’s class this year is filled with super stars….i’m highly impressed with the overall talent pool.

  • RV

    Thanks Wally.

  • RV

    Sounds good. Duke seems to be doing well. Regardless, it will be very tough for Duke to break into the elite 6 or 7 top schools. But Duke seems to in there along with Hass as schools that are smack in-between the super elites and the really good b-schools.

  • Peter L

    Heard that during the Blue Devil Weekend from the Adcom

  • Renault

    Well, why are you grouping MIT with HBS and Wharton?

  • Renault

    “Some people even turned down Harvard and Stanford to take advantage of the Tepper momentum.”

    LOL, P&Q quote of the year right here.

  • Renault

    I like you, guy.

  • Renault

    So you’re saying that you’re a mid-career banker who thinks that analytical skills are more important than people skills?


  • Renault

    Are you talking cookie-cutter MBA jobs? Pretty much all post-MBA consulting and big boy finance jobs will pay north of $150k to start.

    Tuck is usually in the top five when it comes to average first-year comp, this shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

  • Renault

    (People have been transitioning in and out of the military every year since the war started.)

  • Vlad

    That’s BS. HBS and GSB are at that 8 to 10% level. No other school. Stop posting nonsense on this site.

  • kreshnan

    selectivity rate did fall this year at Tepper but not to this level! some insider said its about 8 to 10%.

  • iamnotgeniusathmaths

    him or me?

  • It is. That is why I prefer adcoms who have actually been to a top business school; at least they have a sense of what it is like to be on this side of it.

  • I know that’s not what she said, but I am looking beyond her words and looking at the context of the situation; particularly, from the perspective of an applicant that needs to know how they need to plan their next 3 months – if they’ll be going to school/where they’ll be going/saving money/living arrangements/FAFSA/financial aid/quitting job/networking, etc. Regardless of what she said or meant, I think that it’s pretty damn rude to gloat about having people waiting in the balance on your wait list. We all know that it is a part of the process, but the way that she made light of it rubbed me the wrong way.

  • ILOL’d

    you’re joking right?

  • iamgeniusathmaths

    Really? This is all great news for Tepper. As we all know Tepper is a very tight knit community with a very strong alumni network. There is no doubt that Tepper will be a top3 MBA within one or two years.

  • fathful

    Guys, the application numbers rose largely because of the return of US troops from overseas iraq afganistan..etc..! for business schools it is good sign, but for the overall economy, NO, it is not good sign when we see many people return to business schools!

  • iamnotgeniusatthmaths

    I heard that too, some say that the selectivity has fallen to less than 5% and the admission team struggled to differentiate between the applicants!

  • John Doe

    In all seriousness, they are reducing class size–see excerpt from this article below. It looks like they want to bring that acceptance rate down.

    The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business
    plans to offer spots to about 40 applicants from the third round and
    its current wait list by May 15. Admissions director Soojin Kwon expects
    to field a class of about 450 this fall, compared with about 500 last
    year. She cites “softening in the U.S. B-school market” over the last
    couple of years, as demonstrated by data from the Graduate Management
    Admission Council, for the smaller class size. Kwon says the school’s
    new application will be available on July 1. In the next cycle, Ross
    will for the first time switch to a team-based interview format.

  • Wally

    In it’s reporting by schools on applications, acceptance, rejections, etc. Most schools have released these numbers. “I heard” is shorthand for “reported numbers indicate.”

  • Wally

    Concur. People should not be reduced to a stat or figure. Or a demonstration of the school’s exuberance that “we may have to reject people who have devoted their lives to an exam and are over-the-moon thrilled that they scored 700.” If anything, I think less of Kellogg for the manner in which they view candidates.

  • iamgeniusathmaths

    I’ve heard that Tepper’s application have skyrocketed and are going to amaze everybody.
    Median Gmat is in the 740+ and students profiles are ridiculously awesome. Some of them even worked abroad at a point of their life!

    CNN is preparing a subject on that, rankings are going to rank Tepper as top7 this year. Some people even turned down Harvard and Stanford to take advantage of the Tepper momentum.

  • bolzano

    I totally agree.
    What a desperate attempt to show off!

  • Press 1 for English

    Shouldn’t you be answering phone calls Mr. Patel? My dishwasher is broken and you guys keep telling me to reboot. Meh!

  • DeadGaveaway

    Oh yeah, I also heard that the University of Michigan seriously consider shutting down the school and ask Mr Ross to remove his buldings because they need the space for the expansion of Zingerman’s! They noticed that their student quality is no longer acceptable in management but may be good for making the reuben sandwiches. The undergrad students will be transferred to MSU but the MBAs will be forced to work in zingerman’s!

  • MrPatel

    I heard Ross is losing applications and MBB and top banks no longed recruit on campus because of the poor student quality

  • Parbaros

    2013 grad! you mean you graduated or you will graduate in just few days! don’t you think it is too early to say that!? most schools use three months after graduation to gauge the employment performance.

  • Kip

    There are openings at Zingerman’s…time to learn how to make a Reuben Sandwich!

  • Knight’s Steak House

    The sun is not shining this brightly over at Ross. I’m a 2013 grad and still nearly 15 to 20% of the class are looking for jobs.

  • celica

    you just gave Kellogg a plus! “good people skills” or the “soft skills” are the most important they can not be taught at universities, they are born with people, and only can be developed by advanced training such Kellogg MBA. Hard skills or “analytic skills” are the least important why, because everything now is computerized at first, second, you can easily outsource them from China or INDIA, or even eastern europe! having 800 on the gmat is not encouraging sign by the way when considering leadership position! but for back office, yes, it might be..

  • nearby

    On the contrary ,I hear and read that applications and placements at NYU Stern are thriving. It is doing really great.

  • Kellogg 2015

    hahaha….I got a good laugh at your “analytical skills”…or lack thereof.

  • RV


  • RV

    I spoke to at least 10 students who are graduating from Tuck…not a single one of them had a total package less than 150k. Quite a few had packages over 200k. Although it’s a small sample size, Tuck’s numbers are right up there or maybe even better than H/S/W/K/C/M.

  • Booth

    Kellogg is not THAT good. The school is good but not that great. Booth still overshadows as well as H/S/W/MIT and I’d even argue Columbia. Have not met an analytically impressive Kellogg grad in my entire banking (and former consulting) career. You hire a Kellogg grad because that person has “good people skills” not because of his or her analytical skills…

  • Suraj

    Yeah, I agree with your analysis.

    Indians have a slight advantage because they (including me) speak reasonably good english and there is a wide network of indian and indian origin professionals across the MBA spectrum. In fact, many top professors (deans) and senior managers at firms like McK and BCG are made up of Indians and Indian Americans. I think this helps a lot. But the fact is that there is just too much competition among the Indians and many will miss out. It’s an overrepresented group and even grads from top schools might have to return to India or take up second choice jobs. Almost every Indian I know in b-school is applying to M/B/B and the top banks. The level of competition is just insane.

  • Richard D

    Well said bro. People are sweating bullets out there…and admissions folks as usual are out-of-touch and living in some parallel universe filled with stats and numbers. The disconnect is jarring and scary.

  • Socrates

    That’s not what she said. If anything, interpret her statement as excitement over the caliber of applicant to Kellogg, and possibly a jab at high scorers who think they can get in just on score. Kellogg looks for a fit, not a number.

  • Ta

    I think even international students are doing pretty well. Atleast here at mccombs they ve picked up top jobs. The only issue is when it comes to starting businesses in america. Out of all the immigrant groups indians are getting the best jobs in usa and overseas in hongkong, london . Indonesia etc.
    Most of the latin American internationals go back and work in their home country.
    Most Chineae also go back but other east asians like vietnamese , etc are staying.
    Thats the general trend i have noticed at mccombs and I believe its the same at Haas where my sister just graduated from.

  • Peter L

    I heard that Duke Fuqua had a very strong year with a large increase in apps and raised their Average GMAT scores to the low 700s.

  • I love how she talks about the wait list as if it is some trendy accessory (“We have people with 720+ GMAT’s waiting for us to decide their fates! How cool is that?”). NOT COOL. Many of those people are stressed out and biting their nails worrying about WhereTF they will spend their next two years. Give them a “yay” or “nay” decision already and put people out of their misery!

  • Suraj

    I hear the same thing – Columbia has made a strong comeback. Cornell has had another monster year. MIT has also pulled some huge numbers in salary and recruiting. The only schools I have heard have struggled a bit this year are Stern and Yale, based on early on-campus hiring and b-school applications. But that might well be wrong. We will have to wait a bit longer for the official reports. Among the other top schools Duke, Darden and Hass have also had strong years but their international applicants have really struggled to find jobs in the US; at least, this is what I have heard based on my interaction with the students and alumni. The consensus is – US citizens and green card holders graduating from the top schools seem to be doing really well. Career management offices at some of the top schools are encouraging many of the international students to pursue opportunities in their home countries; this is especially true for the Asian applicants.

  • JP

    OneYearApplicant…I think it’s because the one year programs do not afford students a proper career management experience. There is no time for internships and the crunch that one experiences when in a one year program doesn’t always allow for students to properly network and maximize the relationships that they can develop while at bschool. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, it’s just more difficult. One Year MBAs are good for applicants who are sponsored by employers or plan on returning to their previous jobs. Which I don’t get the impression is a majority.

  • OneYearApplicant

    because they are the best business schools in the country!!! Stanford and Columbia as well!!

  • IanB

    Early signs are MBA numbers are picking up across the board at the top schools. Columbia’s numbers this year are going to shock everyone — they have made a huge comeback from last year’s 19% decline. Booth’s numbers are looking terrific as well. MBA recruitment has improved. All the early signs point to a very very good year for all the major schools.

  • Mason

    Why are you grouping Chicago with MIT, Wharton and Harvard?

  • OneYearApplicant

    One Year MBA is gaining popularity, it is clear that such programs is more valuable and save time and money. I wish more top US schools offer this kind of MBA. the majority of one year mba are in europe but to be honest business education in US is far better, I know many people turned down the top european programs in favor of Kellogg 1Y and Cornell AMBA, and sometimes even for Emory 1 year mba. Why the other schools such as MIT, Chicago, Wharton and harvard do not offer this kind of MBA ?