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The University of Hong Kong Business School

MBA Program Stats

Annual Tuition: $588,000 HKD (approx. $75,132 USD)

Acceptance Rate: 70%

Full-Time Enrollment: 55

Average GPA: 3

Median GMAT: 660

International: 96%

Female: 52%

Male: 48%

Average Age: 30.5

What You Need To Know

HKU is the oldest and most prestigious university in Hong Kong, having been established in 1911 whilst the region was still a British colony. The full-time MBA at The University of Hong Kong offers students an intensive one-year MBA program designed with the option of three different tracks in London, New York, and of course, Hong Kong – home to 7.5 million people made up of 263 islands.

The Hong Kong campus is split into three locations. The first is in Cyberport in the south-west, about 20 minutes from the city-center where most of the master’s level classes are held, the next is the main campus in Pokfulam, the central and western district, and the third is downtown in Admiralty.

At HKU, they prepare students to enter a competitive global landscape through real-world experience, learning a deep understanding of international business as well as cultural differences. HKU has a great reputation – this year it was ranked first globally in the latest 2022-2023 Best Global Universities for Education and Educational Research by U.S. News & World Report.

Academics And Programs

This year HKU welcomed a class of 89 students, and although 42% of the class is Chinese, there are also a good number of Japanese, Indian and Canadian students. The cohort represents 21 regions globally. The average age in the program is 30 years old, with around 6.5 years of work experience. 

The curriculum contains foundational core courses in the first term to build core skills such as accounting, economics and marketing, functional courses in the second term to sharpen skills such as Finance, Global Economy, Digital Innovation, and Business Ethics, and strategy core courses in the third term, such as Competitive Strategy, Analytics, and the Capstone Project.

Woven within the terms are a series of workshops designed to sharpen MBAs soft skills, in topics like Business Communication & Presentation Skills, Building Your Leadership Presence and Personal Brand, Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Skills, and High Performing Teams & Collaborations Skills. MBAs also have the opportunity to take a multitude of electives from partner schools LBS, CBS, and Fudan. 

Unique to the program is the Entrepreneurial Innovation Lab course, where students have an opportunity to experience the journey of developing a tech startup through all stages from Incubation to Angel Investing. Another unique opportunity is the China Immersion Program, where students learn about the vast diversity of China’s economy as well as the local business practices. This year the program led students through a virtual “walking tour,” whereas last year’s program was in person on Lantau island. 

Popular co-curricular opportunities include networking events, conferences, as well as student-led clubs including clubs that explore the beauty of Hong Kong’s – 40% of which is dedicated to national parks. The HKU MBA boasts a graduate employment rate of 90%, with the vast majority of graduates going on to secure a role in Asia. 

Why Students Chose

“Hong Kong has long been known as the bridge between the east and the west. It’s a world city, a global financial hub, and has a unique personality. HKU business school has deep-rooted network within the HK community and this is demonstrated by all the workshops and guest lectures that have been carried out by the career development team. It has extended my network and opened exciting career pathways. Additionally, it has enabled me to continue my family life in Hong Kong, without having to move (save on the opportunity cost).” Dr. Sangeeta Bhuyan (‘21)

“The key part of the HKU MBA programme that attracted me is the international focus. Being in the middle of historic Hong Kong as the Greater Bay Area expands – with opportunities to study in mainland China, the US, or the UK –  is an incredible opportunity. Hong Kong is a richly diverse city at the center of business and culture. HKU offers a unique experience to study business where business happens and expand our networks and experiences to other international locations.” Laura Hawxhurst (‘21)

“I am particularly interested in learning more about doing business in APAC. A short study-abroad in China gave me a glimpse of the region and ignited my fascination. Asia and especially Greater China play a central role in the global technology and commodity market, making it absolutely central for me to know and understand said marketplace. The prestigious MBA program from the University of Hong Kong will accelerate and shape my path to become a global female leader. Classes like China Marketing and Marketing in Tech Industries will extend my toolset to lead new innovative marketing tech techniques and cutting-edge initiatives across Geos’.” Aline Herth (‘21)

“The key aspect of the HKU MBA program that led me to choose HKU Business School was the China Immersion Program. With the Asia-Pacific region being at the center of many international business ventures, the program’s focus on China’s vibrant and evolving business environment is particularly relevant. By participating in regular company visits and business field trips to China, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of international business while learning more about the necessary cultural dynamics and sensitivities needed to succeed in business in the region.” Kenneth Jee (‘21)

“It appeals to me to learn business in a city rich with international business; I look forward to building a network in Hong Kong and globally. My conversations with alumni also influenced my decision. They emphasized the fellowship they felt with their cohort and the many opportunities offered to them as students of the MBA program.” Molly Scott (‘21)

Career Stats

Industry Choices of HKU Business School’s MBAs

Industry Sector 2021+2022 2019 + 2020 2014 + 2015
Consulting 31% 17% 29%
Financial Services 31% 22%
Manufacturing 4% 15%
Technology 31% 14% 8%
Supply Chain 2% 15%
Media 2% 11%
Consumer Goods 12%
Food & Beverage 2%
Environmental Services 4%
Education 2%
Conglomerate 2%
Others 4%
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 4%

Top Hirers Of HKU’s Class Of 2022

Barry Callebaut
Frost & Sullivan
Involve Asia
Kraft Heinz
Liberty Mutual
McKinsey & Co

Admissions For HKU Business School

From HKU Business School 

  • HKU is the oldest and most prestigious university in Hong Kong, having been established in 1911 whilst the region was still a British colony
  • The MBA class of 2022 and 2023 had an international student population of 93% with 21 nationalities represented and an average age of 30
  • The HKU MBA can boast a graduate employment rate of 90%, with the vast majority of graduates (90%) going on to secure a role in Asia
  • There are 3 campus locations situated in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central Business District depending on whether you are participating in the full-time or part-time MBA programme. This offers flexibility and convenience for our students when it comes to balancing their professional career and MBA studies. The campus locations are at Admiralty, HKU Main Campus and Cyberport

Full-time MBA

  • The Full-time HKU MBA is an intensive 1 Year programme with three tracks: the London track, New York track and Hong Kong/China track.
  • The HKU Business School and its prestigious MBA programme is a major participant in, and contributor to, the business culture of Hong Kong and mainland China. Today’s MBA students demand an approach that sets them up for success both regionally and internationally and provides them with a learning experience that bestows upon them a first-class education, real-world experience, and a deep understanding of international business and the cultural differences and nuances therein. HKU’s full-time MBA programme is specifically designed to produce these outcomes. Our Asia-Pacific and China focus gives our students a unique advantage in building their careers in the region and beyond. The first 9 months will be spent in Hong Kong followed by the final 4 months at either LBS, CBS or Fudan University depending on the track they have chosen.

Part-time MBA

  • The part-time MBA at HKU is designed to help you to comprehend, manage and capitalise on the region’s dynamic and rapidly evolving business environment, while providing you with maximum flexibility to balance work-study life.
  • As the Asian economy continues to grow, it is vital that business leaders from the region are exposed to cutting-edge business education that is tailor-made for achieving success in the dynamic Asian arena.
  • The HKU MBA adopts an experiential-learning approach, with a strong focus on China and Asia. You will learn how to apply business principles and models to real-world business problems in China and the region. All courses are taught by using context-rich business scenarios and cases based on actual experiences at well-known Asian and global companies.

The Part-time GBA (HK-SZ) MBA mode structure

  • The Part-time GBA (HK-SZ) MBA is designed for students to receive comprehensive and rigorous learning within a 4-day period every 5 weeks. The no-class weeks will allow students to focus and debrief their learnings from the lectures, meet with their cohorts for group assignments, and most importantly, prepare themselves for the upcoming class week.
  • This study approach will ensure our students receive optimum learning while minimising travelling.

Student Features For HKU Business School

Meet HKU Business School’s MBA Class Of 2021

East meets west in deeply connected MBA program

2023 MBA To Watch: James Hughes, Hong Kong University Business School

“I’m a creative problem solver with a strong work ethic & competitive energy”    

2023 Best & Brightest MBA: Yiling Elaine Cai, Hong Kong University Business School

“Introverted but persuasive, curious and love to solve logical puzzles”

Meet The MBA Class Of 2021: Hubert Streitler, HKU Business School

“I am a fun skiing instructor who studied hospitality and then decided to work in finance”

Meet The MBA Class Of 2021: Dr. Sangeeta Bhuyan, HKU Business School

“Doctor, wife, daughter, and MBA candidate”

Meet The MBA Class Of 2021: Aline Herth, HKU Business School

“#Sauerkrautburger delivered in a bamboo basket. International marketing leader. #WIT”

Meet The MBA Class Of 2021: Laura Hawxhurst, HKU Business School

“Curious, passionate lover of adventure, life-long learning, and exploration”

Meet The MBA Class Of 2021: Kenneth Jee, HKU Business School

“Analytical thought leader with a passion for developing data-driven strategies to create meaningful change”

Meet The MBA Class Of 2021: Sandhya Narayanan, HKU Business School

“From finance and stock markets to writing, teaching and social impact, I want to be involved"

Meet The MBA Class Of 2021: Samuli Pyy, HKU Business School

“At least five of the following are true: pioneer, curious, polite, driver, intelligent and funny”

Meet The MBA Class Of 2021: Muhammed Manko, HKU Business School

“Being a former soldier, I am receptive, very collaborative, and adaptive to situations”

Meet The MBA Class Of 2021: Molly Scott, HKU Business School

“I’m inquisitive. I place value on teamwork and on building quality relationships”

Rankings Data For HKU Business School

Global Rankings 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Poets&Quants 18 15 20 31 27
Financial Times 20 16 22 26 14
The Economist 24 11 5 11 10
BusinessWeek NR NR 7 NR NR
Forbes 13 7 NR NR NR