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Cass Business School at City University London

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Contact Information

106 Bunhill Row
London, EC1Y 8TZ
Admissions Office:

School Data

Annual Tuition: £41,000

Acceptance Rate: 54%%

Full-Time Enrollment: 73

International: 85%

Average Age: 30

Female: 32%

Male: 68%

Application Deadlines
Cass has a rolling admissions program. It is recommended that prospective students submit a full application at least four months in advance of the start of the course.

The Cass MBA advertises itself as fostering “an explorer’s mindset,” giving students the toolkit they will need to navigate and flourish in the disruptive economy in which they will spend their careers.

Cass makes the most of its position in the city of London, the world’s financial center. Today, 25% of students come from finance, and 21% go into finance jobs afterward, but the numbers are lower than in the past.

The school is also right next to the so-called “Silicon Roundabout,” London’s tech hub, and leverages its proximity to both by giving students a unique insight into new ideas, innovative business models, and the way that this can connect with sources of finance.

The exploring can be literal. A popular elective takes students to Tel Aviv to experience innovative tech businesses there, but the trip also involves the West Bank to look at a very different kind of innovation, and to help students see through a “responsible leadership framework.”

Cass was also the first non-U.S. business school to be invited to Cuba, where the school’s CSR experts give students the opportunity to observe a country at a moment of huge change, and one with a very different set of values in terms of social responsibility and the aims of business. Students can go on “stretch” expeditions (for example mountain climbing, traversing glaciers or navigating a jungle), often with MBA alumni and faculty.

Sometimes the exploring is metaphorical, in the form of new modules about using technology for social good, or decision-making with AI, and the school is keen students make the most of their Achieving Your Potential course, which involves coaching and self-reflection to help students understand better how to achieve their life-goals, and to look at fulfillment in more than purely financial terms. Coaches then help tie that learning into practical advice about employment options and job searching.

Sionade Robinson, Associate Dean, MBA Program

“We want people who are adventurous, who are able to think and manage risk effectively, are creative, great with other people, and able to lead but also be part of teams. Our job is to help people who have those skills to build resilience.

“We want MBAs to explore their full potential. This is the last moment in many people’s careers when they are making a significant investment in themselves, and during time at business school we want to help them explore some few future selves so they can be confident they get a good return on their investment.”

STUDENT: Maggie Schroder, USA, MBA class 2018

“London is a completely different kind of city to the ones in the U.S., and that on its own warrants the year abroad. On the course you get a real mixture of cultures and personalities, everyone is really supportive. I work in theater and I worried that there might be snobbery, but there isn’t at all. There is no feel that we are in competition with each other.

“People and the students seemed really honest and earnest, it as clear there were more diverse backgrounds than on some MBA courses. Cass’s location means that you have access to all of London’s industries, but the ability to take lots of overseas trips was really important to me.”