The 40 Most Outstanding B-School Profs Under 40 In The World

Kellogg marketing Professor Kelly Goldsmith is among this year's 40 under 40

Kellogg marketing Professor Kelly Goldsmith is among this year’s 40 under 40

Business school professors at top institutions are under intense pressure. And it comes from all sides–the publish-or-perish demands of academia, the university administrators wrapped up in rankings, and ambitious students determined to squeeze every cent out of a $100,000+ investment.

Young professors face added stress: Most are decades younger than their tenured colleagues and only a few years older than their students. They have to prove themselves to MBAs, faculty, and peers in their respective fields. However, a select few thrive in this academic crucible, outperforming senior teaching staff, winning the admiration of their students, and producing standout scholarship.

Poets&Quants’ “Top 40 Under 40” recognizes these rising stars, who represent elite schools from around the world. These uncommon profs  have excelled in research while overcoming the green-professor label in the classroom. To uncover this remarkable group of men and women, Poets&Quants asked B-school officials, faculty, students, and alumni for their top picks and put out an open nomination.

The results poured in from U.S. heavyweights like Harvard Business School, lesser-known programs flung across the country, and a handful of international institutions, such as Europe’s ESSEC and IE business schools. Some MBA students organized Facebook polls to select their top prof nomination; others wrote vivid descriptions and robust arguments for why their instructors deserved consideration. Research chops were important, but Poets&Quants gave more weight to teaching–even the best researchers must convey their material compellingly to be effective in the classroom.

Markus Giesler of the Schulich School of Business

Markus Giesler of the Schulich School of Business

These young professors represent a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines, ranging from economics to behavioral science, as well as marketing to entrepreneurship. They hail from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, India, China, Mexico, and Belgium, among others. Their interests range from big data to entertainment marketing to negotiation strategy.

However, a few common characteristics cut through the whole group: Most, if not all, of the top profs leverage their youthful energy and Generation Y knowledge to create an engaging classroom environment. They naturally build genuine and meaningful relationships with their students, and they pursue another profession or serious hobby on the side.

  • Ganesh

    What’s the nomination process for this? I know the current EMBA class of ~90 ppl at Chicago Booth would endorse Prof. Epley and would also love to nominate Prof. Amit Seru to this list.

  • Shruti Srinivasan

    And how would you know?

  • Shruti Srinivasan

    Well that is a misconception then, isnt it? There are so many wonderful professors from Asia

  • umesh

    quickbuck, Which country you are from? Will you be not proud if anyone from your
    country achieves a coveted position? Rajendra,
    There is nothing wrong in expression of pride and happiness and it hasn’t
    mistreated anyone. We will also
    celebrate for Nitin Nohria J

  • JM

    For those that don’t already know…. Kelly Goldsmith was a candidate on “Survivor” back in the day.

  • quickbuck

    I don’t know, maybe you should ask yourself.

  • rajendra

    Did you read ”known”? Why self doubt, if at all ?

  • quickbuck

    Why you gave examples just from India?! Sometimes I have the impression you guys are discriminating.

  • martoma_the_cheat

    I’m studying in Asia and to be honest you don’t really have good professors…generally speaking.

  • Chris

    I know several of these professors—they are very special indeed. Bright and hard working.

  • wyldsson

    Disappointed not to see Jonah Berger (Wharton, author of Contagious – great book). I reckon he’s under 40.

  • BFLY

    Those who cant, teach. This list is a joke. Public education is second only to the insurance industry as the biggest scam going. A better article would be universities with the best career development offices…

  • joghonno

    please read my earlier comment as: no professor from any business school in China, India, or SE Asia.

  • rajendra

    There are many Asians in this list. Please count. They are already serving the knowledge market as Professors, Deans and Big Business CEOs too.

  • joghonno

    next time one professor from Asia will be included to cater to that market.

  • rajendra

    I am happy to see names of 2 Professors who are known: Anindya, NYU Stern and Deepak, HBS. Professionally I find the exercise of naming a list of people under 40 is ridiculous. In best organisations before recruitment sex and age etc are not discussed. These are the times of knowledge workers. In movies also actors are not considered on the basis of age. Bring value to the table, that’s it.An outdated concept, must be shunned.

  • JohnAByrne

    Do us all a favor and name the person and tell us why you think everyone supposedly hates the faculty member.

  • Wonderer

    you like Tuck things anyway John! Only blind can’t see this in your language about everything related to Tuck and Dartmouth in general 🙂

  • JohnAByrne

    He was on our list last time. We tried not to include people who were already honored. I think we made one exception: Tuck’s Leslie Robinson.

  • Dave

    Where’s Adam Grant?

  • Bryan

    I took professor Yaniv Konchitchki’s MBA class in financial accounting. He is really an incredible professor. Well deserve!

  • Kelly

    No Adam Grant?

  • Joe blow

    No. Sorry.

  • Jayanth Narayanan

    I have no idea how you come up with the list. Like another comment points out, there is no one from all of Asia. There are a number of people who I admire here. But, we do have some great teaching and research talent here in Asia!

  • Joe blow

    Any nude shots of Professor Goldsmith?

  • Wedding planner

    Not a single Asian school included. No good young professors in Asia?

  • Jeremy

    Doesn’t appear to be an overly diverse group of schools… would be interested to know if all business schools in the world were invited to participate or if you decided to just survey the top 50 schools in the world. Also surprised about not seeing Adam Grant from Wharton, who has appeared on other 40 under 40 lists previously.

  • Anthony

    I find it odd that the University of Rochester (Simon) Knyazeva sisters did not make the list for Finance.

  • Pedro Paulo

    how is this review done? there is a professor there that I know everyone hates.. how was he the selected one?