Have An MBA Student Loan Question? Ask Cory, Our Resident Expert

Cory Pollock is co-president of M7 Financial

Cory Pollock is co-president of M7 Financial

Cory Pollock is co-founder of M7 Financial, a firm focused on the careers and student loan requirements of students and alumni. Prior to M7 Financial, for ten years Cory was an Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager with JPMorgan Asset Management’s high yield team that managed more than $30 billion in assets primarily invested in credit related products such as loans. Before JPMorgan, Cory was a fixed income Investment Banker with Banc of America Securities.

Cory has significant expertise relating to loans and credit. In fact, he recently co-authored the Student Loan (Reduction) Primer For MBA Students. Cory also has a passion for helping students and alumni understand all the different alternatives with respect to financing a degree.

We are very pleased that Cory has agreed to answer student loan related questions at Poets&Quants. Just fire away in the comment section below! Want to better understand your financing alternatives? Concerned about about costly origination fees? Not entirely certain about the difference between variable and fixed rate loans? Not sure about the advantages and disadvantages of federal student loans relative to private student loan?

Cory is here to address all your MBA loan queries.

  • MBA_Dream

    Hi Cory,

    I have a full time MBA offer from Rotman. After pursuing my engineering from India, I worked for a couple of years in South Korea and then in the UK. Because I never worked in India, I don’t have a credit/banking history in India.

    I applied for a loan from Prodigy and secured a partial funding. I also have savings earmarked for my MBA.

    I am still short of $ 54k. I do not have a co-signer, neither in Canada nor in India. Are you aware of any other international organisation who might provide me loan?

    Many thanks!

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  • A.P.

    Hi Cory. Have you ever heard of MBA students with families getting on WIC or some other form of welfare during their MBAs? Is that possible? It could help lower your debt if you can pay for a lot of cost of living stuff with welfare.

  • Rimond

    Check out Prodigy Finance loans!

  • Google It


  • atul

    Can you list the US MBA colleges who provide Non US cosigner loan facility to International students?

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