Darden | Mr. Corporate Dev
GMAT Waived, GPA 3.8
Kellogg | Mr. Equity To IB
GMAT 730, GPA 3.6
Cornell Johnson | Mr. SAP SD Analyst
GMAT 660, GPA 3.60
Kellogg | Ms. Public School Teacher
GRE 325, GPA 3.93
Duke Fuqua | Mr. Military MedTech
GRE 310, GPA 3.48
Stanford GSB | Mr. Latino Healthcare
GRE 310, GPA 3.4
Berkeley Haas | Mr. Army Officer
GRE 325, GPA 3.9
INSEAD | Mr. Future In FANG
GMAT 650, GPA 3.5
Wharton | Mr. Aspiring Leader
GMAT 750, GPA 3.38
Cornell Johnson | Mr. Advisory Consultant
GRE 330, GPA 2.25
INSEAD | Mr. Marketing Master
GRE 316, GPA 3.8
Darden | Ms. Marketing Analyst
GMAT 710, GPA 3.75
Harvard | Mr. Hedge Fund
GMAT 740, GPA 3.8
Stanford GSB | Mr. Deferred MBA
GMAT 760, GPA 3.82
Stanford GSB | Mr. Robotics
GMAT 730, GPA 2.9
Stanford GSB | Ms. Artistic Engineer
GMAT 730, GPA 9.49/10
Yale | Mr. Army Pilot
GMAT 650, GPA 2.90
Kellogg | Mr. Double Whammy
GMAT 730, GPA 7.1/10
INSEAD | Mr. Tesla Manager
GMAT 720, GPA 3.7
Darden | Mr. Tech To MBB
GMAT 710, GPA 2.4
INSEAD | Ms. Investment Officer
GMAT Not taken, GPA 16/20 (French scale)
McCombs School of Business | Mr. Startup Of You
GMAT 770, GPA 2.4
Kellogg | Mr. Hopeful Admit
GMAT Waived, GPA 4.0
UCLA Anderson | Mr. International PM
GMAT 730, GPA 2.3
Harvard | Mr. Policy Development
GMAT 740, GPA Top 30%
Ross | Mr. Brazilian Sales Guy
GRE 326, GPA 77/100 (USA Avg. 3.0)
GMAT -, GPA 2.9

Betsy Massar

Master Admissions

Berkeley, California

United States

Consultant Bio

I’m Betsy Massar, founder of Master Admissions. Right out of Harvard Business School I worked for Goldman Sachs and have spent most of my professional career in and around the financial industry. I worked on both the sell and buy sides (Barclays Global Investors, now Blackrock), and have worked on Wall Street (in the 80’s), Asia (in the 90’s), and San Francisco (in the new millennium!)

You might think I am partial to HBS, but I’m actually quite fond of Stanford Graduate School of Business, as a communications and resume coach, and an editor of GSB professors’ academic papers. I am also a writer and editor with Institutional Investor journals.

My partner, Frances Hochschild, bio here, offers her counsel, especially on resumes, interviewing, and on anything related to consulting. Frances, a former Bain consultant, was head of west coast recruiting for the firm, and continues to work as a recruiter for private equity firms.

Lately I’ve been doing pro-bono work for the Forte Foundation, which has amazing resources for women, and for Service2School.org, which offers free application counseling to military vets.

Company Information

Master Admissions’ number-one goal is to help you get into the business administration program of your choice. Certainly the applicant pool is competitive, but I also know that you have a compelling story that draws upon your achievements and unique personal qualities.

I help you map your strategy out so that you will succeed. So that your MBA essays stand out. Together we review your work and life experiences and carefully elicit the tangible and measurable accomplishments that you may not have seen yourself.

My goal is to get you to think creatively about your life history and where you have shown signs of outstanding personal leadership. Where you add value. Where you’ve taken the road not traveled. It’s about your authentic personal excellence – its vibrancy and its distinction.

Using supportive techniques and modern management tools, Master Admissions helps YOU make your campaign plan a reality.

Menu of Services and Associated Costs

Menu of Services and Associated Costs
Master Admissions is a high-touch, highly involved practice. The work is hard, and it’s not for everyone.
Contact us to see if we can help.

Location: Berkeley, California, United States

Phone: 510-852-9027

Email: betsy@masteradmissions.com

Website: http://MasterAdmissions.com

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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • Worth every penny!
    3 years ago
    Betsy is a great MBA consultant that will worth every penny you spent. I have worked with multiple consultants in the past application cycle, including some with highly recognizable companies, and Betsy is the best one! Let me just list a few things that Betsy did far beyond of the “big companies” consultants: 1. Quick turn-around time. I didn’t think this would be a big issue before, but when I was in the middle of writing essays in December, that fast turn-around time really helps! It means I can edit a few more rounds with Betsy because of the quick turn-around time. Betsy was with me on the day when application is due, and still turned one round of edit on the day! I really ...
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    Class of 2019 Admit
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  • Accepted to Harvard, thank you Betsy!
    3 years ago
    I got to know Betsy through a friend whom Betsy advised with MBA admissions and was very happy with the results. That friend currently works at BCG Betsy was wonderful to work with, she helped me authentically tell my story. Her feedback on my resume and essays was tremendously helpful. She was professional, warm, and she listened and got to know her clients very well. And in spite of my very tight deadline (three weeks), she pushed me to make as many drafts as it took to get the essays right. As a result, I got accepted to the Harvard Kennedy School, the only school I applied to. Later, I needed to defer my acceptance, and without hesitation, I went to Betsy who helped me ...
    Read the full review
    - Yousef G
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Great experience, learning for the long term
    3 years ago
    I entered into the MBA application fray with a clear vision of what I wanted and no path to get there. I had a passion for a particular industry, but didn’t have any practical experience, and as a non-Ivy league student with a decent GPA, I was mostly concerned that I wouldn’t get into any programs. But with Betsy’s help, I ended up in a joint-degree program at Michigan Ross and am about to start a job in consulting at MBB. Betsy helped me whittle down a list of the best potential fits and provided guidance during various steps in the process, but most importantly, she helped with a process of introspection that I have applied many times since. My conversations with Betsy enabled me ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2017 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Wouldn't Have Got In Without Her
    3 years ago
    As a white guy in finance, I knew I'd have to do everything possible to stand out, and Betsy helped me take my applications to a completely different level. Betsy and I spent hours on the phone, digging into my background and reflecting on what drives me as a person. Looking back at the first drafts of my essays, they weren’t deep enough, didn’t do my personality justice, and frankly would not have gotten me into any of the top schools to which I was applying. Additionally, I genuinely enjoyed working with Betsy as she truly cares about her clients and their goals, and I know that she helped to develop my best possible application. Finally, and most importantly, Betsy got me results, as I’ll ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2019 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Smart, honest and a joy to work with
    3 years ago
    I worked with Betsy on several MBA applications and credit her as being instrumental to my acceptance at my first choice school, MIT Sloan. I'll start with what Betsy will NOT do: - write your essays for you - tell you what you want to hear - spin your story into something more than it is - be a jerk What she WILL do: guide you in developing a personal narrative that accurately demonstrates your best self. She provides the tools, insights and incredibly deep knowledge of MBA admissions to help you navigate the turbulent waters of the application process with confidence. You'll walk away from it proud that you put together the best application possible. Working with Betsy was a pleasure. I don't think ...
    Read the full review
    - Peter Grace
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Accepted to Harvard and Stanford!
    3 years ago
    Betsy is an all-star! Very instrumental in my decision to ultimately choose HBS over Stanford. Gave me advice on scholarship negotiation and had firsthand advice on both schools since she graduated from HBS and worked at GSB. She is extremely knowledgeable about the admissions process, has a great network in the industry, and is just an all-around fun & engaging person to interact with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in attending a top school. Thanks Betsy!
    Class of 2019 Anonymous
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Best Return on Investment Ever!
    3 years ago
    Coming from a job in the nonprofit sector, the MBA admissions process felt incredibly daunting to me. Without a doubt, hiring Betsy was the single best decision I made to ensure that I was submitting the strongest possible applications that I could. While business school essay questions appear simple, they are truly not, and Betsy helped me develop a narrative that clearly explained why my nontraditional background would be valuable to a business school class and why I wanted to pivot industries. Out of the five schools I applied to, I received admission to four and was waitlisted at one. However, it was my return on investment from my work with Betsy that was most amazing. Each of the four schools I was admitted to ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2019 Anonymous
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Admitted Everywhere I Applied!
    4 years ago
    Hiring Betsy as an admissions consultant was the best move I made in the business school application process. I was fairly confident that I had the credentials to be accepted to a competitive program, but I was not familiar with the characters of the different schools and how to assemble a successful application. I spoke with a few admissions consultants, but felt after my initial conversation with Betsy that she was the right fit for me. She immediately took a personal interest in my story, and throughout the process was more invested in me as a person than in clocking billable hours. She went beyond the call of duty to be sure I submitted the best version of my application that I could. Betsy was ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2020 Admit
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  • Betsy Will Get You In
    4 years ago
    I chose Betsy after having spoken with no less than a dozen consultants for one simple reason: she understood me. Coming from a non-traditional background I found that other consultants were more interested in selling me their services than getting to know my story. Betsy was different. She asked me a hundred questions about my background, my interests, my passions, and my goals. I felt like she really enjoyed getting to know her clients as people whose stories she can not only help craft into amazing essays, but whose lives she wants to share and enjoy. This is so important in a consultant – the essence of understanding who an applicant truly is and what makes him/her really tick. There was no upsell. There was ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2018 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Well worth it
    4 years ago
    I knew that the admissions process was going to be a struggle for me. I had high goals and an overrepresented profile. I began doing research on admissions consultants and learned that Betsy Massar had a tremendous track record of helping candidates and was known to provide a personalized experience. I had an initial call with Betsy to discuss my background and future aspirations, as well as to test our chemistry. She was refreshingly down to earth and gave me a realistic view on what I could expect from both her and the general admissions process. At no point did Betsy try to oversell me her services or push me in an uncomfortable direction – quite different from a number of other free consultations I ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2018 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.