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Candidate Name Industry Top Choice Expert Odds Community Odds
Mr. Indian Family Business Manufacturing MIT Sloan 15% 5%
Mr. Aerospace Engineer Aerospace Harvard 40% 49%
Ms. Hapkido Product Engineer Engineering Darden 25% 13%
Mr. MBA Class of 2023 Banking & Finance Stanford GSB 22% 19%
Mr. Sports Fanatic Government / Military Berkeley Haas N/A 7%
Mr. Gay Gaymer Technology Chicago Booth N/A 15%
Ms. Deloitte Healthcare Consulting Guru Consulting Kellogg N/A 40%
Mr. Chemical Engineering Dad Venture Capital Wharton 30% 22%
Mr. Simple Manufacturer Manufacturing Rice Jones 60% 42%
Mr. Media Planner Marketing Kellogg 50% 47%
Mr. Techie To PM Role Technology MIT Sloan 25% 37%
Mr. EduTech Manufacturing Chicago Booth 30% 31%
Mr. Corporate Monster Manufacturing Wharton 46% 60%
Mr. B2B E-commerce In Nigeria Technology Chicago Booth 50% 40%
Mr. Big Data Sales Engineer Technology Stanford GSB 10% 52%
Mr. Travel Tech Other NYU Stern N/A 35%
Ms. Tech For Good Banking & Finance Harvard 10% 30%
Ms. Consultant To Impact Investor Consulting Columbia 25% 20%
Ms. Bengali Banker Banking & Finance Kellogg N/A 22%
Ms. Tech-y Athlete Technology UCLA Anderson 35% 10%
Ms. Responsible Economic Development Nonprofit / B-Corp Columbia 15% 28%
Mr. Indian Electric Tech Technology London Business School 17% 7%
Mr. Indonesian Salesperson Technology Cornell Johnson N/A 34%
Mr. Strategy For Social Good Banking & Finance Harvard 10% 20%
Mr. Pharma Engineer Healthcare Harvard N/A 5%
Ms. Media Entertainment Media Harvard 22% 32%
Ms. Financial Real Estate Real Estate Wharton 38% 30%
Mr. Indian Healthcare Analytics Healthcare MIT Sloan 15% 32%
Mr. CTO Technology Wharton 40% 40%
Mr. Consumer Goods Senior Manager CPG Harvard 10% 15%
Mr. Filipino Startup CPG Stanford GSB 5% 5%
Mr. Evolving Teacher Education Berkeley Haas 25% 27%
Mr. Indian I-Banker Banking & Finance Columbia 20% 42%
Ms. Chef Instructor Other Cornell Johnson N/A 69%
Mr. Deferred Financial Poet Accounting Columbia N/A 5%
Mr. Lieutenant To Consultant Government / Military Harvard N/A 45%
Ms. EV Evangelist Automotive Berkeley Haas 15% N/A
Ms. Product Manager Technology Wharton 30% 48%
Mr. Indian Engineer + MBA Now In Consulting Consulting Wharton N/A 19%
Mr. LGBT+CPG CPG Berkeley Haas 15% 76%
Ms. Tech For Non-Profits Nonprofit / B-Corp McCombs School of Business N/A 52%
Mr. Combat Pilot Non-Profit Leader Government / Military Harvard N/A 40%
Mr. Actual Poet Supply Chain / Logistics UCLA Anderson N/A N/A
Mr. Healthcare Administration & Policy Latino Advocate Healthcare Harvard 15% 43%
Mr. Asian Mexican Finance Hombre Accounting Cornell Johnson 30% 12%
Mr. Fintech Data Scientist Technology Columbia 15% 22%
Mr. Opportunities In MBB Technology Tuck 25% 27%
Mr. Co-Founder & Analytics Manager Technology Stanford GSB 10% 24%
Mr. Spaniard Consulting MIT Sloan 34% 46%
Ms. Hopeful NYU Stern Marketing Ph.D. Other NYU Stern N/A 2%
Mr. Strategy Consultant Middle East Consulting Harvard N/A 45%
Mr. MBB To Fintech Consulting Harvard 10% 22%
Mr. Safety Guy CPG Kellogg N/A 35%
Ms. FMCG Enthusiast Seeking Second MBA Marketing Harvard 10% 28%
Mr. Little Late For MBA Consulting Harvard N/A 38%
Mr. Low GPA Redemption Tour Government / Military Cornell Johnson N/A 36%
Ms. Up & Coming Impact Investor Power / Energy Harvard 10% 5%
Mr. Future Gaming Industry Product Manager Government / Military MIT Sloan 15% 50%
Mr. Mission Impossible Banking & Finance Ross 35% 50%
Mr. Doctor Going VC Healthcare Wharton 10% 34%
Mr. Supply Chain Consultant Consulting MIT Sloan 25% 22%
Mr. Family Media Biz Media Columbia 28% 18%
Mr. Poet & Don’t Know It Consulting Harvard 10% 47%
Mr. Reinvention Healthcare Columbia 25% 19%
Mr. Agriculturalist Nonprofit / B-Corp Yale 40% 25%
Ms. Designer Turned Founder Retail MIT Sloan 20% 18%
Mr. Underdog Banking & Finance Stanford GSB 10% 17%
Mr. Big 4 Audit To Healthcare Non-Profit Healthcare Columbia N/A 43%
Mr. Future Travel Industry Consultant Consulting Harvard 10% 60%
Mr. Failed Startup Founder Law Stanford GSB 10% 8%
Mr. First Time Applicant Technology Wharton 15% 11%
Ms. M&A Tax To Saving The World (TM) Accounting Wharton 28% 60%
Mr. Nonprofit Crusader Nonprofit / B-Corp Yale N/A 25%
Mr. Tech Finance Technology Chicago Booth N/A 46%
Mr. Olympia In Spirit Nonprofit / B-Corp Yale N/A 74%
Mr. Energy To Technology Power / Energy Ross N/A 15%
Mr. Aker 22 Engineering MIT Sloan N/A 30%
Mr. Gymnastics Coach Sports Management Yale N/A N/A
Mr. International Decision Maker Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard N/A 30%
Mr. Athlete Banking & Finance Harvard 30% 32%
Mr. Analytics Consulting Consulting MIT Sloan N/A 30%
Mr. Labor Market Analyst Nonprofit / B-Corp NYU Stern N/A 15%
Mr. Civil Engineer To Private Equity Engineering Wharton 45% 24%
Mr. Big 4 Healthcare Consultant Consulting Tuck 25% 25%
Mr. Young Family Business Leader Consulting Darden 25% 50%
Mr. Consulting Turned Tech S&O Technology Darden N/A N/A
Mr. Consultant Transitioning To Family Venture Consulting Columbia 25% 82%
Mr. “GMAT” Grimly Miserable At Tests Healthcare Stanford GSB N/A 69%
Mr. Energy Saver Power / Energy Tuck 50% 50%
Ms. Serial Expat Technology Wharton N/A 47%
Mr. Nuclear Weapons Engineer Government / Military Stanford GSB N/A 44%
Mr. 11 Year Nurse To Hi-Luxury Consultant Retail NYU Stern N/A N/A
Mr. Data Scientist Technology Wharton 22% 37%
Mr. Biostatistician & Teacher Education MIT Sloan N/A 10%
Mr. Low GPA Ex-MBB Banking & Finance Harvard 35% 53%
Mr. Restaurateur Other Columbia 25% 40%
Mr. Asia Banking Consultant Banking & Finance Harvard N/A 21%
Ms. Biodiversity Conservation Government / Military Columbia N/A 15%
Mr. Renewable Energy Engineer Power / Energy Wharton N/A 8%
Ms. Strategy Consultant By Day, Social Impact Consultant By Night Consulting Harvard 10% 22%