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Nisha Trivedi


San Francisco, California

United States

Consultant Bio

Nisha Trivedi earned her BA in communication from the University of Pennsylvania and her MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. A deep interest in understanding the consumer inspired her to initially pursue a career in marketing research, and after college, she held positions at Time Inc., Rosetta, and KPMG LLP in New York City. A desire to transition into brand management led Nisha to Ross, where she was an active member of the Marketing Club, organizing mock internship interviews for her peers during her first year and serving as the club’s vice-president of communications during her second year. After graduating with her MBA, Nisha worked for several years in brand management in San Francisco at Big Heart Pet Brands (now part of The J.M. Smucker Company) before joining mbaMission. She most enjoys creating brand positioning and crafting tailored messaging that speaks to consumers’ needs, which is a skill she applies in helping her clients “market” themselves to their dream MBA programs. Nisha also has a longstanding commitment to philanthropy—she has been a volunteer team leader for New York Cares and now sits on the board of directors of The Shanti Project, a San Francisco–based nonprofit that enhances the health, quality of life, and well-being of people with serious illnesses.

Company Information

mbaMission is the world’s leading MBA admissions consulting firm and the only one exclusively recommended by Manhattan Prep and Kaplan GMAT. Our dedicated, full-time Senior Consultants work one-on-one with business school candidates to identify and showcase their strongest attributes in their applications.

When applying to an elite MBA program, you need elite experience on your side. mbaMission’s full-time consultants are highly skilled communicators with comprehensive knowledge of the MBA admissions process, and helping you navigate that process to your fullest potential is our sole priority. You can be confident of having our undivided attention, because admissions consulting is our exclusive focus. In pursuing your MBA, you are making an important investment in yourself, so choose a firm whose singular objective is helping you achieve your goals.

Our full-time team includes MBAs from all the top programs. Although you work exclusively with one dedicated consultant at mbaMission, you benefit from the experience and input of our entire team. Our consultants intercommunicate constantly, sharing information, ideas, feedback, and recommendations. We also conduct semimonthly meetings, require ongoing training, and hold an annual full-company conference, where we gather to discuss best practices and continue improving our skills and knowledge base. More than 20 full-time admissions experts combine their know-how and experience to advance your cause. We know that our being at the top of our game means you have the greatest chance of success, and together, our team will find the best ways to strengthen your application.

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One-on-one consultation services, comprehensive admissions and school-specific guides, a robust blog, free eBooks, essay analyses, and other valuable resources—visit our Web site to find all that mbaMission offers.

Want to know your chances of being admitted to business school? Wondering how to differentiate yourself from other applicants? Sign up for a free, 30-minute consultation with an mbaMission Senior Consultant today!

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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • I can't thank Nisha enough
    4 months ago
    Nisha was everything I needed and more. She was so thorough, contentious of my time, money, and needs, and supportive the whole time. I was under a lot of pressure at work and felt really limited with my time in the application process and Nisha worked with all of my challenges. She was really good at helping me schedule and make deadlines for myself and keeping me accountable. Nisha helped me from A to Z with defining my "why" and forming my story in a genuine way that would resonate with others to guiding me through the waitlist process. She was so strategic with what information I should share and when - I would not have been able to do that part on my own. ...
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    Rachel Frank
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  • Nisha was Everything I Needed in a Consultant!
    6 months ago
    Nisha helped guide my application journey from start to finish. With her help I was able to leverage my personal story and get into my target school. What I loved about working with her is how she pushed me to dive deep into my ‘why’ behind pursuing an MBA. She helped me communicate my purpose to the adcom in a way that was efficient and descriptive. Nisha is extremely thorough. I noticed this during our introductory consultation call. Her eye for detail was present throughout the entire process. She always had a great attitude, which was refreshing since applying to B-school can be draining at times. mbaMission also has a bunch of great resources, like their guides. I HIGHLY recommend Nisha to anyone who is ...
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    Class of 2020, Admit
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  • Nisha helped me shine!
    7 months ago
    I started working with Nisha a bit late in the game - meaning I had already taken the GMAT twice, recruited my references and I was only about 3 months out from application deadlines. I was aiming for 4 top 10 MBA programs and had high expectations. Nisha hit the ground running with me for resume and essay reviews and edits. Given that each school had their own 2-3 essay prompts, documents were flying back and forth between us daily. She really knew how to tailor each essay to the particular school and knew the inside scoop on each admission committee. Nisha not only helped me have amazing essays, but she helped me stay true to myself so that my personal stories captured the admissions ...
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    - Lucia V
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  • Resourcefulness and Personalized Feedback
    8 months ago
    It is an understatement to say I would not have gotten into business school without the help of Nisha from mbaMission. Throughout our one year working together, Nisha was a guide and thought partner I could count on. Her thoughtful feedback, rapid turnarounds, and ability to leverage other mbaMission resources made a huge difference in my candidacy. Nisha got to know me pretty well, despite just working on an hourly engagement. Thus, she was able to give me personalized feedback at all levels: from clarifying and tightening essay language to guidance on how I could improve my overall applicant profile. Nisha provided this feedback consistently much faster than the 2-day turnaround requirement. To drive this point home: Nisha returned feedback on an essay to me ...
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    Class of 2019, Admit
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  • Fantastic work and quick turnaround!
    8 months ago
    Working with Nisha was a great experience. She was very friendly and helpful in answering every question that I had. She helped make my essays concise and set in the correct narrative structure. Nisha's turnaround was quick, it only took her a day to get back to my drafts. In addition to the essays, Nisha helped me practice for my interviews and typical why questions. I would highly recommend Nisha when the deadline was approaching she made herself available during the weekend and got back to me right away when I had questions and made sure I was 100% comfortable before submitting my application. With her help, I was admitted to Chicago Booth.
    Class of 2019, Admit
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  • Amazing, and very helpful
    8 months ago
    I had the pleasure of working with Nisha during my MBA application process. As many would attest, this is usually a very stressful process. I attended an online MBA application workshop conducted by mbaMission, and Nisha was one of the facilitators. One of my target schools was Michigan Ross, and Nisha is an alum. This, combined with the positive impression she created during the online session, made me choose her as my consultant. Right from tweaking my resume, to fine tuning my essays, Nisha's insights, and two cents was invaluable. She was very helpful, and prompt in her replies/feedback. I also did mock interviews with her. There again, she tried to simulate the real interviews as much as possible, and this practice made me feel at ...
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    - Val A
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  • Nisha is a game changer!
    8 months ago
    I worked with Nisha Trivedi through my entire application process. I can honestly say I would not have been admitted to these schools without her help. She does a great job at helping you combine elements into a cohesive story that anyone can understand. She also takes the time to explain her thought process and provide options when selecting statements/stories. I would recommend Nisha to anyone in the process - she can pick up at any point, work with any personality (she's also worked with two of my friends), and help you deliver the best version for each school!
    - Danielld D
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  • Hourly Package: Worth Every Penny
    9 months ago
    The MBA admissions process can be stressful - trying to balance work, GMAT prep, and applications is difficult. Nisha helped demystify the application process and worked with me to break down the application steps into manageable chunks so I never felt overwhelmed. She is great at helping you tell a story to the Admissions committee and making sure that your best attributes shine through. I highly recommend Nisha for your MBA applications.
    Class of 2020, Admit
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  • Highly Recommend Nisha
    10 months ago
    Nisha was extremely helpful through the entire MBA process- start to finish. All my questions were answered quickly and she took as much time needed to talk through applications. She was a great resource and always supported the decisions I made on applying R1 vs R2 after giving me all the information I could use to make those decisions in an informed manner. Highly recommend Nisha!
    Class of 2020, Admit
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  • Nisha was AMAZING
    11 months ago
    I applied for Round 1 through the 2-school package. From the beginning, I really liked Nisha's honesty and candid feedback. Throughout the process, she constantly provided additional resources for my application. I also started my application process relatively late, but Nisha was very quick and efficient with editing my essays with qualitative feedback. While preparing for my interviews, she provided extra support, since she knew I was very nervous.
    Class of 2020, Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.