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Co-Founder and Director of Fortuna Admissions

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United States

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Consultant Bio

Considered to be one of the most influential voices in business education, Matt Symonds is the first point of contact for many of our clients and brings a truly unique level of insight to business school selection. Bestselling author of Getting the MBA Admissions Edge, sponsored by McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, BCG and Bain, he writes about the MBA for Forbes, The Economist, BusinessWeek, the BBC, and AméricaEconomia. His in-depth industry knowledge makes him a much sought after guest on television, radio, in the press and at conferences.

As the S of QS, Matt founded the highly successful QS World MBA Tour in 1995, and launched the Kaplan Test Prep franchise in continental Europe. His MBA admissions workshops have been attended by more than 80,000 business school hopefuls around the world. Matt enjoys close ties with admissions directors, faculty and deans from top institutions around the globe, and possesses a clear and deep understanding of different b-school admissions criteria.

Company Information


Fortuna Admissions possesses unique insider knowledge of how admissions committees work, because we have been the gatekeepers in the admissions offices of top business schools. Our entire team comprises of former business school professionals from top-tier institutions including Wharton, INSEAD, Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, London Business School, Chicago Booth, NYU Stern, Duke Fuqua, IE Business School, and UC Berkeley Haas.

We have personally reviewed tens of thousands of applications from candidates all over the world. We have also shaped admissions policy, devised the application processes, and had the final say on who got in. We know the inside track – what goes on behind the closed doors of admissions committees, how your candidacy will stand up versus the competition, and how you can best maximize your chances of gaining a coveted place in a top MBA program.

Our experience and passion for coaching gives you a level of MBA admissions insight that you won’t find anywhere else. And with our passion for coaching, we can help you bring out the best in yourself so you truly shine in your application and interviews.

Menu of Services and Associated Costs

Goal development. Candidacy positioning. Interview coaching. Designed to guide you carefully through the entire application process, our MBA packages draw on our team’s industry expertise as former Directors and Associate Directors of Admissions at the world’s best business schools. For the highest impact, we recommend our Comprehensive Package or Premium Package Upgrade services.

One-School Package: $5,900 (Expert coach) $6,900 (director / senior expert coach)
Two-School Package: $7,900 (Expert coach) $9,200 (director / senior expert coach)
Three-School Package: $9,750 (Expert coach) $11,350 (director / senior expert coach)
Four-School Package: $11,450 (Expert coach) $13,350 (director / senior expert coach)
Five-School Package: $13,000 (Expert coach) $15,200 (director / senior expert coach)

You will work with a dedicated Expert Coach throughout the entire process, with input from our resume specialist and a mid-point review of your entire application by another of our Expert Coaches. Our Fortuna Coaches have held senior positions at the world’s best MBA programs and are uniquely qualified to help you maximize your chances of gaining a coveted place in a top business school.

Location: United States




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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • Honestly, Matt Is The BEST!!!
    2 months ago
    I first came across Matt on Youtube (how calm he is made me look into Fortuna). I reached out for a free consultation and he replied back immediately and had a great call. A year later, I reached out to him and we had another call - Matt was so confident with my profile (even when I was not confident in myself). He linked me up with a consultant but even offered to review my HBS essay just to help me out and now I am at HBS. Thank you Matt! You're kind and great!
    Class of 2026 Admit
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  • Matt S - Great Guy!
    11 months ago
    I worked with Matt on my Round 3 application to the Stanford GSB, MIT Sloan and the Wharton School. I was a non-traditional applicant with a government background, applying a bit later in my career than the average - and had previously received some less than enthusiastic advice from consultants encouraging me to consider safety schools or delay applying. This made sense on the face of it: the odds are very low for those schools as a R3 applicant, and they didn't want to set me (or themselves) up for failure. But Matt took a totally different tack: I felt he took a real interest in me as a person, understood my goals and rationale, and went beyond the stats to see the strength ...
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    Class of 2025 Admit
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  • Matt's Awesome & Very Supportive!!
    4 years ago
    Before I embarked on my journey to start the application process, I had a discussion with Matt and I think he looked at my profile in a way that helped me carve a very strong application down the lane. Matt was in the middle of a conference in Mumbai but he still managed to take out time for me and discussed everything in so much depth and detail. I'm truly indebted to him for his support and motivation that kept me working during the strenuous process. I would recommend Matt to anyone who is dreaming of going to a top school and needs honest and candid feedback. Being an older applicant with a not so uncommon background, Matt was truly helpful at the start of ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2022 Admit
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  • Review for Matt (He's The Best!)
    4 years ago
    Throughout my application process, I met a lot of people who were incredible—and Matt is undoubtedly one of them. Not only is Matt an expert on the MBA application process (seriously, he knows the ins-and-outs of everything and is well connected with everyone!), he's a wonderful person; kind, genuine, and thoughtful are really the first three words that come to mind when I think of Matt. I can't recommend him enough for future MBA applicants. Matt will be there for you and will be a HUGE help.
    Class of 2025 Admit
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  • Very Helpful
    4 years ago
    I contacted Matt (post-interviews) for LBS/INSEAD after having been waitlisted for one and admitted to the other and he provided very useful information that I could not obtain online myself relating to the waitlist process. I subsequently contacted the Business School and requested a transfer to a different waitlist intake allowing me to gain admittance. There was no hard sell in the initial contact which was refreshing.
    Class of 2022 Applicant
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  • Review for Matt
    7 years ago
    Hi There, I have been a passionate MBA candidate. To apply, I gave my GMAT twice within 3 years - flunking both times at 620. I knew I stood no chance for my desired MBA. However, in parallel, my professional profile was on an overdrive. January 2016: Browsing the web, I came across Matt's profile and seeing his established credibility, booked a call with him for my profile screening. Matt did an honest screening of my profile and clearly told me: "Shubham: I am going to say something you don't want to hear. Just give the GMAT again. I literally beg you". According to his assessment, my profile had everything needed in a 'Strong Application' and my GMAT was the only blocker. Sounds pretty crazy, ...
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    Class of 2018 Admit
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