What Are Your Odds Of Getting In

She was a Big Four auditor for three years before moving on to a career in public health. With a 730 GMAT and a 3.8 grade point average, her dream schools are INSEAD, Harvard, Chicago and Berkeley.

He works at a hedge fund in New York but really wants to land a job at a bulge bracket investment banking firm. With a 700 GMAT and a 3.1 GPA from Fordham University, his target schools include Dartmouth’s Tuck, Virginia’s Darden, and Cornell’s Johnson Schools.

For the past four years, she has worked in digital media but now wants to “get out of the weeds” and move into management consulting or product marketing. Will a 720 GMAT and a 3.5 GPA be enough to get into Harvard, Stanford, or Wharton?

To find out if they have what it takes to get into a top business school, we’re again turning to Sanford “Sandy” Kreisberg, founder of MBA admissions consulting firm HBSGuru.com. For the tenth time in a row, he’ll analyze these and a few other profiles of actual MBA applicants who have shared their vital statistics with Poets&Quants.

As he has in the past, Kreisberg handicaps each potential applicant’s odds of getting in. If you include your own stats and characteristics in the comments (please add your age and be clear on the sequence of your jobs in relaying work experience), we’ll pick a half dozen or more and have Kreisberg assess your chances in a follow-up feature next week.

Sandy’s tough love analysis:


  • 730 GMAT
  • 3.8 Grade Point Average
  • Undergraduate degree in accounting and international business from a Midwestern state school
  • Work experience includes three years as a Big Four auditor; now work for a large U.S.-based civil society NGO that does public health
  • Extracurricular involvement includes being a member of a jazz band and a marching band, executive positions in my sorority, and a campus orientation leader; volunteer regularly with a women’s health rights organization, and occasionally assist the Girl Scouts of America program in my region with personal finance workshops.
  • Goal: “I’m interested in doing oft-overlooked administrative capacity building for local (in-country) civil society organizations, and can see myself doing so either through an NGO or by starting my own organization.”
  • 27-year-old woman

Odds of Success:

INSEAD: 60+%
Harvard Business School (Joint MBA/MPA with Kennedy School): 40% to 50%
Chicago (With AM from the School of Social Services): 60+%
Berkeley (With MA in international and area studies): 60+%

Sandy’s Analysis: Retaking a 730 GMAT is a possible nutcase alert. So, don’t retake. In general, Big Four experience is a mixed bag. That is not a competitive job for schools like HBS and they expect kids who start work at a Big Four firm to somehow find a way out after two years or so and snag some kind of better job. The number of straight Big Four admits (not minorities) in HBS is real small.

But it seems that you have done that if the import of your note is that you are nowrking for “a large U.S.-based civil society NGO that does public health work — I plan on staying here two to three more years and hope to do a six- to 12-month rotation as a finance manager in one of the countries we serve.”

Wow. A 3.8 from some kind of Midwest school and the 730 GMAT. Plus some extras with women’s health and the Girl Scouts. Jeepers, sounds like you are applying from Lake Wobegon because it is real homey and in this case, this kid is above average. (Our international readers who are lost are referred to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Woebegon). I think you got a real good shot at INSEAD, which takes older folks and likes Americans and will be impressed with your language skills. Booth and Berkeley in the joint degrees you want are in line as well.

Whether you should wait two more years is a hard call. How long have you been at your new job? In two or three years, you will be 29 or 30, with possibly too much work experience. On the other hand, the work experience seems right in line with what you want to do. The issue becomes how much value added are you going to get in admissions terms from those extra two years. A lot depends, really, on when you started that job.

Right now, you look like a CPA who is smart enough to get out. Your goal of keeping books for an NGO is laudable, although you need to tap into the ‘space’ which is growing up around that concept, after folks have discovered that 99 percent of aid gets sucked down local rat holes of one kind or another.

The following, an excerpt from The New York Times, is really worth noting, as is the book and the message. This is important for you and all potential do-gooder applicants: “It’s in the realm of charity, and especially in international aid, where [management} methods are really succeeding beyond the confines of the corporation, as Alex Perry, chief African correspondent at Time magazine, demonstrates convincingly in “Lifeblood: How to Change the World One Dead Mosquito at a Time” (PublicAffairs, $25.99). This little gem of a book heartens the reader by showing how eagerly an array of American billionaires, including Bill Gates and the New Jersey investor Ray Chambers (the book’s protagonist), are using concepts of efficient management to improve the rest of the world. “Lifeblood” nominally chronicles the global effort to eradicate malaria, but it is really about changes that Mr. Chambers, Mr. Gates and others are bringing to the chronically mismanaged system of foreign aid, especially in Africa.

  • Mr. Jack of all Trades

    S A N D Y,

    Here’s the scoop on my profile. Let me know what your thoughts are. I reckon it’s an interesting case and would love to hear your thoughts.

    Demographics: 27 / M / Indian
    GMAT: 720 (Q48 -77%/V41-93%), planning on retaking – what do you think?
    GPA: 3.75
    B.Sc. (double major Econ + Business-Stats) at top-20 undergrad business school, graduated magna cum laude

    a. International Development – volunteer consultant with TechnoServe in Africa – ~8 months (so far), helping setup 3 banana plantation companies in W. Africa (World Bank is funding the project)
    b. Co-founded a Tech start-up in Asia – revenue ~1 US$ million as of Sep 2013 (quit in Feb due to issues with founding team and spent time traveling across Africa and India – decided I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life, hence the move to TechnoServe) – total engagement at startup ~6 months (startup still running)
    c. 3+ years as an investment banker working in M&A in Asia, Europe (think Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan) – recognized as top ranked analyst at the firm. Quit to cofound startup, as mentioned above

    Extras: 1. launched a family-business in the retail space in India (small business, but it’s already hit break-even and growing) 2. student assistant for the quant department at school 3. leadership position in the student council 4. part-time volunteering at teach-for-india schools 5. leadership role at a global personal development organization (~ 2yrs, the org helps people recover from any major physical, emotional setbacks in their lives)

    Post MBA goal: Short-term: Join the IFC / World Bank as an associate investment officer, Long-term: lead the Asia chapter of this organization OR start an impact-investing fund (ala Acumen)

    Other random facts: 1. Extensive international exposure for work and school (China, SE Asia, Europe, US, India) 2. Licensed deep-sea diver (advanced) 3. Climbed 2 of the top 10 mountain peaks (does NOT include Everest!), avid nature buff and enjoy my treks+climbs 4. Ran 4 marathons, 2 triathlons

    Target schools: Stanford / HBS / Wharton / Booth / Columbia / Tuck / Ross

    I’m a little worried about 1. A lowish GMAT score (given my dream schools) 2. a motley-crew of workex and 3. weaving a compelling story

    Thoughts welcome!


  • TXmba

    Could you look over mine?
    Undergraduate B.A. in Music from an average state school in Missouri (minor in accounting)
    GPA 4.0
    GMAT 730
    Work experience: Shift Supervisor at Starbucks 3+ years (cash management, retail management, operations) Also, owned and managed residential rental property for 7 years
    Have done past work as a University Housing Assistant and for the Census Bureau.
    Target schools:
    UT Austin- McCombs
    Texas A&M
    SMU Cox

  • mba_target_2014

    Indian female
    Age: 27
    GMAT: 700 (Q48,V38)

    Graduation: B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (83% equivalent to 3.3 GPA I think)
    Post Graduation: Masters of Business Economics, University of Delhi – Gold medalist, batch topper

    Work Experience: 45 months till now in Credit Risk Analytics, Retail Analytics and IT
    – Delivery of projects in Portfolio Analytics, Scorecard & Modeling in credit risk management domain
    – Application of insight analysis techniques to deliver high quality, relevant project work to clients
    – Conceptualising construction of analytical approach with support and contributing effectively to projects with ideas and execution
    – Coordinated the release of the monthly e-magazine focusing on sectoral analysis during post graduation
    – Represented my college in the corporate in a team of 8 as placement team member
    – Conducted workshops on Women Empowerment at a local NGO
    – Have won several essay writing competitions, debates and declamations at school, college and national level

    Why MBA?
    I aspire to become a leader who can lead the design and development of robust analytical solutions to optimise costs, minimize risks and drive growth strategies of businesses. After pursuing an MBA program, I plan to work with businesses in India advising them on how data can enable them to quantify risks and take return-maximizing decisions.

    Target Schools- Stanford/Kellogg/Haas/Tuck/Booth/MIT-Sloan MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, maybe UCLA or Chicago.


  • Miss. Doctor

    Hi Sandy,
    Here is my profile. I guess mine is quite different from the the above ones. I really wish to get some advise from you.
    GMAT 770, MCAT 36,
    GPA: 3.93
    Undergrad: University of Washington, Seattle
    Major: biochemistry; neurobiology; Minor: diversity (but have taken business classes including accounting)
    current education: 1st year medical student and University of Minnesota.
    I am international student from China. So fluent in both Chinese and English.
    No real work experience except: intern, research and volunteers.

    I am looking for schools with MD/MBA joint programs and hopefully to get into one of the accelerated MBAs.

    My target schools are: Wharton, Chicago, HBS, Kellogg, Cornell, columbia


  • Mario

    @MBA Plan,

    I feel you should target better schools beside Darden and HAAS..

  • MBA Plan

    Background: Gay, first-gen college student from Virginia, worked near full-time hours throughout undergrad education.

    GMAT: 720

    Undergraduate education: Dual honors degrees in English and Public Relations at an average state school in Virginia

    Study abroad: one year abroad at the UK university with the number one English program, A- average

    Undergraduate GPA: 3.9

    Graduate education: one-year business/commerce degree at the University of Virginia

    Graduate GPA: 3.6 (one rough semester followed by top performance)

    Work experience: Corporate retail management at Amazon.com, will be 4 years when applying to B Schools.

    Schools of interest
    Virginia – Darden
    UC Berkeley – Haas
    UCLA – Anderson
    UT Austin – McCombs

  • MBA_Startup

    Hi Sandy,

    My profile is follows. Your feedback is of immense value.


    Univ of Houston : Masters in Computer Science GPA 3.9
    Bachelors in India : First class with Distinction (non -IIT)

    GMAT : 720

    Work Experience : 4 years as of this post in a start up in USA. I have grown along with he company in responsibility and position. Worked part-time during Masters in admissions office helping them with Statistics. 6 months after graduation started a website and shut it down in 2 months (Bad planning of resources, did this part-time).

    Decided to join a starup then and switched jobs. Declined offers from big companies (Insurance and Housing not Google or Apple) and also the higher salary that was offered. Stuck with the startup for the last 3 years and grown with it along the way. The company sales increased 15 times from the time I started. I am wholly responsible for the Database and reporting side. One of the big fish in a small pond. Was given more than regular raises through out.

    After successfully mastering the databases and improving them moved on to use the time I had to improve the business. Another part of my job which I voluntarily picked up, I work on improving the revenue for the company in the smaller profit generating areas. Was successful in improving the bottom line. Work with McCombs alumni on this project who is in a management level position.

    Wish List of Schools
    1) Booth
    2) Stanford
    3) Kellogg
    4) Wharton
    5) Duke
    6) Columbia
    7) McCombs

    Long term goal : Becoming a management consultant. An MBA will equip me with skills I lack and honestly be able to sell myself that I am a good leader.

    Have excellent recommendations.

    I appreciate your time.

  • Mr Canada

    Hi Sandy, thank you for going over my profile

    -3.74 GPA from top Canadian university (electrical engineering)
    – work experience: 4 years with a global oil company in Canada (one of the majors) in industrial sales. My career includes managing big industrial accounts along with third-party associates. I have then transitioned into a business analyst role with the same company.
    – Extracurriculars: Math tutor in university, active member of the engineers without borders, active member of an elite student society. After university became active member of an exclusive young professional leaders society (for under 35), co-founder of an association that organizes fundraising events to cancer societies.
    Age: 27
    Came to Canada from the Middle East for university, became dual-citizen.
    My goal is to go back to the Middle East and have a career in management consulting (focus on Energy)
    I would like to know what my chances are for Harvard, Stanford, Insead, Wharton and London Business School

  • Lauren

    Hi Sandy,

    I would love your feedback on my profile.

    -690 GMAT (48 Q; 35 V); taking the test again next Sat.
    -3.5 GPA from top Ivy school
    -work experience: 2 years as a buyer at a major department store and 2 years as a buyer at a successful/rapidly growing e-commerce start-up
    -extracurr. in college includes executive board of sorority, vp of events of retail club; after college includes board member of major retail charity ;alumni mentor for a retail club
    -25 year old hispanic female
    -I am applying to Columbia early decision, Wharton and NYU

  • Mr. Balkan Basement

    GMAT: 670/680 so far with huge flops on Quant and Verbal, paired score NEEDS to be 720+ (retaking in December)

    2.6 GPA
    Undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies from UC Berkeley
    (I know its horrible, took an upper division course at UCLA this summer – first A+ of my academic career)

    Work History:
    Started off with a 6 month unpaid internship in Eastern Europe which turned into 3 VERY successful years in commercial real-estate. Managed largest greenfield investment in the country and supported senior management with expansion to a new market.
    Full of myself/overconfident partnered with a local law firm and opened a boutique RE shop which crumbled in a years time….
    Hoped to come back stateside (3rd round with Merrill and Morgan Stanley in NYC… no call back). Victim of pending economic collapse, ran back to eastern Europe…..
    Took a senior analyst position with a top European I-Bank which entered the region at the time.
    Now 3/4 years in with steady promotion and sexy projects (government advisory and numerous multinational firm engagements)… MAJOR downside is the EU bank pulled out this year and we are now a small/no-name shop.
    Started CFA couple years back and am now a level 3 candidate with the expectation of securing the charter prior to starting my MBA

    Extracurricular involvement includes vice-president and philanthropy chair for fraternity, de-cal course instructor 3 years while at Cal. At present only business associations, AmCham, young managers association, internations etc. but no roles of note.

    American, now dual citizen (born and raised in US)

    Goal: “I am pursuing an MBA to move into a business development/strategy role for a multinational organization that can benefit from my sales and finance background as well as emerging market experience. Later in my career I plan to establish an investment fund focusing on real estate investments in developing markets.”

    Target Schools:

    50/50 Michigan or Cornell
    suggestions??? could be getting too old but I also got stuck in the region given the global economic situation blah blah blah, am also fortunate to have gotten the experience i have over the last couple of years. main goal is to take a step out of the region that provided this opportunity and keep building upon my global profile……………

  • IT Manager

    Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for providing your valuable input. It is very helpful for everyone and really appreciate your efforts. You seem to have missed my post earlier hence posting again. At a high level below are my details –
    Current designation / Industry: Senior Project Manager in IT
    Overall Experience: 11 Years (12 by the admission time 2012 Fall)
    Company – Infosys Ltd.
    Bachelor Degree: Bachelor of Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT) in India (Second Level immediately after IIT) in year 2000
    GPA/Percentage: Honors (Greater than 70%) Marks – Top 10% in my class.
    GMAT Score: 710 (Q51, V35)
    Nationality: Citizen of India (7 year experience in USA)
    Extra activities: Board of Director in $2M Non-profit organization since Last year Sept.
    Can you please let me know my chances in below colleges for full-tim MBA –
    Wharton (Upenn)
    Harvard Business School
    MIT Sloan
    Stern, New York
    Yale, New Haven

    London Business School, UK
    Indian School of Business (ISB)

    IT Manager

  • Grace

    I can’t believe this series continues to continue! It’s a marathon of inspiration, insight and candor.

    My profile…
    25 year old white American female working in Asia for a US aerospace company since college graduation in ’09
    1.5 years sales support
    1.5 years marketing leadership role (managing resellers but no direct reports)
    Attended a public ivy on a big merit scholarship and graduated with highest honors in International Studies and Poli Sci. Phi Beta Kappa (3.75+ gpa). Solid extracurricular leadership, two study abroad trips to Asia, and some on-campus research and administrative jobs
    Good but not great Mandarin language skills
    Extracurriculars now: alumni club leader, freelance researcher for the local national social science research center, coauthoring U.S. history scholarship in un-famous periodicals with my uncle (yes, it’s a weird hobby)
    760 GMAT (Q49 V44)
    On track to submit apps to H/S/W in Round 1.

    Out of curiosity, when these schools ask applicants to provide salary data, (how) does the adcom use that information?

  • Mr. Low GPA

    GPA: 2.6 finance large state school (yes i partied and didn’t go to class)

    GMAT: 680-720 expected

    Work Experience: small hedge fund, bought CDS on large banks and MBS late 2006 and early 2007, top performering fund (1.5 yr) – left with Director of Finance to work for small hedge fund in Luxembourg (1.5 yr) – currently work in Bermuda for large multinational reinsurance company in the Treasury doing corporate finance and capital management (will be 3.5 yrs when I go to school)

    Have completed CFA (hopefully proving I didn’t ‘earn a 2.6’).
    Proficient French.

    Extra: Risk analysis and planning for a national trust, present findings and solutions to board

    Goal: CIO/CFO of multinational insurance/reinsurance company

    Interested in knowing who will accept a 2.6 GPA.

  • Mr. Cleantech

    – 730 GMAT
    – 3.5 Grade Point Average
    – Undergraduate degree in finance and accounting from Wharton
    – Work experience includes two years at a top-tier boutique investment bank followed by three years (at matriculation) at a cleantech private equity firm
    – Current extracurricular involvement includes being founder and president of education-related non-profit, volunteer with mentoring organization. College extracurricular involvement includes being a founding father of social fraternity chapter, exec board of investing and consulting clubs, dorm resident advisor, volunteer with several mentoring organizations
    – CFA Level 2 candidate
    – Post-MBA Goal: continue working in cleantech investing, start cleantech-related non-profit on the side
    – First generation American and first in family to attend college
    – 27-year-old (at matriculation) Asian American male

    Target Schools (in no particular order):

  • Laurie

    GPA: 3.4
    GMAT: 720
    Female (Western Europe)
    Schools: Chicago Booth, Wharton, Stanford
    WE: strategy: 2 years nonprofit sector
    3 years international experience

  • Sandep

    GMAT: 750
    Work Exp: Management Consulting (only 1.5 WE)
    GPA: 3.5
    Target schools: Harvard, Booth, Stanford

  • Victor

    Former Military, Nonprofit do-gooder

    Would like to know where I stand.

    Age: 28 (30ish at enrollment)
    Ethnicity: Born in Mexico, came to US at 8 years old, low-income, US citizen
    GMAT: goal of 680-720
    GPA: 3.64 UC Berkeley Political Science

    Story: US Navy enlisted, medical personnel 5 years (ages 17-22), deployed to Iraq. Did community college, transferred to Cal after honorable discharge.

    Work: 5 years – 3 nonprofits. Have primarily worked on racial justice and inequality issues in public policy and research. Managed large national networks, communications. Had high visibility in field, hosted workshops, had high level meetings in DC with Congress, White House. Currently working with community based org to help low-income Latinos build wealth (housing, financial education, biz development) and social entrepreneurship projects.

    Extracurriculars: Volunteer with tech start-up in SF, Angel $, no VC (3 years), Board of Directors of nonprofit (1.5 years), published writer (non-mainstream media), Cal alumni scholarship volunteer reader, selection committee for Coro Fellowship program.

    Why B-School: Want business experience. Interested in organizational development and management, with a special emphasis on nonprofits, want to become well rounded leader, increase business savyness in NP sector, and work with companies/orgs with a mission for social good.

    Goals: consulting with nonprofits, foundations, governments, start my own social business or nonprofit.

    Schools, like to stay in CA.

    1) Stanford
    2) Haas
    3) UCLA

    Others: HBS, Yale, NYU, MIT


  • help help help

    Can you please please please assess my potential???

    -GMAT: 710 (Q percentile is 76% though)
    -GPA: 3.75 Small New England Liberal Arts, Economics Major
    -Work Experience: Electricity Consulting, 2 years will large well respected firm, left to go to smaller firm with less prestige but more opportunity for client interaction and responsibility (1 year).
    -Planning to continue in energy consulting, goal is to address energy future through market design.
    -Recently relocated and volunteered to be Alumni Events coordinator for my city – very active in alumni relations
    -Interested in Haas, Duke, MIT, Kellogg, Booth, Columbia, Yale
    -How will retaking the GMAT change my odds?


  • Alan

    Age: 25
    Education: Aerospace Engineering – UVA
    GPA: 3.4
    GMAT: 730
    Work Experience: Booz Allen since graduating college in ’08: primarily aerospace and systems engineering consulting for Northrop Grumman, FAA, US Army
    Extra Curricular: A few hours a week on community service (tutoring for adults), company IM sports, and leading a 4-man computer game development team
    Target school: Kellogg, MIT, HBS, Haas

    Post-MBA, I want to get out of consulting and work for an actual aerospace company and eventually start my own. Ideally I’d like to work in high-tech product development.

    Thanks for these posts – they’ve been quite helpful. Thought I’d throw mine in since I haven’t seen a government consulting profile yet.

  • Non-Prof

    770 GMAT (48V/49Q)
    3.3 GPA from Top 10 liberal arts college (top 30% of my class)
    Division 1 athlete in a team sport (basically a full-time job while in school)

    6 years alumni development experience at 2 schools (4 years at alma mater, promoted twice) and 2+ years at current employer as leadership gifts officer.
    Goal to transition from alumni development to business development and remain/return to the North East.

    Hoping for Tuck or HBS, interested in Darden, Duke, Kenan-Flagler.

    extra-curriculars include leadership position within college alumni body, succesful organization of and fundrasing for merit based scholarship at alma mater.

    30 yo at matriculation.

  • Early career applicant

    Hi John/Sandy,
    A request for a profile evaluation, please:

    Academics: Undergraduate GPA of 3.93 in business admin. from a public school(graduated at the top of the class for my major; beta gamma sigma honors). Graduate degree in finance from a top 3 Canadian business school (GPA:3.75/4.0)

    GMAT Score: 710 (math: 87%, verbal: 78%)

    Extra curricular: Business Student body VP in undergrad – Initiated and managed student sponsorship program and participation of students in external conferences
    – Took part in several national and international business case competitions; won an award
    – Won several scholarships in undergrad for extra curricular and community involvement
    – Consulting club executive in grad school: initiated a student based case interview prep program and managed the pro bono consulting arm of the club.
    – Continued community involvement through a not for profit that works with new immigrants

    Work Experience: with a no name consulting firm in technology and operations (less than 2 years). Co-Managing a portfolio of 5 clients in the lending and mortgage industry.

    Varsity level fencer (just 2 years)
    Intramural baseball (3 years)

    Please evaluate for the following schools: HBS, Kellogg, Tuck, Ross, Darden, and Fuqua


  • Mr Engineer

    Hi Sandy,

    Could you please review my chances at my target schools?

    GMAT : 750

    BS GPA : 4.0/4.0 From Top 10 school in India ( Electrical Engineering )
    MS GPA : 3.9/4.0 From Top 10 US university ( Electrical Engineering )

    Work Experience : 5 years work experience as Engineer in a Fortune 500 Semiconductor company. Good reputation in work place which led to multiple promotions

    Background : Coming from a low income background. Both parents have just high school education. Studied with full scholarship for BS & MS

    Extra : Served as church secretary. Apart from that minor contributions to some charities.

    Target Schools:
    MIT Sloan
    Duke Fuqua


  • Mr. State Employee

    Hi Sandy,

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful series of yours. Please have a look at my profile and see what are my chances at my target schools.

    Mr. State Employee.

    Indian, Male, Age: 27

    GMAT 730, (Q49, 86%ile), (V40, 89%ile), (AWA 5.0)


    Undergrad: Civil Engg, IIT Madras, GPA: 7.32/10,
    Masters: Transportation Engg, Texas A&M University, Major GPA 4.0/4.0 (Total 3.9/4.0)
    Graduate Certificate in Business, GPA 3.75/4.0, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University (This is kind of a Minor. with a total of 4 courses, 12 credits).


    CFA Level 3 Candidate.
    Professional Engineer, State of California.

    Work experience details:

    Full Time (Close to 4 years by Aug 2012), Dept. of Transportation, CA
    July 2011 to Present, Associate Project Manager
    July 2009 to June 2011, Assistant Project Engineer
    Nov 2009 to June 2010, Assistant Project Manager
    Oct 2008 to Oct 2009, Transportation Engineer

    Part Time ( 2 yrs, 20 hrs per week), Texas Transportation Institute, TX
    Sep 2006 to Aug 2008, Research Assistant

    Pre – MBA work experience areas : Infrastructure Engineering, and Project Management
    After – MBA plans: Short-Term: Infrastructure/Project Finance, Long Term: Investment Management and Private Equity.

    Potential Points To Be Highlighted In Essays:

    From Professional Life:

    ● Supervised a politically highly sensitive project which was among the first few projects funded by Obama’s $ 40 B infrastructure stimulus package of 2008. Project became very crucial as it was allotted to a contractor with criminal history, and the whole crew was very less experienced (had to contract out the project to that company because of the reservation limitations). I took over and lead the project after the Senior Engineer who was supposed to lead that project left with in the first quarter of the project as he found it very difficult to manage the contractor and his crew.
    ● Saved close to $1.5 Million on a highway construction project by coming up with few innovative approaches to deal with unexpected issues raised during the project.
    ● Developed new data analysis methods which are now followed by our whole project mgmt group.
    ● Among the youngest in the department to receive a professional engineer license and consequently to authorize State projects.
    ● Worked on the Caldecott Tunnel Project ( a $ 420 million project, Nation’s second largest highway project supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 )
    :: Published four research papers in top notch research journals and two research papers presented at international conferences, including one which got the best paper award in a conference in Italy.

    From Personal Life:

    ● the way me, my education, and my career progression stood up as a good example and inspiration for many kids in my village and neighboring villages.
    ● my commitment to make sure that no kid from my village would drop out of school (until at least primary school) due to the lack of financial resources or guidance. Did set up a Fund to fund their primary school education.
    ● involvement with several child education related activities through CSECC (California State Employees Charitable Campaign), CRY (Child Rights and You), and AID (Aid for India’s Development)


    ● Worked on a start up “Biglifeindia”. Idea was to generate superior returns on the investor’s investments by pooling and investing them in growing sectors like infrastructure development, real estate, large-scale agriculture etc, in India. Temporarily suspended the project because of unfavorable political developments and consequent new regulations (Andhra Pradesh Micro Finance Institutions Act, 2010).

    Target Schools:
    R1: MIT, LBS, Columbia
    R2: Booth, Wharton, Harvard

    Please send me your valuable suggestions and comments regarding my following concerns:

    1) At which of my targeted schools, do I have a decent chance to put a competitive application?

    2) Is it worth retaking GMAT, given that I am confident of increasing the score from 730 to 750: both from admits perspective and scholarships perspective.

    3) Areas where I should specifically concentrate to make my application more competitive at my targeted schools.

    Thanks a lot for your time and help.


  • Erik

    I would appreciate any consideration/feedback you may have.

    -White Male
    -Undergraduate Degree from University of Kentucky
    -3.6 GPA, Major in Finance, Minor in Economics, Accounting
    -GMAT 660 (retaking a second time in three weeks)
    -Work: Financial Analysis/ Business Development for Fortune 50 (#1 CPG company in the world) Work includes outsourcing negotiations, supply chain development, third-world product development
    Extracurricular- President Financial Mgt Association, recruiting, raise $10k/year for Performing Arts.

    I appreciate any feedback you may have.


  • Hi Sandy & John,

    I would love if you could review my profile.
    GMAT: 700
    Education: Undergraduate degree from top ranked UC with a 3.1 GPA in Economics
    Experience: 4yrs as Portfolio Management Associate at Morgan Stanley
    Extracurricular: leadership board of a start up non profit that focuses on international development. I also led a team that successfully raised money for women’s scholarship in Kenya. Involved in other international focused non profits as well.

    African American female

    Goals: I am interested in social entrepreneurship . My pitch : combine my business experience from MS and non profit experience to create a for profit business that has a social impact.



  • Mango

    Hi Sandy,

    I’ve been a fan of your Handicapping series on P&Q – your straightforwardness is refreshing and I would appreciate your thoughts of my chances at a top MBA program!

    Ms. Education

    690 GMAT (47Q 37V 6 AWA) – looking to retake to score around target school avg or above (720+)

    3.4 GPA from top 10 national private university (2008 graduate), Public Policy major, Economics and Religion minor.

    Entire post-undergrad career as portfolio manager/senior consultant at Educational Technology Consulting Firm in a very niche sector, international client base. Not just “techy” but leading process/systems implementation and coaching top school administrators. Promoted 2x in 3 years, youngest in role by 5-10 years, manage one of largest portfolios both in terms of revenue and client size, 50-75% travel (including 3-4x/year internationally alone with multiple different clients each time), presented at national and international conferences/workshops. Launched online professional learning community.

    Strong extracurricular activities in college with leadership positions, selective women’s leadership program, community tutoring, sorority executive board, led campus faith organization, education policy internship and organized passing of landmark educational bill. Decent extracurriculars (nothing majorly impactful due to heavy travel schedule) after college including educational foundation steering committee and fundraiser organizing, special events committee role in young professionals organization, financial advising for immigrant families

    Long term: want to use MBA to start own educational consulting firm/start up or lead an educational organization/school/district, short term: non-profit or management consulting to gain organizational leadership experience

    Asian-American immigrant female – born overseas but US raised, unique background with overcoming adversity, 24 years old, 25/26 when matriculating

    Dream school: Stanford GSB (joint degree in school of Education) also looking at HBS, Haas, Yale, Wharton, Kellogg, maybe Columbia or Duke.

    Suggestions for other schools to consider and advice for how to position myself? Do I have a shot at the top schools with my numbers? Interested in general management focus, social entrepreneurship offerings.

    Weaknesses: GPA and GMAT, non “blue-chip” company, strengths: essays, work & leadership experiences.

    Thanks Sandy, and thanks John!

  • gdal

    White American male
    Age 28
    GMAT: 750
    B.S. Physics, 3.8 GPA at a consistently top-10 college (US News)
    Recent Ph.D in Astronomy and Astrophysics in a 2nd-tier program.
    Moving to Europe for a post-doc research position soon. I turned down somewhat more prestigious job offers for a chance to live abroad.

    I’ve published articles in both of the top Astrophysics journals, leading both a big international team and a small local one on separate projects.

    Extracurricular: Mostly (and most relevantly) education and public outreach for astronomy, including repeated visits to an urban middle school class, girl scout science days. I’ve also organized spring recruitment of new Ph.D students in my department.

    Reason for wanting an MBA: Roles in physics and astronomy increasingly involve managing large international collaborations and 10’s or 100’s of millions of dollars, yet few (if any) people in these roles have formal management training. An MBA would uniquely position me for an executive role in large labs, telescopes, or space missions. I’m not sure a pure research-and-teaching job is for me.

    Schools targeted: INSEAD, HBS, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, maybe UCLA or Chicago.


  • bjam2

    Sorry, lets try that again.

    – 720 GMAT

    – 91.7 Grade Point Average (3.77 Columbia Conversion)

    – Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University (Minor in International Studies w/ study abroad)

    – Work Experience includes 3 years of Co-op at Automotive/Manufacturing Companies and 3 years full-time at Schlumberger working with safety systems on Deepwater Oil Rigs in order to prevent blow-outs and oil spills

    – Other activities include extensive travel, vice-president of Fraternity, multiple officer positions in collegiate organizations, mentoring multiple employees in my company, and instructed a class to engineers around the world at one of Schlumberger’s training centers

    – Post-MBA Goal: Work in Strategic Development/International Project Management for the Energy Industry

  • bjam2

    – 720 GMAT
    – 91.7 Grade Point Average (3.77 Columbia Conversion)
    – Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University (Minor in International Studies w/ study abroad)
    =– Other activities include extensive travel, vice-president of Fraternity, multiple officer positions in collegiate organizations, mentoring multiple employees in my company, and instructed a class to engineers around the world at one of Schlumberger’s training centers
    – Post-MBA Goal: Work in Strategic Development/International Project Management for the Energy Industry

  • Mr. Healthcare Management

    Would it help my cause if I get a Mr/Mrs name as opposed to That Guy

     740 GMAT
     3.5 Grade Point Average
     Undergraduate Degree in biomedical engineering from top public engineering program (Cal Tech, Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Michigan)
     Work Experience: One year of healthcare consulting (for providers) at boutique consulting firm, then three years of marketing/sales at large but not commonly known medical device company. Includes two promotions. One failed healthcare SaaS start-up.
     Extracurricular Involvement in College: president of fraternity, student government committee chairman, housing RA, campus orientation leader, one research publication, and regular volunteer experience.
     Extracurricular Involvement after College: tutor for refugee organization, recently appointed director of strategy at sports non-profit, rec league basketball, pre-MBA course, and occasional volunteer experience at a couple organizations
     Goal: leverage my experience in the health care industry to transition to a business development/corporate strategy role in a small to mid-sized biotechnology company. Longer term, join or start a life science start-up accelerator.
     27-year-old male of Middle Eastern decent, fluent in Farsi
     Dream School: Stanford
     Target Schools: Wharton, Columbia, MIT, Berkeley, Northwestern, Chicago, UCLA

  • ben

    Hi, would love an idea of what my chances are.

    Age: 24 at matriculation
    Undergrad: 3.65 from Wharton with dual concentration in finance and stat, minored in Chinese
    GMAT: 760
    Work experience: before graduation I spent 6 years at a prop firm/hedge fund, now quant trading at a bulge bracket firm
    EC: Mentoring through work, probably about 10-15 hours a month

    Looking for HBS, Wharton, UChicago, MIT, Northwestern. Odds and ways I could improve my chances would be greatly appreciated!

  • sam

    GPA 3.6 in History from a top 50 college
    730 Gmat
    -Helped run many events for an international hospital which was featured by GE and given many international awards ( world econ conference)
    – spent one summer working as an analyst for a blue chip Asset management firm
    – spent summers and the last two years of college working part time for a very very famous investor almost one on one.
    – run a sec registered hedge fund that has done well, plenty of original analysis.

  • Mr. Finance

    Ugh, just realized that my profile might be a little TOO transparent. Could you please could somehow obscure the school (ie. Top Canadian undergrad B-School), old job/title (Top 3 bank, fixed income S&T) and new job title? (Front office S&T) We can keep the new company name since Sandy’s analysis mentions it.


    Mr. Finance

  • Ms Digger

    Hi John and Sandy,

    Thanks for this popular series, would you please review my profile? Thanks

    710 GMAT
    3.5 GPA
    State school majoring in Archeology and History

    Four years as Assistant Curator with regional museum: organized exhibitions, co-authored academic articles, participated in international excavation, launched educational outreach project to high schools with work experience scheme and prepared funding proposals.

    Good ECs:
    Member of classical orchestra with Christmas performances in churches and community halls
    Competitive sport: Lacrosse while at uni and local Sunday League
    Tutored children at local after school activities program
    European Female, 26

    Goals: Management Consulting
    Schools: Stanford, MIT, Columbia, LBS, Kellogg, Booth, Michigan

  • internalbanker

    Here is my profile:
    – Nationality: Colombian / French (grew up in Colombia and US)
    – Race: Hispanic
    – Wharton undergrad 2007 grad (finance & management concentrations) 2.94 GPA
    – GMAT: 710
    – Work Experience:
    * Fortune 500 Bay-Area Tech Company (think Google, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, eBay, etc.)
    * 2-yr Finance Leadership Development Program Analyst (did very well in the program…top ranked analyst in class, only one in class promoted to sr. analyst, multiple CFO awards, etc.)
    * Divisional Strategy & Corporate Development Manager / promoted from sr. analyst (work for one of our company’s divisions on a team responsible for both strategy and M&A) – 2 years so far (by the time I matriculate it will be 3 years)
    [In total I’ve been promoted 4 times in 4 years; most of the other analysts in my class have only been promoted 1-2]
    * Undergrad internships were all in corporate strategy and corporate development positions (3 internships)
    – Extracurricular Activities: youth soccer coach, treasurer for a non-profit, penn alumni secondary school committee, etc.
    – Recommendations: should be very good (from my former manager in the FLDP, from my manager in Strategy & Corporate Development).

    I am curious as to your thoughts about my prospects at HBS, Stanford, Booth, Kellogg, and MIT. Additionally I wanted to see what you thought about part-time MBA programs and my prospects at Booth or Kellogg’s part time programs. My main concern in applying to both types of programs is my poor GPA (I spent most of my undergrad life partying as opposed to studying). However, I feel like my work experience, URM status, and GMAT, and recommendations make up for it. What are your thoughts particularly around the GPA issue?

  • sfmatt85


    Love the series. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated:

    White Male, USA
    26 years old (27 at matriculation)
    Am interested in pursuing an MBA/MPP, although primarily interested in MBA (some schools I’m applying to don’t offer the joint degree).

    School: 3.75 from UC Davis (high honors), double major in managerial economics and communications; finished in 3 1/3 years (we’re on the quarter system).

    GMAT: 740 (77% quant / 99% verbal / 6.0 AWA. Bombed the quant section on the actual test, usually was getting the exact opposite score on practice tests but still in the 740-760 range. Current work is heavily quant and undergrad workload was heavy in quant too). Decided not to retake because of high overall score and background in quantitative fields.

    Work: Project consultant for municipal financial/management consulting firm of about 30 people. My office is in SF, where I was the 2nd employee to join the team. We are now at 5.5 FTE. In four years I’ve been promoted twice, salary has gone up 60%. Provide a wide range of services (financial planning and forecasting, mergers and acquisitions, asset management, financial advising for bond issuances, contract auditing and a number of other functions as well). Direct interaction with senior level clients (CFOs, directors, City Councils), manage projects – including delegation of work to two analysts, work on marketing and am involved in internal strategic planning. Self taught myself how to code and developed a revenue program that has been the primary focus in winning numerous proposals. Have been selected to present at national conferences on industry related issues.

    Extracurriculars: involved in industry related associations (no strong leadership roles), involved in a city planning/research group (no strong leadership roles), play in a soccer league twice a week (cocaptain), play in an organized kickball (cocaptain). During college I played on the club baseball team, was in a fraternity (served as treasurer, rush chair, scholarship chair), volunteered for the SPCA, volunteered to help low income families and foreigners with their taxes).

    Career Goals: Focus on the nexus between government and business to provide policy and analytical analyses which help drive informed decision making the benefits the public good. Specifically am interested in the financial impacts and management of resources. At this point, I’m not sure whether I would prefer to work directly for the government or in the private sector as a consultant. I will figure this out prior to submitting my essays and display passion.

    Target Schools: HBS, Stanford GSB, Columbia, NYU, Ross, Kellogg, Booth, Haas, Anderson (I realize that not all of these offer joint degree programs. As noted, mba is my primary focus).

  • MBA?

    Hi, this is my 3rd time submitting and would really appreciate a response! I don’t think many of the other profiles are quite like mine, as I am targeting schools just outside of the H/S/W range.

    Mr. Finance but not in New York,

    GPA: 3.5 from top 30 business state school with double major in finance and economics and minor in math (graduated in 4 years). Admitted to special major program that graduates only 15 or so students per year (known within school as most difficult program offered).

    GMAT: 700

    Work experience: 1 year at Federal Reserve Bank doing financial analysis, and 2.5 years (at matriculation) working in portfolio risk management at a GSE. Ranked in top 1% of performers in company.

    Age: 26 (at matriculation)

    Extracurriculars: Founding father of a national leadership development fraternity that won several national awards and now has over 100 active members. Division lead for Help the Homeless fundraising and event planning efforts. Lots of intermural sports teams. Multiple honors societies but with little/no participation (are they even worth mentioning in application?).

    Career Goals: Work in asset liability management role making investment decisions (trader) and eventually become a Treasurer at a non-New York finance firm.

    Schools Targeting: Darden, Fuqua, Keenan-Flagler, Georgetown, long shot at Wharton.

    Thanks again!

  • B-Buzz

    My Profile –

    GMAT – 720

    GPA – 63/100(according to Indian grading System,Highest in class – 76/100, My Final Semester – 75/100, very good performer in maths though-out – 98/100, 95/100 in X and XII boards resp, Junior National Mathematics Olympiad Rank -24)
    Under Graduate Degree – Engineering from Non-IIT but Government Institute

    Personal Info – 24 Male Indian

    Work experience – almost 2 years in Huawei as an OSS engineer(basically looked after the operations part of the Managed service Department- includes 1 promotion)then switched to a much smaller firm for a bigger role. Total Work ex by the time of admission – 3 yrs

    Extra curricular – Teaching Creative Maths as well as giving nature conservation related workshops to under privileged kids for an NGO . Lot of certificates in sports.

    Post MBA Goal – Career shift from Operations to Consulting

    B-Schools applying to – NYU, Cornell, Yale,Rotman, Chicago, NUS Singapore
    (Any B- School you would want to suggest?)

  • – Multicultural applicant (50% Mexican, 50% Italian)
    – Born in the USA
    – Fluent Spanish Speaker
    – Served 2-year LDS mission in Ecuador (2002-2004)
    – 2 Bachelors degrees from Utah State University (BA in Finance, BS in Economics) – Graduated May of 2007
    – 3.4 GPA
    – 700 GMAT
    – 5 years Quantitative Risk Management experience at Bank of America (one year as a Manager)
    – Monthly volunteer instructor (teaching character education) at low-income elementary school
    – Weekly volunteer Sunday School teacher (11 year olds)
    – Manage a weekly Saturday morning basketball group for 5 years (volunteer)

    I’m hoping to apply to Tuck, Darden, Yale, Cornell, and UNC via the Consortium.

  • Ms. Egypt World Bank

    3.7 GPA from NYU (major Middle Eastern Studies, minor economics)
    3 years at part of the World Bank in Egypt
    white American female
    good extra curriculars in college
    extensive volunteer work in Cairo
    680 GMAT (low quant score)

    I want to start my own business focusing on providing education in the developing world, most likely in the Middle East.

    Harvard, MIT, Berkely, Stanford, NYU for entrepreneurship

    I’ve seen others with similar stats but I’m mostly wondering how much the international experience will offset a lower GMAT and if how possible it is to be competitive without a super strong quant background…

  • Mr IB

    Sooo what you’re saying is that I’m twice as likely as the average applicant to get into Stanford? ; )

    THANK YOU! I do not know of too many applicants recently, but I haven’t snooped around much. I know one guy in the same area, same amount of experience, lower GMAT, and from the same college got in Columbia.

    My position is tougher to gain than a standard big 4 role, and it just got a lot tougher. I wouldn’t have gotten the job if I was applying this past cycle.

    I can find a PC way of stating my goal, thank you for the advice!!

  • That Guy

    Please and thank you. Hope it’s not too late…

     740 GMAT
     3.5 Grade Point Average
     Undergraduate Degree in biomedical engineering from Georgia Tech
     Work Experience: One year of healthcare consulting (for providers) at boutique consulting firm, then three years of marketing/sales at large but not commonly known medical device company. Includes two promotions, from regional educator to technical specialist and recently to territory manager. One failed healthcare SaaS start-up.
     Extracurricular Involvement in College: president of fraternity, student government committee chairman, housing RA, campus orientation leader, one research publication, and regular volunteer experience.
     Extracurricular Involvement after College: tutor for refugee organization, recently appointed director of strategy at sports non-profit, rec league basketball, pre-MBA course, and occasional volunteer experience at a couple organizations
     Goal: leverage my experience in the health care industry to transition to a business development/corporate strategy role in a small to mid-sized biotechnology company. Longer term, join or start a life science start-up accelerator.
     27-year-old male of Middle Eastern decent
     Dream School: Stanford
     Target Schools: Wharton, Columbia, MIT, Berkeley, Northwestern, Chicago, UCLA

  • Spaniard

    This is my profile:

    Age: 28
    Nationality: Spain
    GMAT: 705
    GPA: 7/10 (sounds terrible by American standards, I know)

    Education: Carlos III (Spanish university), Dual degree in Business Administration and Law (it’s a six year program). One academic year in the US. In addition, Master’s Degree in Intelligence Analysis (Spanish university, it was a professional degree, with no GPA).

    Professional experience: 3.5 years International planning and control por a multinational utilities company (international talent program). Working abroad (Italy), with periods in Eastern European countries and Russia.
    Extracurricular activities: Vicepresident student government, Founded LGTB club in my university, joined the LGTB club in the US college, Fraternity (not so easy to get in when you’re in the US for just one year), Model UN.

    Goal: Competitive intelligence/Business Development for technology company or Consultancy.

    Specially interested in: Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, HEC. Also Joint degree MBA with MPA (HKS)

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Mr. Development

    Thanks for doing these series – super interesting! I haven’t seen anyone with a background similar to mine, so I thought I would give it a go.

    25 y/o Caucasian male
    700 GMAT
    3.1 GPA at top UC in quantitative economics (GPA is definitely a low point stemming from 2.5 first year GPA in Electrical Engineering)

    Work Experience: 2.5 years with promotion to management level position at boutique consulting firm (managed two teams), Past 1.5 years in consulting at top nonprofit in Africa including a managerial position (starting a new agribusiness project)

    Extras: Volunteered past two summers in Peru – managing small team, volunteered at a homeless shelter for a year and acted as a mentor to men in recovery program, led a church based small group for 1 year

    Long term goal: Start and manage a Nonprofit management consulting firm

    Target schools: HBS, Stanford, Kellogg, Haas

    Thanks again!

  • Indian Down Under

    Age: Currently 27. Intend to apply next year
    Education: Electrical Engineering – Indian Institute of Tech
    GPA – 3.3
    GMAT: 770

    Work experience: 3 years as Electrical Engineer with Rio Tinto (global mining company) at Australian mine operation site straight after graduation followed by 1 year as a Strategy Analyst at the head office in Brisbane, Australia.

    Extra Curriculars: Sports – Uni cricket and volleyball teams, grade level in Australia, uni magazine editor, tech competition winner, Co-ordinator of company social club, volunteer during recent Brisbane floods etc.

    Target schools: HBS, MIT, Wharton, Stanford

    Goals Post MBA – Stint in consulting followed by higher management level entry in mining/manufacturing company

  • This serious is outstanding!

    – 29 y/o male caucasian
    – GMAT: 750
    – College: Mid-ranked private university in the midwest. Triple major in actuarial science, economics, and statistics
    – GPA: 3.91
    – Work: 7 years as an actuary for a F100 insurance company
    – completed 5 year rotational leadership development program
    – completed all examinations to become fully credentialed (FCAS)
    – Extracurriculars: President of the actuarial science club at my university,
    co-founder of a nonprofit that focuses on getting urban high-schoolers into and through college, significant involvement as a mentor at a local summer business camp
    – Goal is to move into a strategy consulting career
    – Target Schools: Stanford, Haas, Wharton, Kellogg, Cornell, Michigan, Duke

    I would truly appreciate your input!!

  • Mr. Opeartions

    thanks for doing this
    Age: 28 at Matriculation
    Education: İndustrial and System Engineering – Texas A & M
    GPA: 3.05
    GMAT: 720
    Work Experience: 4.5 years at GE Energy, joined the company as part of the leadership development program (Operation Management Leadership Program)…yes doing the boring but important stuff like supply chain, logistics and quality management. After finishing my 4 rotations at the leadership development program got promoted to a line manger then to a project manager (SixSigma black belt = leading continuous improvement teams)
    Social Background: Arab American, came to USA with my parents after completing high school and now US citizen
    Extra Curricular: mostly political activities related to issue facing Arab American
    Target school: MİT, Kellog, ROSS, DUKE, Darden
    Goals after MBA: make the transition into management consulting with a M/B/B

  • Ms. Fashion

    25-year-old Asian American female

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Ms. Fashion

    760 GMAT
    3.4 GPA from University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce (Finance and Accounting major)
    Study abroad program in Shanghai during third year
    3 years work experience in Management Consulting at Accenture
    Extracurricular activities include Board of Directors for a student-run UVA recruiting organization, Alumni Trustee for McIntire, Junior League of Washington (non-profit women’s volunteer organization), various lead positions for groups within Accenture (Women’s Networking Group, Consultant Action Team)

    Goal is to pursue a career change from management consulting to strategy and marketing for a luxury retail company

    Applying to Columbia, NYU, Wharton, UVA, Duke

  • ausdenbergen

    Thank you, Sandy! Love the Prairie Home Companion reference.

    The decision on timing is tough, but I have some financial ducks to get in a row before I go, so that makes me lean toward “later” rather than “sooner.”

  • Mr. Diplomat

    Would love a professional opinion-

    Work Experience
    2007-2011: US State Department Foreign Service-Political Officer
    Regional background focusing on the Middle East-proficient in colloquial Arabic

    Personal Info:
    27 yrs old White Male

    3.8 GPA from top private non-ivy: (Duke, Georgetown, Northwestern, etc)
    Liberal Arts Major
    710 GMAT

    -Inner city English/Math tutoring
    -Executive Student Board member while still in college and Vice President of Student Debate Team
    -Competitive martial arts

    Top choice is Wharton-Lauder joint MBA-MA program
    Also applying to HBS/Chicago/Columbia/NYU/Dartmouth

    Goal after MBA-take a position in finance/consulting focusing on emerging markets in the Middle East and Central Asia, possibly going back into the public sector in a management/executive role.

    Thank you