Meet the MBA Class of 2024: Eva Look, Imperial

Eva Look

Imperial College Business School

“Take the time to deeply understand yourself and your long-term career aspirations. This self-reflection will help you craft a compelling narrative that genuinely conveys your story”

HometownHong Kong

Undergraduate School and Major: Bachelor of Science, University of Hong Kong (Major in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) 

Most Recent Employer and Job Title: Grey Advertising, Associate Account Director

What makes London such a great place to earn an MBA degree? London is an exceptional city to pursue an MBA degree for several reasons. The city is filled with people from diverse backgrounds, which facilitates easy adaptation and fosters a rich cultural experience. Additionally, London offers a multitude of opportunities for personal growth and enrichment. Within a 30-minute walk, one can visit museums to expand their knowledge, explore art galleries to appreciate the latest artistic endeavours, unwind at bars, and find solace in parks for relaxation.

Furthermore, London houses multiple world-renowned business schools that provide top-tier MBA programmes. The proximity to these institutions allows for frequent interaction and networking opportunities with students from other schools. For instance, we recently had a social session with the LBS MBA cohort, which enabled us to establish connections right at the beginning of our MBA journeys.

Imperial College Business School is one of the most culturally and professionally diverse MBA programs in the world. How do you see these global perspectives enhancing the value of your business education over the next year? The diversity within our cohort of 21 nationalities and various professional backgrounds brings immense value to our business education. Through class discussions, we gain insights into different business practices across countries and industries, which broadens our understanding and enhances our global perspectives. Collaborating with classmates from diverse backgrounds also improves our ability to navigate multicultural teams and effectively communicate in international business settings. We even had a session on Cultural Intelligence, which further honed our abilities in this regard.

Your MBA is known for innovation, business and technology. Has the program lived up to its reputation? What advice would you give to future students to help them thrive in the early months of the program? Imperial’s MBA program lives up to its reputation in innovation, business, and technology. The university’s focus on STEM allows for ample opportunities to interact with STEM experts and professionals within the College. For those interested in entrepreneurship, there are numerous initiatives offered by the Enterprise Lab, including masterclasses and accelerator programmes. One notable module that blends STEM and Business together is the Imperial Innovation Challenge, where MBA students and design students from the Royal College of Art collaborate on early-stage technology projects. This hands-on experience allows us to explore new ideas and develop solutions with untapped market potential.

To thrive in the early months of the program, I would advise future students to actively engage with their fellow students across faculties. This can lead to finding potential co-founders for upcoming STEM businesses or discovering STEM projects to delve deeper into during later stages of the MBA programme. Building a strong network and exploring different opportunities within the College will contribute to a rewarding experience.

Aside from your classmates and location, what was the key part of Imperial College Business School’s MBA programming that led you to choose this business school and why was it so important to you?  Aside from my classmates and the location, one key aspect of Imperial‘s MBA programme that led me to choose this business school is the remarkable flexibility it offers. While we have compulsory modules in the first term, the programme allows us to select our own concentrations from a diverse range of modules. What sets this flexibility apart is that it doesn’t require us to make a rigid decision from the very beginning. Instead, we have the opportunity to explore different areas of interest. For instance, I have been able to participate in workshops organised by the Enterprise Lab while also exploring ESG-related activities organised by the career clubs. This flexibility holds great importance to me as it enables me to thoroughly explore my interests and make sure I am fully invested in a particular subject before committing to it.

What has been your first impression of the Imperial College Business School MBA? In terms of the MBA students and alumni I have encountered so far, my first impression has been overwhelmingly positive. The MBA cohort is not only culturally diverse but also incredibly friendly. We bonded closely during the two weeks before the start of the school year, engaging in team-building activities and treating each other as family members. The support and love from the alumni community are also remarkable. Many alumni return to the business school to share their MBA journey and work experiences, and my mentor went the extra mile to welcome me to the college and give me a tour of the campus, which was heart-warming.

What course, club or activity excites you the most at Imperial College Business School? Imperial College London offers a wide range of courses, clubs, and activities that excite me with over 370 societies, not to mention the unique 20 career clubs run by students from the business school itself, there are numerous opportunities to pursue one’s passions. Personally, I find great fulfilment as a committee member of 180 Degrees Consulting Club Imperial, which provides pro-bono consultancy services for NGOs and social enterprises. Being able to make a positive impact on society even before graduating from my MBA programme is incredibly rewarding.

Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career so far: My biggest accomplishment in my career so far was when I served as an Associate Account Director at Grey Advertising. Leading cross-functional project teams of six to 10 members, I oversaw end-to-end marketing consultation and execution for clients in Hong Kong, APAC and globally. One notable achievement was designing and building a recyclable booth with interactive screens to educate visitors about ESG for a global business event. Despite tight timelines, our team collaborated closely and completed the project in half the time of similar endeavours, resulting in over 20 business leads in just two days.

What do you hope to do after graduation (at this point)? After graduation, my current goal is to leverage my background in marketing and non-profit work to contribute meaningfully to the community. I am exploring opportunities in consulting roles focused on social impact or ESG, but I am also open to other possibilities that allow me to make a positive impact on society.

What advice would you give to help potential applicants gain admission into Imperial College Business School’s MBA program?  Be authentic both to yourself and to the admissions panel. Take the time to deeply understand yourself and your long-term career aspirations. This self-reflection will help you craft a compelling narrative that genuinely conveys your story to the admissions panel. Additionally, reach out to current students at the business school to gain insights into what Imperial College Business School offers and determine if it aligns with your goals. Student ambassadors are available to answer your questions and provide guidance to fine-tune your application to the program.

Describe your biggest accomplishment as an MBA student so far? Although I am only in my third month as an MBA student, I have eagerly taken on multiple roles within the school while managing my academic workload. One of my notable accomplishments is serving as the Marketing Director of 180 Degrees Consulting Imperial. In this role, I had the opportunity to participate in an actual consulting project, gaining valuable hands-on experience. Additionally, I hold the position of Head of Internal & 180DC Relations, where I collaborate with other career clubs to curate meaningful events for business students. Furthermore, I am proud to serve as a student ambassador for the business school, guiding prospective students on their journey at the school.

What has been your best memory as an MBA so far? While working with my classmates on various school projects and perfecting our group presentations has been a rewarding experience, my best memory as an MBA student thus far is the getaway we had with my cohort in October. We embarked on a hike to Seven Sisters Cliff, and it was an incredible bonding experience. The hike presented its challenges, but we supported and encouraged each other throughout the journey, allowing us to enjoy the breath-taking views of the cliffs along the way.

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