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Ask An MBA Expert

Erika Olson, a member of the Stacy Blackman Consulting team, will answer any MBA admissions question you have. A Harvard MBA who served as an HBS admissions ambassador, she's an expert at shaping a person's business school candidacy. Fire away!

Welcome Angela Guido, founder & CEO of Career Protocol, former consultant at BCG, recruiting manager at BCG & KPMG, and Booth MBA. Have an MBA career question? She’s a straight shooter and she's got answers. Fire away!

Judith Stockmon, Managing Consultant for Specialized Master’s Degree Admissions at The MBA Exchange, has agreed to answer questions from future applicants about non-MBA master’s admissions. Fire away!

Today's Must Reads
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Today's Must Reads


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The new seven-story, 68,000 square foot building will open in 2020


Illinois’ MBA Student-Gymnast Aims For New Heights

Brandon Ngai, 20, is a 3-time NCAA All-American. Soon he'll be an MBA, too


Want To Write A Strong MBA Essay? Read This.

Plus how adcoms treat your GPA score


UC-Davis Puts A $104,400 Price Tag On Its Online MBA

With final approval a month away, the school begins recruiting students


MBAs Spend $20K+ On Social Travel In School

Because sometimes, MBAs just want to have fun


How To Leverage Your Non-Traditional Path Into An M7 MBA

How will an MBA help you better the world?

Back of the EnvelopeThe Cost of an MBA
School Total Cost Tuition
Stanford $225,594 $137,736
NYU $220,948 $138,172
Wharton $218,900 $153,160
Harvard $213,600 $137,584
Columbia $209,424 $144,000
Tuck $208,300 $137,820
Chicago $207,518 $138,400
MIT $201,028 $142,000
Kellogg $200,434 $137,910
UCLA $194,220 $117,176