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Erika Olson, a member of the Stacy Blackman Consulting team, will answer any MBA admissions question you have. A Harvard MBA who served as an HBS admissions ambassador, she's an expert at shaping a person's business school candidacy. Fire away!

Welcome Angela Guido, founder & CEO of Career Protocol, former consultant at BCG, recruiting manager at BCG & KPMG, and Booth MBA. Have an MBA career question? She’s a straight shooter and she's got answers. Fire away!

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Today's Must Reads


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Breaking Down The MIT Sloan Application

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Back of the EnvelopeThe Cost of an MBA
School Total Cost Tuition
Stanford $225,594 $137,736
NYU $220,948 $138,172
Wharton $218,900 $153,160
Harvard $213,600 $137,584
Columbia $209,424 $144,000
Tuck $208,300 $137,820
Chicago $207,518 $138,400
MIT $201,028 $142,000
Kellogg $200,434 $137,910
UCLA $194,220 $117,176