Britt Williams

Senior Instructor

Career Protocol


United States

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Hi, I’m Britt. As a professional development coach, I help my clients (mostly pre-MBA) uncover their defining characteristics, their deepest values, and their future desires so that they can make choices they are proud of and get everything they want out of their lives and careers. I love hearing people’s stories, and I believe everyone has a unique story to tell. Working with me means you’ll be more self-aware, self-confident, and stoked about whatever you’re doing next.

After my MBA at HBS, I worked in the Bay Area food / tech start-up scene. I led a licensing business and managed 200 client relationships, but I was even more proud of being the office social leader. I organized a Habitat for Humanity build day, office picnics, and a weekly running club – because I cared about helping my coworkers connect outside the office. I think fun matters. Some other practical things I use in my everyday work: creative writing, yoga and mindfulness practices, and a budding fascination in Human Design (and all things related to self-discovery).

Company Information

OK you’re smart, so you’ve probably read a lot of these. Here’s how we’re the same as some admissions consultants out there: in our elite school packages, we touch every single part of your application for your target schools as many times as we need to until the finished product inspires both you and us. We bring over a decade of expertise to bear, and we do all of this on a predictable timeline. Much more interesting, though, is what makes Career Protocol different. We’re not really consultants. We’re teachers. Career Protocol is a Professional Development Firm.

We think the MBA application process is a golden opportunity to uplevel your professional profile and executive skillset BEFORE you take the leap into the MBA. So instead of simply editing your essays, we use the MBA application as a training ground for new capabilities that will last you a lifetime.

Menu of Services and Associated Costs


Think of the Irresistible MBA Application Package (as we call it) as a nearly year-long course in executive-level self-awareness, communication, and relationship building skills tailored to your needs and experiences. We work with you on every aspect of the MBA application not only to maximize your chances of success but also to uplevel your executive skillset in the process. Your Career Protocol Instructor will teach you how to explore your values, tell epic stories, and build genuine relationships with your fellow humans in everything you do (yes, even when you’re just writing an MBA application!) so that you can have the impact you want to have in your career. Imagine how empowered you’ll feel the first day of class knowing that you used the whole year prior to your MBA building key leadership skills with an experienced teacher by your side.


If you want someone to edit your essays, work with friends and family. If you want to transform your ability to stand out for the rest of your career as the bright shiny unicorn* you are, work with us.


*We mean unicorn in the one-of-a-kind-unique sense, not in the instagrammy** rainbow sense.

** We do like instagrammy rainbow unicorns, tho. Especially the cupcake kind.



The fun doesn’t stop. We’ve got…

  • The Interview Hero Coaching Program
  • YOMO: You Only MBA Once (AKA Your Guide to Getting Your Best MBA Internship), and
  • How to Be the Smartest Person in the Room (AKA The Consulting Case Interview Hero Program)


These are all affordable group coaching programs to help you target and get the internship and post-MBA job you really want, while – of course – building your professional skillset every step of the way.

Location: California, United States



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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • Thanks Britt!
    6 months ago
    Britt supported me in thinking through a career change. She helped me with both the technical (resume & portfolio, etc) and emotional (confidence building) aspects of taking the next step in my career. She works collaboratively rather than prescriptively and is incredibly positive and encouraging while also providing helpful critical feedback.
    Class of 2010, Other
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  • Had Me See What's Possible!
    6 months ago
    Britt is a fantastic listener. When I was making changes in my career, she was able to help me get clear for myself what I wanted. She has also provided excellent coaching on actions to take in negotiations to ensure I could get the position and salary I wanted. I know she will make a big difference for anyone about to embark on a big change like going to grad school or taking on a new challenge.
    - Mea C
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  • From The Beginning To The End, Britt Was Phenomenal!
    6 months ago
    I was lucky enough to work with Britt very early on in my business school search, while I was still making decisions regarding specific programs of interest. Britt’s knowledge and insight into the different programs was unbelievably helpful as I finalized my target list of schools. Rather than just offering blanket advice about the application process, Britt took the time to listen to my story and ask me the appropriate questions that allowed her to really grasp what I was looking for in an MBA program. Britt was amazingly thorough in reviewing and structuring my essay. From the tone of the essay to small grammatical changes and word choice, Britt went above and beyond to make sure that my essays were perfect. I don’t know what ...
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    Class of 2019, Admit
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  • Everything you need in a coach!
    6 months ago
    Britt is a gifted advisor and counselor, dedicated to not only supporting her clients in their specific business/academic pursuits, but in their holistic wellbeing. Right from the beginning I felt supported by Britt through her helpful questioning around what I sought to achieve and what desirable outcomes would look like for me in our work together. She reframed the experience of developing a resume from a mundane, frustrating, even daunting task, to one that was inspiring, empowering and motivating. She helped me tell my story more accurately and ultimately more successfully through clear, concrete suggestions, totally transforming not only how I presented myself outwardly, but how I felt about my achievements internally. Britt is naturally adept at this kind of work, it comes so easily ...
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    - Rachel Heydemann
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